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Michael Broughton


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  • Ryan L posted 1538 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Thankyou, for the compliments, my friend.

  • Ryan L posted 1538 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Thankyou, for the fan add. I send you one as well.

  • faizan hamid posted 1541 days ago

    faizan hamid

    hello i read your latest wwe raw article and it was amazing but i want to no how 2 do that please reply

  • Paul McIntyre posted 1667 days ago

    Paul McIntyre

    My comeback article has arrived! Please take the time to read and comment.


    Great work on the Fantasy editions of Raw, by the way.

  • Hero 2.0 posted 1677 days ago

    Hero 2.0

    Hey, I've been reading these fantasy editons of Raw and Smackdown and I was just wondering that sice i've turned in my application, you could consider making me SD Gm. Thanks.

  • Jack McKenzie posted 1690 days ago

    Jack McKenzie

    hey i was an assistant gm with kevin berge for fantasy smackdown and i was wondering if i can still help out cause i enjoy it if possible??

  • Will Owen posted 1696 days ago

    Will Owen


    I have no idea what happened but my account was deleted this past weekend. I've been contacting bleacherreport and it seems that I need to fill out another application for now. Regardless, I have Raw done and will send it to you. Just give me an email address and I will send it by 12:00 p.m EST.

    Sorry about the confusion I have no idea what happened.
    -The Commish

  • Daniel Bryan posted 1705 days ago

    Daniel  Bryan

    Just have to say that that's an awesome picture you've got there LOL.

  • Anthony Rizzuti posted 1762 days ago

    Anthony Rizzuti

    thanks for stealing my picture and united kingdom/evolution idea. that picture you used, as you very well know, was from my article pertaining to that stable. i made that picture from scratch. you could have at least credited the picture and idea to me or have asked me to use it. I wouldn't have had a problem if you just asked.