WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 1/27

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2012

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 1/27

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    This is the 15th edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the 14th episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    Check out this week's edition of Raw here.

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    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10, i.e. "8/10," as this is a competition of SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and Michael Broughton). Also, there will be voting details at the end of the show that pertain to the next Fantasy PPV for those who have not yet voted.

    Want to give thanks once again to Paul McIntyre for helping write up a match which will be the only full length write up this week.

    I am sorry that this is out so late. The matches will in general be snippets of important spots this week rather than full contests due to time constraints.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week.

    Jeff Hardy is making his way down to the ring. He gets in the ring and calls out Punk.

    The two fight on the mic over what happened when Punk has a realization and calls out Ambrose.

    Ambrose comes down with lights down and a hoodie on. He asks Punk for his microphone only to assault Hardy with the mic until Punk pulls him off.

    Ambrose walks off backwards up the ramp, smiling. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    The show begins and Triple H immediately hits the ring. He is fully dressed as the COO and has a microphone in hand. He doesn't go down to the ring, and he stays at the top of the ramp.

    Triple H says, "I'm not going to be out here long. However, I needed you all to know tonight, I'm in control,  just like last week. I will not allow the Royal Rumble to fail from this chaos on this brand. So tonight, we will make good on everything the brand has promised for the PPV."

    "First, Michael Cole gave me a list of his brand's Royal Rumble participants. It had thirty names on it.... So tonight we finish up what I have done in narrowing that list. Two teams Air Boom and the Fortunate Americans will their own teammates to decide who will go to the Rumble."

    "Second, CM Punk has had some big problems lately accumulating in a conflict with both the Miz and Jeff Hardy. Tonight, Punk will wrestle Hardy to deal with that issue. That way there will be no outside problems come Sunday."

    "Third, I have made sure that Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan will still happen on Sunday. The two will be cleared by that time. Finally, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena will face off one last time to air their grievances before Sunday. Security will be in place to divide the two while they speak."

    "With all that set, you all can enjoy the show, and I will be in the back keeping order. Because this is my company. Never forget that.""

    Triple H heads to the back as Kofi Kingston's music hits. We cut to break as he gets in the ring.

Match 1: Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne: RR Spot on the Line

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    As we return, Evan Bourne hits the ring. He looks happy as well as focused, and carries that strength to the ring,  staring down his current tag team partner. As the bell rings, they shake hands and begin.

    These two immediately choose a slower pace, knowing each other's strength in a fast paced contest. They battle back and forth with some unique submission maneuvers as they hit many strong strikes.

    A near fall after an SOS by Kofi begins a steady climb in momentum. They begin to throw caution to the wind as Kofi hits a huge crossbody and turns a move by Bourne into a strong monkey flip.

    Bourne answers back after ducking the Boom Drop with a standing shuranui, a frankensteiner, and an attempted corkscrew plancha which Kofi dodges, sending Bourne crashing onto the mat.

    At a later stage of the contest, Kofi is outside only for Bourne to hit a suicide dive to take out his partner. Bourne hits a series of punches and kicks, then whips Kofi into a barricade which he just misses. When Bourne runs toward him, Kofi flings Bourne into the corner. At eighth, both men are in the ring.

    Near the end, Bourne turns the SOS into a crucifix driver. He goes to the top rope for Air Bourne, but Kofi meets him with Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere, sending Bourne crashing to the floor for a three count.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Kofi Kingston." (Time of contest: 12:34)

    Kofi goes over to Bourne and helps him up. The two aren't really smiling, but Bourne takes Kofi's hand and lifts it to the air in victory. The crowd cheers as Kofi celebrates and Bourne supports him. We cut to commercial break.

In Ring Segment: Dean Ambrose

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    We return with the entire arena dark. Dean Ambrose then hits the ring as dim lights mark his way. He walks down in his usual hoodie with the hood over his head, and he gets into the ring. As the lights go up, he motions for a microphone, and he is given one.

    Ambrose says, "Oh, the little things. Carving yourself a spear out of wood with a knife, setting the grass on fire just to watch it burn, shooting down a deer as it realizes you're present snd beating the scum of the earth to hell with a microphone."

