WWE: A Fan's Thoughts on Road to WrestleMania Hot-Button Topics

Merlot Williams@@merlotwilliamsCorrespondent IIFebruary 25, 2012

WWE: A Fan's Thoughts on Road to WrestleMania Hot-Button Topics

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    Wrestling fans are now in the playoffs so to speak, being that we have just passed the Elimination Chamber as the last pay-per-view stop on the Road to WrestleMania.

    The world of professional wrestling as a whole is buzzing with thoughts, predictions and opinions leading up to the grandest stage of them all, and this year is no different than any other.

    Whether it be on television, twitter, or many other media outlets, fans are expressing opinions far and wide about the biggest wrestling event of the year, and now is a perfect time to sound off with all the news out there.

    Read on, my friends, for another fun-filled Merlot Williams rant on the current landscape on our journey to WrestleMania!

This CM Punk/Chris Brown Crap Needs to Stop

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    The video above shows that CM Punk didn't mean to draw attention to Chris Brown by tweeting that Punk curb-stomping Brown would be a (#) WrestleMania moment, but that is exactly what it has turned into.

    With the two trading barbs on Twitter, and Punk's subsequent interviews on media outlets such as TMZ, and MTV are doing just that exactly.

    I'm no fan of Punk, and I'd like to see him choke out Brown for his actions, but I believe that this being blown up into what it is is ridiculous.

    Vince McMahon is always champing at the bit for mainstream media attention and acceptance, but I don't believe that paying attention to a hot head who has been convicted of domestic abuse is the right way to go about it.

    It is in poor taste, and the attention being paid to Chris Brown needed to stop yesterday.

I Am for CM Punk Going over Chris Jericho

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    It is well documented that I am not a CM Punk fan, however, he is the future of professional wrestling, no doubt about it.

    Chris Jericho is a legend in the business with nothing to prove, and is not a full-time performer. It has even been noted that Jericho demanded that he win a match at WrestleMania, and have a (one would assume) final WWE Championship reign should he return.

    I am not in favor of that. I am a Jericho fan, but like I said, CM Punk is the future of wrestling.

    He is arguably the best all-around performer in the world at this point, and having someone who is working part time hold the richest prize in the game is, to me, a waste of time.

    However, due to WWE's complete and utter lack of star power at this point, Vince may not see any other way out.

    Speaking of wrestling legends going over...

I Am for John Cena DESTROYING the Rock

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    Don't adjust your monitor, reader; you read that right.

    I am in the minority of male fans over the age of 18 that is a John Cena fan. I respect his dedication to the business, as well as his being the face of the WWE for a number of years now.

    I am not for a John Cena heel turn, though I can see why most fans want to see it.

    As stated in the last slide, I'm not for a legend going over a full-time performer for the sake of putting over the legend.

    The Rock left to make movies.

    The Rock has no interest in coming back full time.

    The Rock (as much as the marks won't admit it) lied to us.

    Yes, he did. He said he was never going to leave, and how many times have we seen him since that emotional return speech?

    I can count them on one hand.

    Not to mention in his Twitter war with John Cena, as well as responding to other wrestlers' concerns of possibly not being on the card due to his return, Rocky comes off as very brash and cocky.

    More or less saying: I'm better than you, my name equals money.

    That's endearing yourself to the fans who made you famous. 

Reaction to Undertaker Triple H: Round 3

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    I meet this news with a resounding...


    My wrestling fan roots started as the Golden Age of wrestling died down, and Triple H and The Undertaker were just getting their starts in the (then) WWF.

    These two men went on to be two of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling, and are the last two remaining (semi) active superstars in the (now) WWE.

    They put on a great match last year, there is no questioning that, but my issue with this match is that Hunter/Taker 3 will not only not be the match that it was last year, any outcome in this match will be disappointing. 

    Let's say Undertaker wins. He is 20-0 at WrestleMania. A streak that will go down as the most iconic in WWE history.

    But at what cost?

    The Undertaker is closing in on age 50 very quickly and in all likelihood, this will be his last match. It will be a bittersweet ending, as it will likely be the last time we will see The Phenom in a wrestling ring.

    On the other side of that coin, let's say Triple H wins.

    Here again we have a legend with nothing to prove. He is an umpteenth time WWE/World Heavyweight champion who has won King of the Ring, Royal Rumbles, and is a grand slam champion.

    What benefit comes of Triple H ending not only the Undertaker's streak, but his career?

    Hunter is being groomed to replace Vince McMahon as the head of the WWE. He is no longer a full-time competitor. He gains NOTHING from winning this match.

    My fiancée provided an excellent foil to this argument by stating that all of the legends of their day will want to have their last match with friends they had traveled the road with and respected. Facing Hunter in his last match would be what Taker would want.

    While I can't argue that logic, I still stand by the fact that having someone like Sheamus end the streak would help to build a much-needed star in WWE's barren landscape. 

Shawn Michaels Is Not Wrestling Anymore. PERIOD.

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    With the inclusion of Shawn Michaels to promote WrestleMania Fan Axxess, as well as the event itself, rumors and hope is now flying that The Showstopper will be involved in Triple H and Undertaker's match somehow.

    He won't be a special referee.

    He won't be wrestling in the match.

    He won't compete again.


    I am nearly 25 years old and I cried like a 12-year-old girl meeting a Backstreet Boy in the late nineties when Shawn gave his retirement speech.

    Shawn Michaels is my idol, and as much as I would like to see HBK in another match, he has given me hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of entertainment over the span of his 25-year career.

    He has nothing left to prove, nothing left to accomplish, and got to leave the business on his own terms. Maybe he wasn't at the top of his game like he was when the Attitude Era was picking up steam, but he was arguably the best he had ever been. 

    He didn't want people to look at him and say, "Damn, why is he still wrestling at his age?"

    Like some other wrestlers we know...

    ...We won't mention Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair by name...

What Is Going on with the Rest of the Card for WrestleMania?

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    At time of writing, only four matches have been announced for WrestleMania:

    John Cena vs. The Rock

    Triple H vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match

    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship

    Daniel Byran vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship

    There has been no mention at all of what is going on with the other titles.


    While the undercard has talented players, many may not view these individuals as "WrestleMania ready", however, they are not going to be able to sell a near $70 pay-per-view with the simple draw of #teamfilmit.

    You're welcome for the Twitter mention, Vince.

    This factor is not helped by the fact that many of the major players in WWE are on the sidelines with injuries right now.

    Guys like Randy Orton, Christian, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett are all out with various injuries and won't likely be back in time for the big dance.

    This is troubling for fans as a whole, since I won't want to pay $70 for four matches and a bunch of RAW/Smackdown! filler, and I'm sure you won't, either.

The Hall of Fame 2012

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    I'm sure everyone is just as ecstatic as I am the The Rated R Superstar, Edge, and the most iconic stable in wrestling history, The Four Horsemen, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

    I do have one hope, though.

    Randy Savage.

    This needs to be a thing WWE; make it happen.


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    Any other topics you'd like to hear my opinion on that I didn't get to in the article? Feel free to comment, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Thanks for reading all, and sorry I've been gone so long. I'll try to get back around more often, and I'm sure I will with WrestleMania on the horizon.

    Until next time, I'm Merlot Williams, and that's my opinion.