The Biggest Play in Every Super Bowl in NFL History

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The Biggest Play in Every Super Bowl in NFL History
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The NFL has blessed its fans with a veritable cornucopia of great players, games and moments over the years.  Through sound decisions by the game's forefathers and an attention to making the game accessible to fans throughout the nation and world, football has become America's great pastime. 

Every Sunday (and a few other nights) on a weekly basis, passionate followers voyage vicariously on the shoulders of legends, willing their heroes through what essentially serves as a 17-chapter weekly journey through the regular season.  It all leads to the ultimate climax: the postseason.

Twelve surviving characters enter the NFL playoffs, and the postseason narrows the field until—at long last—the epic conclusion leaves all who are open to the story at the peak of their intrigue!

That final chapter to each new year is the Super Bowl, where the events that unfold have the most profound impact. 

It's a game steeped in legend and made for the legendary.

Fair or not, the "big game" serves as a snapshot in time for all to remember; careers live and die on the outcome (sometimes literally), and legacies can be profoundly affected by this one ultimate game.

While nobody should be so cynical as to judge the man by a single game, few can help but to assess the attributes of their inner football player by those sixty key minutes (and even more for the fortunate; what would Marino have given for minute sixty-one?) playing at the pinnacle stage of the profession.

For some, the last images serve as warm memories that keep the spirit warm as decades pass.  Marcus Allen will always recall "running with the night."  And, who would even try to deny Joe Namath's ego from captivating a room with every retelling of "the guarantee?"

On the other side of the coin, quarterback Neil O'Donnell is doomed to be eternally associated with Larry Brown, while Scott Norwood will always hear the words "wide right" echoing.

As we approach another installment of the single greatest sporting event in all of sports, which players will stamp their legacies—one way or the other—on Super Bowl XLVI?  Who will make the defining play that either helps or hinders his team from obtaining another Lombardi Trophy?

A play by itself is just a play.  With each game, it's important to understand the events in context in order to truly appreciate the magnitude and meaning of each moment.

This journey through time honors the biggest play or moment that defined each Super Bowl, and the circumstances that make it special. Whether for winning the game or serving as a memorable snapshot that defined the contest, each of these entries serve as timekeepers for NFL history.

It's time to take a trip from Title Town then (Lombardi) to Title Town now (McCarthy).

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