WWE Breaking News: HUGE Update on the Return of Chris Jericho to WWE

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2011

Chris Jericho as World Heavyweight Champion
Chris Jericho as World Heavyweight Champion

Nearly a year ago, the egotistical Chris Jericho made his final appearance on WWE television, losing a match to then-WWE Champion Randy Orton via disqualification and suffering from a vicious punt to the skull moments later.

This was put in place so Jericho could take of absence in order to put further focus on his music career and his band, Fozzy.

Since then, many reports have surfaced online in numerous places regarding his inevitable return to WWE, whether at the Royal Rumble, as the anonymous Raw General Manager or even Christian's accomplice at SummerSlam.

Yesterday was much like any day, with Lordsofpain.net issuing a statement that encompassed the following:

According to sources close to the situation, Chris Jericho has been talking with WWE about his future with the company. Jericho's return may not be a full-time thing and it's said he may work a limited schedule, something similar to The Rock. There's no word yet on when he might return but it's believed he will work with WWE again closer to 2012.

While I read this report, it came as no surprise to me, merely because I was informed of this news a few days ago. For those of you who watch my WrestleRant video blog, you may remember my close friend John, who happens to have a cousin who works behind the scenes for WWE.

Being a fellow employee of the company, John's cousin (Brian) is able to get exclusive access, giving us the inside scoop as to what is being planned hours before it transpires. It may not seem like a legitimate source (nor may you believe me) but trust me, this guy's information never fails.

Back in April, he correctly predicted the drafting of John Cena to SmackDown back to Raw later that night. Just recently, Brian also correctly speculated John Cena's WWE Championship win at Night of Champions.

Reading this recent report on Chris Jericho's return to WWE furthers my suspicions as to what I've been told may indeed come to fruition in the near future, despite some of it not making sense.

According to WWE employee Brian, Jericho called WWE headquarters not too long ago discussing his imminent return to WWE in early next year. As the aforementioned report stated, Jericho is due for a contract viewing in the near future.

However, there were three perks Jericho asked for if he were to return to the company. In order for us to be graced with Y2J's presence in a WWE ring again, Vince McMahon must be able to meet the following three demands:

  1. Have Chris Jericho win in a match at WrestleMania 28.
  2. Have Chris Jericho win the WWE Championship and hold it for at least three months.
  3. Be inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame.

These demands seem to be a bit far-fetched to many members of the IWC knowing how Jericho has handled his character on-screen in the past.

It was unspecified who he'd like to face at WrestleMania 28, but having a veteran emerge victorious against a rising star such as CM Punk would make absolutely no sense.

Then again, Jericho did in fact defeat Edge to retain his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 26, so who knows.

Secondly, the inaugural Undisputed Champion has never been high on winning championship gold, as his World Title win last year was only put in place to set up his highly anticipated program with the returning Edge. Jericho has never made a great World Champion, so one has to wonder if Y2J could be the one to restore prestige to the dying WWE Championship.

But if Mark Henry can win the World Heavyweight Championship so late in his career, why not Jericho, the best in the world at what he does?

Finally, inducting Chris Jericho in the Hall of Fame class of 2013 would be the least surprising demand of the three, seeing that WrestleMania 29 will emanate from his hometown of Toronto, Canada (spare me the "I'm from Winnipeg" joke, please).

I do realize that you have no intentions of believing any part of what I've stated and that I could just be making this up, but this source has yet to be wrong on anything he's reported to me.

With Jericho stating in past interviews that he plans on reinventing himself upon his return, anything is possible when it comes to the Lionheart will be here to save us from the likes of John Cena and the current controversy surrounding WWE sooner rather than later.

GSM out.

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