    "CM Punk, I attacked Jeff Hardy once for my own accord and once for yours. You should have been the one to attack him the second time. Fed to you on a silver platter, he came into this ring where he never belonged and proceeded make a mockery of everything you stand for."

    "Yet, I was the one leaving the ring at the end. I was the one who had do the deed again. I just don't understand, Punk. You have lost your grasp of reality. Hardy is a vermin that needed to be exterminated. You did it once before. Why not now?"

    "But of course, that's not the whole lesson, is it? Next, I watched as you gave away your championship. You handed that shill, Daniel Bryan, a championship chance. It was careless, stupid; the CM Punk I knew would never have done that. So I saved you. He would have cashed in on you certainly, and taken that title you act as though you care about."

    "And finally Kurt Angle. That was for me. He had been annoying me for far too long. Even as he accused you, as if you were your better self, he looked, he searched, he pondered, and he figured it all out. Not that it was that hard to figure out. Who else would do the real work?

    "I took out three men. Three lessons: exterminate vermin, dismantle threats, and take the upper hand in all cases. You knew these but now you don't care to pay attention. If you won't listen to me, Punk, maybe you'll listen to my actions."

    He stops talking, and he simply grins. He looks to leave when Kurt Angle hits the ring with Daniel Bryan at his side. Both look incredibly annoyed, and they march toward the ring. As they get in, Ambrose exits but starts talking.

    Ambrose says, "You know, you two can't fool anyone; this isn't about me. You both can't stand each other. Think about it. The man standing at your side right now will be ripping you apart on Sunday. No remorse, no friendship. You two are competitors. Do you really believe that you can work together?"

    "You don't want to attack me. Look at yourselves and look to your side."

    Bryan and Angle look over at each other at the exact same time, and there is a change in their stature. They no longer seem focused and determined, but rather wary. They stare down as both men seem prepared for the other to attack.

    Ambrose says, "It's a matter of the lion in the jungle. Don't look weak on the defensive. Make yourself the king. Come on, Danie. You know he doesn't really think you're good enough to beat him."

    The commentators are completely confused as to why the head games are working, but something clicks in Bryan's head and he goes right after Angle. The two start brawling as security rushes down to separate the two. Ambrose is smiling as the chaos continues and we cut to commercial.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Santino Marella: Non-Title Match

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    (Written by Paul McIntyre)

    Cody Rhodes is first out, and he makes his way to the ring. He gets into the ring with the crowd giving him a great heel reaction.

    Santino Marella comes out next with Big Show at his back. Santino gets a nice pop, and he looks focused and determined. He stares down Rhodes who smiles with no sense of respect for Santino at all. Then the bell rings.

    Both men lock up, and Rhodes applies a headlock easily, even holding on with one arm, and raising the other in the air as though in victory, much to the crowds fury. Santino pushes him off against the ropes, but when he tries an arm drag from the rebound, Rhodes holds on and clobbers him with a clothesline.

    Walking over to the referee, he points to Santino in disdain.

    Rhodes says, “He shouldn’t even be in this ring! He’s nothing!”

    Next, he looks at Big Show, and shouts, “What have you been teaching this clown? You’re a joke! Both of you!”

    The crowd come alive with anticipation as Santino makes his feet behind Rhodes, who turns around. Santino aims for a dropkick, but Rhodes catches his legs, making the crowd angrier still. He catapults Santino into the corner.

    Matthews says, “Oh, did you hear that sickening thud as Santino’s head collided with the turnbuckle?”

    Sprawled in the corner, Rhodes hits him with two shoulder blocks, then again taunts the crowd, who by this point are baying for blood. When Rhodes goes for the third shoulder block, they give a massive cheer as Santino dives out of the way.

    Matthews remarks, “A desperation move by Santino there! Could this be the opening he needs?”

    Striker says, “Give credit where it’s due, Josh; that was a good reaction from Santino. He’s slowly gaining awareness on how to use the ring to his advantage.”

    Slowly getting to his feet as Rhodes stirs, Big Show shouts instructions to Santino.

    Show says,“The arm! Work on the arm!”

    Nodding groggily, Santino drags Rhodes into the center of the ring, and starts stomping on his injured arm. Next, he lands two elbow drops onto the arm as Rhodes cries out in pain.

