Fantasy Football: Andre Johnson and the 10 Biggest Busts of the Season

Professor BushCorrespondent IIIJanuary 7, 2012

Fantasy Football: Andre Johnson and the 10 Biggest Busts of the Season

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    Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans leads the list of top flops of the 2011 Fantasy Football season. The Indianapolis Colts have the distinction of having three players on the list. If you had one or more of these players on your team, they probably killed your season.

    To construct the list, I used the list of the projected top 100 offensive players at the start of the season. Then I compared their ranking in fantasy point production for the season with their preseason ranking.

    A Joe-Friday-just-the-facts-m'aam approach was taken. I didn't disqualify a player due to an injury or being stuck on a poor team. The data did the talking. Some of the players on the list are obvious, but there are some surprises.

10: Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals

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    Kevin Kolb's arrival in Arizona was met with a great deal of hype and expectation, especially after Derek Anderson's struggles in 2010. But unfortunately Kolb missed seven games due to injury and did not play especially well when he was healthy.

    Kolb never seemed to be comfortable in the pocket and didn't react well to pressure. His quarterback rating for the season was 81. He threw only one more touchdown pass than his number of interceptions. At this point it is not clear whether he or John Skelton will be the starting quarterback for the Cardinals next season.

9: Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

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    After a rookie season when he had 18 touchdown passes and threw for over 3,500 yards, Sam Bradford was expected to put up big numbers this year. However, he only played 10 games and threw only six touchdown passes, clearly a step in the wrong direction.

    Bradford's average draft position was around 87, ahead of Eli Manning, Cam Newton and Joe Flacco. Managers who were expecting him to be their starting QB suffered a big hit.

8: Mike Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    After his performance of last year, Mike Thomas was promoted to be the Jaguars WR1. However, he turned out to be ill-suited for that role. He had 415 receiving yards and only one touchdown.

    Ironically, on average Mike Thomas was drafted right before A. J. Green.

7: Austin Collie, Indianapolis Colts

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    Last year Austin Collie had eight touchdowns in nine games. So at age 26 he should have been set for a career year this year.

    Ah, but last year his quarterback was Peyton Manning. This year it was someone else, Collie scored just one touchdown and his longest reception was for 27 yards. Collie was drafted ahead of Steve Smith and Julio Jones, who had 15 touchdown receptions between them.

6: Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts

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    I swore last season that I would never draft this player again. In the league I run, we have an award named after him for the player that has the most different injuries during a season.

    Joseph Addai was projected as No. 66 in the pre-season rankings, He scored one touchdown this season. Between 2010 and 2011, he played one full season of 16 games.

5: Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

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    Last year Darren McFadden rushed for over 1,000 yards and scored seven touchdowns. Much was expected of him this season. So his average draft position this year was 12 overall.

    McFadden got off to a reasonable start, averaging around 90 rushing yards per game and scoring four touchdowns in his first seven games. But then he suffered a foot sprain that kept him out of the last nine games. This put a big dent in the Raiders' playoff chances, as well as those of his fantasy league managers.

4: Peyton Hillis, Cleveland Browns

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    Last year Peyton Hillis rushed for over 1,000 yards and had 11 rushing touchdowns. On average he was drafted at about position 25. But early in the season, he spent most of the time on the bench. Apparently he was suffering from a variety of ailments, but there was some question about that.

    He picked things up a little at the end of the season, with 211 yards total in Weeks 15 and 16. But he ended the season with only three touchdowns and probably ruined the season of his fantasy managers.

3: Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys

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    Last year Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys recorded 1,250 yards between rushing and receiving. His preseason rank this year was 25.

    But he missed some time with injuries. His rushing and receiving total was down to 796 yards, and he scored only one touchdown. This was a poor showing for a highly ranked player.

2: Dallas Clark, Indianapolis Colts

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    In 2009 Dallas Clark had over 1,000 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns.

    This year he was the third tight end in the preseason rankings. He was typically the third tight end off the board in about the sixth round. In the 11 games he played, he scored two touchdowns. In the year of the tight end, this was a dismal performance. He was certainly impacted by the the absence of Peyton Manning.

    Clark joins Addai and Collie to give the Indianapolis Colts three of the top 10 fantasy flops this year.

1: Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

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    Between 2009 and 2010, Andre Johnson had 197 receptions, 2,785 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns. He is considered to be among the elite wide receivers in the league. He was typically the first wide receiver off the board in this year's drafts.

    However, injuries to both hamstrings caused him to miss nine games. He ended up with 33 receptions and only two touchdowns. Production like that from your first-round pick made it hard for his managers to do well this season.

    But the good news for Johnson is that after nine seasons with the Texans, he will finally get to participate in a playoff game.