"Hurricane" Helms Caught With Drugs the Night Of His Arrest, and More

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 2, 2010

Over the last few days we have been hearing numerous stories about Gregory "Hurricane" Helms. As most have heard by now, both he and Chris Jericho were arrested a few days ago.

But why was Jericho allowed to compete at the Royal Rumble and Helms was pulled?

The reason is completely simple, Jericho wasn't the man who caused any issues. In fact, the police were called for Helms and his reckless behavior, and because Jericho stuck around (unlike Matt Hardy who was with both Helms and Jericho but ran when police arrived) he was arrested for being intoxicated in public.

Kinda reminds me of what a comedian said. "I was thrown out in public while being in a bar, I was caught by police and they wanted to arrest me for being drunk in public, I wasn't drunk in public, I was drunk in a bar. They threw me out in public."

They both were apparently play wrestling and Jericho got hit, which is where the black eye you saw him sporting at The Royal Rumble came from. Helms was said to have done that, and allegedly struck a woman.

Helms and Jericho were arrested and then bailed out soon after, but the story doesn't stop there.

At the time of the arrest, Helms had what police said was "one white round pill." Now, some could think this was claritan or something along those lines at first glance unless they were a pharmacist or another type of drug professional.

So the police asked Helms about it, and Helms told them it was Soma. The pill is a generic version of the muscle relaxer Carisoprodol and a schedule four narcotic. Many who have used it said it is a very good, I've never tried it so I'm going by online reports here.

Now Helms claimed that he had a prescription for it, but he was unable to prove it at the time of the arrest.

The police did not charge Helms for the single pill, but should he be unable to provide a prescription he will be in violation of the WWE Wellness Policy and Kentucky state law. I am not sure on what their policy is for possession of one Soma pill though.

A lot of wrestlers use pain killers or muscle relaxers, and many in places such as the WWE or TNA have prescriptions for them. There are times in which they do not, where they have some that have a prescription yet have others without one.

But it's mostly Indy wrestlers that don't have prescriptions for drugs nowadays.

In any case, Helms may be out the door quite soon.

And this was before the arrest by the way. According to my sources, Helms met with the WWE legal department early last month about a release from World Wrestling Entertainment.

It was believed that if he was going to be leaving the WWE, it would be after the Royal Rumble at some point.

Helms has a veteran's policy in his contract, which means his no compete clause when released is about 45 days, instead of the normal 90 most wrestlers see upon their release from the WWE.

If he is released from the WWE, it could be at some point this month. It's unlikely the WWE would use him at WrestleMania, and there is no storyline for him going into the Elimination Chamber PPV either.

So with that being said, Helms could be gone very soon. Especially with all the legal trouble he has been in.

While many would think that he is being released for the legal trouble, we should keep in mind that he allegedly asked for the release.

I say stay glued to WWE.com to see if he is gone. But for now this is all the news on Helms I can find and what I've heard from a few sources.


partial source for arrest news: TMZ