    Moving to the corner, Santino pushes himself up to the top rope, as the crowd gets excited. Standing up, he jumps through the air and lands a double axe handle on Rhodes’ weak arm. Going for a pin, Santino pressurises the arm, but gets a close two-count.

    Big Show roars encouragement from outside as Santino picks Rhodes up; the referee, concerned, moves over to the ropes and tells Big Show to calm down. With his back turned, he doesn’t see Rhodes hit a low blow on Santino, an action which has the crowd booing mercilessly.

    “No! The referee’s back was turned, and Rhodes hit a low blow! He’s gonna steal one!”

    Turning around just in time to see the pin, the referee counts.

    Matthews screams, “This is over. 1! 2! 3- NO! Santino kicks out!”

    The crowd cheers loud as Rhodes looks at the referee in fury; standing up, he pushes him into the corner, losing control. Turning around to look at Santino, he sizes the Italian up as he staggers to his feet.

    Going for the disaster kick, Rhodes misses when Santino ducks; as he gets to his feet slowly, Santino begins to play the trombone; the crowd is delighted, but Big Show looks unhappy.

    Striker: “This is Santino’s problem; he has a chance for a big win here, but again he’s lost sight of the match and is showboating. This will cost him.”

    Readying the Cobra, Santino moves towards Rhodes; standing up again, Rhodes looks at him in disgust and makes no move to avoid the Cobra. In fact, he dares him to do it.

    Striker says, “Clearly Santino hasn’t yet figured out a way to end matches, so he’s resorting to the Cobra.”

    Moving closer, Santino prepares to hit his devastating finisher but instead kicks Rhodes in the gut!

    Matthews comments, “Wait, what’s this? Santino has tricked Cody Rhodes!”

    Grabbing him by the weak arm, Santino then hits a Double Arm DDT! Big Show again shouts encouragement, as does the crowd.

    Santino makes the cover; the referee, still in the corner after Rhodes attacked him, rushes over and makes a somewhat quick count.

    Matthews spouts, “1! 2! 3! Unbelievable! Santino did it! Huge upset here!”

    Tony Chimel: “Here is your winner, Santino Marrella!” (Time of Contest: 9:28)

    The crowd is going crazy, and Rhodes can't believe it. He gets out of the ring shaking his head. He walks over to grab his belt, ripping it out of the man's hands. He then scowls and starts walking away then looks over at Striker.

    He says, "what are you looking at?" He scolds Striker, who looks confused. He then motions to him that he doesn't mean anything, and Rhodes walks off angrily as we head to commercial.

In Ring Interview: Matt Striker

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    When we return Matthews is in the ring, having left the commentary table. He has a microphone in hand.

    Matthews says, "Matt, please come to the ring. I need to get your thoughts in front of this audience, for them to hear."

    Striker grabs a microphone, but he seems wary to enter the ring.

    Striker answers, "What is this about, Josh? If it's about my match last week, that was a one time deal. No more."

    Matthews responds, "That's the problem, Matt. I saw it, these people saw it. There's a drive left, an ambition. I'm not here to antagonize you, but, as your friend, I ask you, Matt, to consider wrestling part time again. To challenge Cody Rhodes one more time."

    Strikers get into the ring, and he faces down Matthews.

    Striker says, "That's enough, Josh. I tried once. That match was nothing. These people don't want to see an old man like me in that ring again."

    The crowd's chant, "You still got it," echoes through the arena. Striker starts making his way back to the commentary booth.

    Striker answers, "Come on, Josh. We have work to do. Stop wasting these people's time."

    Matthews responds, "That's just it Matt, it's not wasting their time, it's giving them a chance to see something special. Watch a fan and a great competitor take that one last run. Matt, you can commentate all you want, but I'm not going back to that booth until you admit the truth, that you want that one last run."

    Matthews exits the ring and heads up the ramp, leaving Striker to commentate alone. We head to commercial break.

In Ring Segment: John Cena and Dolph Ziggler

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    John Cena then makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction. There is a large group of security guards in the middle of the ring, making a wall dividing the ring. Cena smiles at the scene and finishes his entrance as security gets out of his way.

