Dwight Howards Requests Trade; Signals End of an Era for Orlando Magic

Gary PikulaContributor IDecember 11, 2011

Howard receives plenty of attention from defenders, but wants more attention from fans.
Howard receives plenty of attention from defenders, but wants more attention from fans.J. Meric/Getty Images

Dwight Howard finally made official what everyone has known for months now. He wants to be traded from Orlando

Dwight's exit isn't even about basketball, it's about off court marketability. He wants to go to a larger market–whether it be Los Angeles or the New York City area. While Orlando is a nice area, with good weather during the season and theme parks all over for the family to enjoy, it doesn't quite have the glitz and glamour like New York or Los Angeles has. 

I believe his first choice would be to follow in the footsteps of Shaquille O'Neal and head from the Magic to the Lakers. It's obvious that Howard wants to be the NBA's next Shaq–both on and off the court.

Shaq provided more than just seven feet and 350 pounds of pure man to the league. He provided entertainment. Shaq was always involved with fun sort of activities off the court, and always playing pranks and jokes on people. He was a genuinely funny guy.  He even had a cell phone put into his shoe over the all-star break a few years back. 

Howard wants to be the next off-the-court Shaq. He has the personality to do so but not while in Orlando. 

There's a reason why Hollywood is in Los Angeles. Every Lakers home game is filled with celebrities. NBA superstars love playing in front of other superstars. You don't get many superstars in Orlando. In Los Angeles the Staples Center is packed with superstars every home game. 

Dwight Howard wants the world to know who he is, not just everyone here in the United States. This cannot be achieved in Orlando, but in Los Angeles it would be easy.