WWE TLC 2011: 5 Matches We Should Have Seen

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: 5 Matches We Should Have Seen

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    TLC is in the books. Some liked it, some hated it, and others didn't even watch it. Whatever your take is on the event you probably think there was a match or two left off the card.

    WWE certainly had their fair share of feuds continued through this event, but there were a few that were not touched on at all.

    Several wrestlers were left off the card because of the lack of space—a total of 13 superstars had scheduled matches going into the PPV. Some were added in later.

    Several of the people on this list had matches, but I feel they could have been used in a better capacity.

    Here I will list five matches that I believe could have added to TLC and made the PPV more entertaining and diverse.

Air Boom vs Primo and Epico vs the Usos for the Titles

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    Primo and Epico look like they may be getting a push soon, even after their feud with Sin Cara was cut short by injury.

    Hunico has not been as active lately, but these two real-life cousins could make an impact in the tag team division if booked properly.

    Primo has already held tag gold with Carlito in the past, so this time it looks like he will be the more experienced leader of the team.

    We may have had two of these teams face off, but all three would have been better.

    These two guys could have fought Air Boom and The Usos in a match that not only would have been exciting, but could have also given a new team the tag titles.

    One complaint people seem to have about WWE's tag team division is a lack of teams with chemistry. The Usos and The Colons are a perfect example of what WWE has at their disposal yet choose to overlook.

    Air Boom is a good team, but have little chance of staying together for more than six months after losing the titles.

    This match would have been exciting, filled with high-flying spots and could have stolen the show if a stipulation—ladder match for example—would have been added.

    I still think we will see this match soon, but TLC was not the place for it.

Sheamus vs Jinder Mahal

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    Say what you will about Jinder Mahal; he is green, bad on the mic unless speaking his own language, maybe even a little boring in the ring.

    One thing he does have though—and this is a must have for a good heel—is a face that makes me want to kick him right in the teeth.

    Every time I see Jinder on screen with his Cheshire cat smile and ridiculous entrance jacket I want to take him and smack the crap out of him.

    This makes me kind of like him as a heel. Too many heels these days are likable because of one thing or another. Jinder is not likable at all, and that is something a heel needs to hold on to.

    Sheamus is on a roll as of late and giving him a token PPV win over Jinder Mahal could have been the extra kick his push needs.

    Who knows if their feud will even continue past what we saw this week, but I think it could have been settled at TLC.

Beth vs Anyone Else for the Divas Title

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    I do not think the Divas are the best part of WWE by any means, especially since their match would have only taken up five minutes anyway.

    Beth had a great showing at the last PPV, and her top rope glam slam is something I am still thinking should be a permanent finisher.

    I only think that they should have included a divas match because the Divas will not get better if we dont give them chances in the spotlight to strive for.

    Frankly, I am shocked any woman wants to be a WWE diva these days considering the treatment most of them get by management,

    Update, since writing this Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix was added to the card.

Ted Dibiase vs Drew McIntrye

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    Ted Dibiase and Drew McIntyre are both young, talented, and being used poorly by WWE. Even though these two are not in a feud I still think they could have had a great match.

    Dibiase is on the upswing right now with his face push, but McIntyre is till suffering from Tyler Reks syndrome.

    By including a match with no prior feud WWE would have broken a habit of only featuring matches with something on the line.

    WWE has been missing something in recent years and I think it is because they never really have matches where no one is mad at each other anymore.

    Superstars will see some people lock horns who have no issues, but when was the last time you saw a great match with no story behind it? Years I would bet.

    I think that both of these guys could have benefited more from having a match on the card than some of the champions who fought.

Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

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    These two submission specialists could have had a spectacular match, even if they were only given 10 minutes.

    Both of these guys seem to be getting a push only to have it squashed right away, and it is confusing the hell out of some fans.

    Bryan is still a Money in the Bank case holder and Swagger is a former world champion. Why would WWE not want to utilize these guys better?

    I think that with both of these guys having very strong fundamentals that a long term program between the two could be what both men need to reinvigorate their careers.

    Time will tell if Swagger ever holds gold again, but we do know Bryan will have his shot eventually since he still has his trusty blue case.

    What matches would you have liked to see that were not on the card at TLC?