    Dolph Ziggler makes his way down to the ring next and receives a good, but mixed reaction. He is cut off when he enters the ring, stuck behind security,and  isolated from Cena. Both men are handed microphones and Cena begins.

    Cena starts, "Finally, I get my chance to speak. You really have taken up the brunt of the talking in our times face to face. First, I respect you Dolph. I understand trying to get to the top, trying to make it big, but I don't like you. You're insane."

    "You target me, not just to prove yourself to others, but to find your own meaning. I am a record ten-time WWE Champion. I have been at the top for a very long time, and I have seen all kinds of crazy. However, I think you might just beat them all. You've passed up championships, main event level opportunities, to fight me. You smile when you take a beating..."

    "But I'm no chump. I'm not going to let you beat me. Sanctioned, unsanctioned, I don't care. On Sunday, I will win. Why? Because I have my priorities straight. I know what I want. The Rock is on the horizon,and I promised to be WWE Champion when he faced me.

    "You are just a footnote, the chapter of the obstacle who tried in vain to do what he could only dream about. I have the biggest fish to fry, and you have dreams that can be aspired to elsewhere. So why don't just admit to your folly, so we can move on."

    Ziggler retorts, "Stop! You've heard it all before from me. I am a former World Champion. That is a running joke. I will not stand by and let my career be a joke. You can beat the Rock when it comes down to it, but I will not lose to you now."

    "This is all about one thing: proving that I can stand above you. On Sunday, it won't matter how many championships you have won or how many accolades you've achieved in this company. All that will matter is that I took you out and then proceeded to win the Royal Rumble."

    Cena replies, "Ha, don't get ahead of yourself. Beat me before you win the whole Rumble."

    Ziggler says, "It's not a joke. I will win the Rumble match. I will beat you, and I will finally prove that I deserve to be a World Champion. Do you know why I smile at those beatdowns? It's because I know I'm getting to you. I know you won't forget me, and that's the point. I will not be forgotten."

    Cena says, "Every star has a chance. Take yours now. You won't be getting to me again."

    Cena drops his mic and exits the ring. The security gets out of the ring, keeping the two men separate. They taunt one another as we head to commercial break.

Match 3: Ted DiBiase vs. Jack Swagger: RR Spot on the Line

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    Ted DiBiase is the first to make his way out to the ring. He looks focused with a cocky grin.

    Jack Swagger is next as comes out with Jimmy Uso at his side. Once both men are in the ring, the bell sounds.

    DiBiase and Swagger match brawling styles for a while early. Swagger uses his size to take a serious advantage, wrenching out DiBiase's left shoulder with a strong shoulder lock.

    DiBiase has trouble pulling off a number of big moves on the larger Swagger, which gets him into trouble. A failed scoop powerslam leads to a Oklahoma stampede and more vicious submission variants.

    Swagger pulls out a series of suplexes, but he gets no more than two. When Swagger tries to pull out the Gutwrench powerbomb, DiBiase battles out hitting a perfect spinebuster.

    DiBiase hits a rebound clothesline, and he positions Swagger for Dream Street. Instead, Swagger shoves him up with his strength executing a spin-out powerbomb.

    Then, as DiBiase reverses an attempted Gutwrench into a back body drop again into an ankle lock. DiBiase is stuck in the middle of the ring, and he is forced to tap out.

    Tony Chimel announces, "The winner of this match, Jack Swagger." (Time of contest: 10:47)

    Swagger and Uso celebrate in the ring as DiBiase tries to get to his feet. When he does, neither man notices as DiBiase glares and rolls out of the ring. We cut to commercial as DiBiase scowls and walks away from the ring.

Backstage Interview: Christian

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    Christian is backstage being interviewed by Scott Stanford.

    Stanford says, "Christian, last week there were some concerns that you allowed stars to wreak havoc intentionally. Without intervening, perhaps even aggravating Richie Steamboat's already injured shoulder. Do you have any comments on the matter?"

    Christian answers, "Last week, I tried to tame wild beasts. Instead, they run amok. What do you do? I don't have portable cages. I let them fight and got out of the way because it was a violent situation that I couldn't stop. What do you do?"

