WWE TLC 2011 Video: Big Show Wins World Title and Daniel Bryan Steals It Away

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WWE's TLC PPV not only met my expectations, but exceeded them for several reasons. The night had a few title changes, but one championship in particular changed hands twice.

Big Show ended a nine-year drought by beating Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. He appeared to have tears in his eyes as he held the title high above.

As he was celebrating Mark Henry attacked him from behind and gave Show a DDT into several chairs stacked in the ring.

There must have been a couple psychics in the audience because some people started chanting "Daniel Bryan" and not two seconds later did the music hit for the Money in the Bank briefcase holder.

Bryan ran down to the ring, cashed in his case and pinned Big Show to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

He immediately ripped off his shirt, grabbed the title and began celebrating. The crowd went nuts as he mounted the announce table and proceeded to scream in the face of the announcer who has hounded him his entire WWE run and proclaimed he was the new champion.

As he thanked those who supported him for the past 12 years and celebrated with the crowd at ringside, Big Show sat in the ring with a look of utter shock on his face.

The title he has been chasing to regain for nearly a decade was in his grasp, and then gone just as quickly. Bryan made eye contact with him for a moment, but then just stared at his newly-won title.

Big Show took the high road and, rather than attacking Bryan for taking the easy road to the belt, he decided to go to the back and let Bryan have his moment in the sun.

This win may have possibly taken Bryan out of the running for a WrestleMania main-event spot, but I am sure the man who traveled the world to get to WWE is still elated to have that championship strapped around his waist.

How long he holds onto the title remains to be seen, but we do know that his reign will last longer than Big Show's.

I feel sorry for Show because I genuinely feel he has earned a good title run, but he is at a point where I am sure he would rather see the young guys take the reigns, and help them do it, than take the limelight himself.

Many superstars like Shawn Michaels and Sting have opted to help put over younger talents in their later years and it looks like Big Show has the same philosophy.

Congratulations, Daniel Bryan, you are one of the few people who truly deserves this. What did you think of what transpired with the title at TLC?

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