Meet Jimmy Fairweather: My Conversations With the Dallas Cowboy's No. 1 Fan

robert aSenior Analyst IDecember 30, 2008

This past football season, I was lucky enough to meet the Dallas Cowboys' No. 1 fan in the world. He is the fan that I aspire to be one day, but I am not quite there yet.

I know what you are thinking. There is no way for me to know for sure that he is the No. 1 Cowboy fan, but trust me on this. He is the best fan the Cowboys have ever had, and I have proof.

He has 86 different Cowboys jerseys ranging from Don Meredith to Tony Romo, and almost every major Cowboy you can think of in between. He has an entire room dedicated to everything Cowboys (kind of like the Steelers commercial but bigger and bluer). He has a son named Roger and a beautiful baby girl named Landry. He has had season tickets since '93 and has a giant star tattoo on his back.

He is truly the ultimate Dallas Cowboys fan.

His name is Jimmy Fairweather, and although I have never had the honor of watching a game with him (for superstitious reasons, of course), I was lucky enough to have received e-mails from him periodically throughout the season that provided wonderful insight into our favorite football team.

I have learned a lot from Jimmy this season about how to be a true fan. I hope he teaches you something as well:


Good to meet you last week dude. I cannot freakin' believe that it is almost time to start the season. I mean, seriously dude, we were 13-3 last year and had 13 Pro-Bowlers. Too bad we got screwed in the playoffs. You know just as well as I do that D-Ware was NOT offsides on the Giants first touchdown drive.

Oh well, ain't nobody gonna stop us this year!

See you at the Super Bowl, right?!? Haha GO COWBOYS!!

After Week 3 Win at Green Bay (Current Record 3-0)

Hey, man, sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been too busy watching the Cowboys WIN! Haha, seriously, I wouldn't be surprised to see this team go undefeated. I know, I know, that is pretty unlikely, but if anyone is going to do it, it is us. I don't see one team on the schedule that can beat us. Not one!

Well, I gotta go. My wife just found a replica Lombardi Trophy on Craigslist, so we are going to go check that out. It would look good in my Dallas Cowboys Room of Doom. Haha take care and GO COWBOYS!

After Week 6 Loss at Arizona (Current Record 4-2)

Turn out the lights. This party is over. If I was Jerry, I would fire Wade tomorrow. What an embarrassment!

First, we lose to those loser Redskins, then we should have lost to the Bengals but lucked out, and now we lose to Arizona...and Romo is hurt? We are done... D-O-N-E!

After Week 7 Loss vs. St Louis (Current Record 5-3)

Brad Johnson? AHHHHHHH! Why do I still watch this pathetic excuse for a football team?!?

After Week 13 Win vs. Seattle (Current Record 8-4)

All I can say is thank God Romo is back! Three straight wins with Romo, I knew he would turn this around!

And this defense is for REAL! We can still make a push for the NFC East title too. The Giants are going to choke with Eli at quarterback! Haha he has such dumb-face!

All we gotta do now is win the next four and we are 12-4. Super Bowl, here we come!

After Week 14 Loss @ Pittsburgh (Current Record 8-5)

Tony Romo chokes another big game...what a big surprise! All we had to do was get a couple of first downs and Garrett decides to get all conservative. Why does he still have a job here? Lucky for us, Atlanta lost too, but that doesn't matter. There is no way we beat New York next week, and there is no way a 10-6 team makes the playoffs.

After Week 15 Win vs. New York Giants (Current Record 9-5)

Haha eat THAT Ed Werder. Man, this team is so good! Despite all the drama, we still go out and beat the defending World Champs and dumb-face Eli Manning. Haha Super Bowl, here we come! Nobody can stop us!

After Week 16 Loss vs. Baltimore (Current Record 9-6)

TWO SEVENTY-YARD TOUCHDOWNS?!? I am done with this team. I am not even going to bother watching next week. WE SUCK!

The Next Day after the Tampa and Philadelphia Losses

We are still in this thing. Those losers in Tampa lost, and Philadelphia is choking too. At least, we lost to a good team!

We are going to be more fired up than ever next week, and teach those dirty birds a lesson! Haha they won't know what hit them.

And once the Cowboys make it to the tournament, that is all she wrote. The Giants can't beat us, we proved that a couple of weeks ago. Nobody else in the NFC scares me at all. Despite everything that has happened this season, we will STILL win the Super Bowl. Mark my words!!


After Week 17 Loss @ Philadelphia (Current Record 9-7)


I have tried calling Jimmy Fairweather a few times since the end of the season for his postseason thoughts, but cannot get a hold of him. He has probably just been busy with work and whatnot.

I thought I saw him at the grocery store the other day, but I must have been mistaken. The guy I saw was wearing a Falcons hat, so it was clearly NOT Jimmy.

Oh well, when I hear from him, I will make sure to add an update with his postseason thoughts for us all to enjoy.