    Stanford inquires,"So you deny directly affecting the situation?"

    Christian replies, "I tried to help. Not my fault that the rabid refuse to be tamed."

    Stanford asks, "Is it true that you are afraid of Richie Steamboat?"

    Christian replies, "Why does this question keep popping up? Why would I be afraid of a rookie? I beat him once. I'd beat him again. I fear no one because I am a World Champion. Understand that, Scott?"

    The Cruiserweight Champion exits, going toward the ring to compete in his match. We cut to commercial.

Match 4: Christian vs. Sin Cara Azul

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    We return with Sin Cara Azul coming out to his usual entrance and a decent reception from the crowd.

    Christian follows to a negative reaction from the audience. He taunts the crowd as he makes his way into the ring. They both prepare and get set; then the bell rings.

    Christian dominates the early going, dictating the pace with headlocks and submission holds, occasionally leaving separation for stronger hits.

    When Christian goes for a flapjack, Azul reverses it into a hurricanrana. He then hits a handspring back elbow. He gets in a series of kicks and jumps to throw Christian off.

    Christian catches Cara on the top rope though hitting a big throw and then a diving headbutt for two. He moves with stronger pace now, with kicks to the lower back and leg drops.

    Just as Christian is going for an implant DDT, Sin Cara pulls out and hits a big kick to the side of the head.

    Winding down, Cara hits a slingshot corkscrew crossbody and then follows up with a top rope climb. He is met on the top by Christian. As they fight, Sin Cara gains upper hand.

    Azul goes for the moonsault side slam, but he can't get it off. Christian pulls them both up and out of the ring as they land on the ground.

    In the final moments, Christian is in the corner, and Sin Cara runs at him with Christian hitting his pendulum overhead kick. He then goes for a spear which Azul ducks. Azul goes for La Mistica, but Christian throws him off and hits the Killswitch for three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Christian." (Time of contest: 11:11)

    Christian grabs his belt and celebrates as we cut to a commercial.

Main Event: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

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    The main event is on now as Jeff Hardy makes his way out first to a good reaction from the crowd.

    CM Punk follows for a great positive reaction. Both men square off with The Miz suddenly hitting the ring. Miz smiles as he heads over to the commentary booth, joining Striker. The bell then rings.

    Punk and Hardy immediately start exchanging blows. Punch after punch, they are all over each other until Hardy hits a kick to the gut and then a sitout inverted suplex slam.

    Hardy controls the action with a headlock which he uses as a constant end to each move combination, always reversing moves or transitioning them into the headlock for pressure.

    The two have a strong back and forth going through a commercial break. During this time, Miz puts down Punk at all levels, while also insulting Hardy more loosely on commentary.

    The strong chemistry between the two stars translates well as the pace quickens. There are no lulls in the action. Punk hits a falcon arrow to immediately go up top for the elbow drop. When he flies, Hardy moves out of the way and runs up the corner to hit a perfect whisper in the wind.

    A GTS tease leads into a whip into the corner followed by the Hardyac Arrest. He then goes for the Twist of Fate only for Punk to hit a serious of elbows to the chest to get out and hit his roundhouse kick. He goes outside and then jumps for his springboard clothesline.

    Hardy catches Punk in midair with a dropkick, taking both men out in the center of the ring. Suddenly, Miz down his mic set and runs into the ring. He attacks Punk with a series of hard chops to the chest and back. The referee calls for the bell.

    Tony Chimel announces, "The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, CM Punk." (Time of contest: 20:12)

    The Miz doesn't care about the results as he continues to go after Punk until Hardy comes in, taking down Miz with a plancha from the top rope. Miz bails out of the ring, and he starts walking backward away from the ring toward the ramp.

    Punk glares him down in the ring, then he looks over at Hardy. The two share a moment of respect and then glare out at Miz who looks ready to turn tail and run. He shakes his head at both men as the show ends.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in as this Tuesday we release the huge Royal Rumble PPV where one star will gain their chance at super-stardom and a main event spot at WrestleMania along with SD's three huge match with Ziggler vs. Cena in an unsanctioned match, Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle, and CM Punk vs. The Miz in a steel cage for the WWE Title.

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