WWE: 10 Nerdiest Wrestlers Ever

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WWE: 10 Nerdiest Wrestlers Ever

Looking at the wacky, eclectic cast of characters that make up the WWE roster today, one thing becomes blindingly clear: times are changing in wrestling.

Gone are the days when wrestlers had to be seen solely as tough, hard-as-nails characters who went around winning bar fights, before chugging back a six-pack and flexing their huge muscles some more. (Although guys like Scott Steiner and Bully Ray probably still do this).

But it seems these days, many pro wrestlers are discarding the tough-guy cliche and embracing their inner geeks and letting everyone know, hey, they're just like us.

They like superhero comic books, they watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and read Apex Magazine religiously. They, too, wonder how George Lucas could have unleashed The Phantom Menace on an unsuspecting world and still be able to sleep at night.

These guys are just regular folks like us, you see. Needless to say, old-time wrestling promoter Bill Watts (who insisted on all his wrestlers coming off like untouchable, larger-than-life tough guys) would not be pleased with how wrestling characters have developed.

Sorry, Bill. Nerds are cool now. And with all this mind, here are a list of the nerdiest wrestlers in WWE, with one or two names from the past thrown in for good measure...

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