NFL Week 15 Predictions for the Jets and the Teams They'd Like to Lose

Michael DeSantis@@dtrain2495Senior Analyst IDecember 14, 2011

NFL Week 15 Predictions for the Jets and the Teams They'd Like to Lose

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    Last week, the Jets were able to beat Chiefs 37-10 in a manner that makes Jets fans feel confident. Last week, all the teams the Jets wanted to lose did so, save the Denver Broncos.

    And who cares if the Broncos keep winning? If they win their division, the Jets can still claim that wild-card spot.

    The three teams the Jets still need to watch out for are the Titans, Bengals and Raiders.

    The Jets have a record of 8-5, one game better than the other three teams on their trail. The team the Jets need to watch out for the most is the Raiders since the Jets lost to them earlier this season. That means the Jets need to finish ahead of Oakland in order to win the wild card.

    In Week 15, the Jets go on the road to play the Eagles.

    The Titans and Bengals are also on the road, playing against the Colts and Rams, respectively. The Raiders play at home against the Lions.

Jets (8-5) @ Eagles (5-8)

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    The Jets lost to the Eagles in the preseason. But things are different now for the supposed "Dream Team."

    The Eagles are 5-8 this year, and nothing seems to be going right for them. They are definitely out of playoff contention.

    The Eagles are 2-3 in their last five games, and the Jets are 3-2 in their last five. But the Jets are also on a three-game winning streak.

    The Jets have been playing pretty well for the most part, but they may need to step it up to beat the Eagles, who are still not a team to sneeze at despite their poor record.

    Here's the thing. The Eagles are a lousy 1-5 at home. Wow. The Jets aren't much better on the road, though, at 2-4.

    It will most likely be a pretty close game.

    Prediction: Jets 30, Eagles 20

    It will be close, and it won't be easy, but I think the Jets will pull it out over Vick and the Eagles.

    The Jets are on a hot streak right now, and they are fighting for the playoffs. The Eagles aren't fighting for anything right now but to be a good spoiler. The Jets' offense will take advantage of the Eagles, and the Jets' defense won't let the Eagles gain a whole lot of ground.

Bengals (7-6) @ Rams (2-11)

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    This won't be much of a challenge for the Bengals, sadly. The Rams are on a four-game losing streak, and they are 1-5 at home. The Bengals are 4-3 on the road.

    The only thing the Rams have going for them is that the Bengals are on a two-game losing streak—that's it. The Rams have been a pretty lousy team through and through, with the second-worst net point total in the league (minus-173).

    Prediction: Bengals 34, Rams 13

    The Bengals will most likely be able to toy with the Rams, and this shouldn't be that close of a matchup. Sorry, Jets, but you'll need to beat the Eagles because you probably won't be gaining any ground on the Bengals.

Titans (7-6) @ Colts (0-13)

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    So, how valuable is Peyton Manning to the Colts exactly? People have been wondering that for years, and we finally got our answer this season. The Colts are winless after 13 games, and they'll probably be 0-14 after this week.

    The Titans have been a little inconsistent this season, but it'd be pretty pitiful if they can't beat the Colts this week. The Colts are the only other team with a worse net point total than the Rams with a minus-198 mark.

    The Titans are 3-2 in their last five games, coming off not too bad of a loss to the New Orleans Saints last week.

    Prediction: Titans 33, Colts 10

    This should be easy for the Titans, as the Colts are still winless. I bet the Jets wish Peyton wasn't injured right now; he really could've came in handy. The Jets will most likely not gain any ground on the Titans, either.

Lions (8-5) @ Raiders (7-6)

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    This should be a pretty good game. Both teams will be playing hard for a playoff spot, each trying to capture a wild card in their respective conference.

    The Lions have played pretty well away from Detroit this season with a 4-2 road record. At 2-3 in their last five, they've been slipping a bit of late, but they're coming off a win.

    Oakland is 3-3 at home, and they are 3-2 in their last five. However, the Raiders have been playing some weaker teams, like the Cutler-less Bears, the Vikings and the Chargers. They were beat pretty bad by the Miami Dolphins a couple of weeks ago and were understandably decimated by the Green Bay Packers last week. So Oakland is on a two-game losing streak. Probably not very good for confidence.

    Evidence of the Raiders playing weaker teams is their total net points. The Raiders are a minus-64. Understandably, the Packers probably brought that down, but still, a minus-64 is nothing to boast. The Lions are a plus-62 in that category.

    Prediction: Lions 35, Raiders 20

    Well, maybe it won't be as close as I said. The Lions are a good team this year, and I think Calvin Johnson will be able to get open for Matt Stafford and tear the Raiders' defense apart.

    The Lions' defense may have some trouble with the Raiders, but they should most likely be able to find their groove. As I said earlier, both teams are fighting for a cause. But I think the Lions will come out on top.