Will WWE Book Daniel Bryan as a Strong World Champion?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2011

Could Bryan still be champion by WM28?
Could Bryan still be champion by WM28?

Daniel Bryan's win over Big Show at TLC has a lot of people asking how his championship reign will go. Will he be booked as a fighting champion or as a weak champion?

One thing I think WWE has done well with Bryan is how they have made his character appear in matches. They have built him up as someone with weaknesses which can be exposed, but can also beat anyone at anytime given the right situation.

He is one of the smallest guys on the roster, so obviously he will be the underdog in most matches, but he has also shown that his size does very little to hurt him in the ring.

His cage match against Mark Henry showed me he can compete with some of the bigger guys in WWE while still having incredible matches with guys closer to his size like Ziggler and Rhodes.

Last night in the main event of Raw Daniel Bryan and his team mates Cm Punk and Zack Ryder got the win in the six man main event.

This was more of a way to put over the babyface champions, but during the match Bryan looked like he was a little more fired up than he has been in recent months.

I think giving the title to Bryan has given him a boost of confidence. Being on of the top two champions in the company will do that to you.

Now what we have to wait and see is not only who Bryan's first challenger will be, but how will he be booked against them?

If his first challenger is Henry or Show then I think there is a strong chance his title reign could be short, but if someone like Swagger, Sheamus or Barrett decides to pursue the gold then we could have a far more competitive feud on our hands.

Sheamus may be an unlikely choice as he is also a face, but WWE has done plenty of face vs fave feuds to justify it. Barrett seems to still be entrenched in his feud with Orton so he could end up waiting a bit longer to go for the gold.

Swagger has had a few moments in recent weeks where it looked like he was going to get back into the hunt for the world title.

I said in a recent article that a feud between Bryan and Swagger would be gold for WWE. These are two of their most talented, young mat technicians who have real credentials behind them.

Swagger is an accomplished amateur wrestler and former World champion and Bryan is known world wide as being one of the best on the mat.

Given the right amount of time I think this could be the best feud SmackDown has had in a long time. I just hope that WWE gives Bryan the chance to have a decent reign without making him lose the title at the Rumble.

I would be surprised to see Bryan remain champion through WrestleMania, but I would also be very happy to see them allow him to have a real chance at becoming a strong champion.

What do you think, will Daniel Bryan be booked to look strong or weak?

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