Running Diary Of The Philadelphia Eagles' Wild Sunday

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On this beautiful Sunday here in South New Jersey, I woke up at noon, stretched my arms, ate some pizza, and finalized my fantasy roster for the championship game. I then proceeded to get comfortable and ready to watch the day of football.

At halftime of the one o'clock games, an idea just happened to drift into my head: How about I do a running diary this afternoon for the Eagles? Great idea Christian!

So it's...hold on, let me check...3:12 on the East right now, and the fourth quarter just started in Tampa. I'm focusing on this game most of all, since it's the closest and it looks like the Bears or Vikings will lose. If you don't know, the Vikings are down by six with 6:31 left in the third, and the Bears are down four with the start of the fourth quarter coming up.

Tampa Bay is tied right now, 14-14, and I'm holding out hope that the Raiders can come through. If the Buccaneers win, or they lose yet both the Bears and Vikes win, then I'm unsure of whether I'll continue this since the Eagles will be eliminated. I'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But here it goes folks:

(Please note: After I finished, I looked back and realized it's very long. That's because there were so many plays in all of the games, especially the Eagles game. So I suggest you just skim through if you aren't in the mood for a lot reading.)

3:14-Tampa goes on top, 17-14. C'mon Rrrrrraiders, I need you to pull this out!

3:21-UGH! JaMarcus Russell makes another brilliant decision by throwing an interception deep in Bucs territory. The INT was taken back all the way to around the Oakland ten, and Carnell Williams finished it off with a TD run. 24-14 point lead with 13 minutes left in the game, Eagles season likely done.

3:26-Wooo! I just learned for the fifty-seventh time today that American Idol will be coming back soon! I'm acting like I really care!

3:27-Houston got a field goal, going up by seven. Yet, it still doesn't look good with Tampa still up by 10.

3:31-Oakland TD! They're now down by just three again! Come on defense, hold 'em!

3:35-Giants with a field goal are now up by nine, and Steve Slaton just ran the ball 47 yards to the Chicago 30. Things looking decent.

3:41-TD by Houston is called back by a holding penalty. Next play, Slaton fumbles and Chicago recovers, yet the play is under review...reversed. Phew!


3:44-TD OAKLAND! TD OAKLAND! TD OAKLAND! I didn't see how it happened, I just see the alert from Direct TV! 28-24 Raiders, seven minutes left! Now don't screw it up, boys.

3:49-TD Houston. Houston now up 31-17 with just 3:24 remaining. Looks like that game is over, so that's one loss needed for the Eagles down. Also, the Raiders have the ball with six minutes left, at mid-field.

3:56-Oakland down to the Bucs nine! Minnesota still losing, as well as Chicago. Everything looks great!

4:03-Oakland gets a fied goal, giving them a seven point lead with 1:09 left.

4:05-Chicago scores a TD with 1:29 left, now down just seven. Onside kick time for them...Houston recovers! Thank God, because Minnesota won on a field goal. But Tampa is right at mid-field with :23 left on the clock, no timeouts. I'll have no nails left by the end of today.

4:09-Down goes Garcia! Oakland wins! Eagles are very much alive! Chicago has now lost, as Houston lines up in victory formation. Wow!

4:14-Ok, so here's an update: Chiacago loses, Minnesota wins, Tampa Bay loses. This means: Minnesota wins North, winner of Eagles-Cowboys game makes playoffs, and Tampa and Chicago are eliminated. More importantly, now I don't have to log as much with only one game to watch.

4:16-Birds game underway! Eagles get ball first on the 40 after the Nick Folk kick-off goes out of bounds.

4:18-After another bad Donovan pass, he hooks up with Brent Celek, putting the Eagles at the Dallas 40.

4:20-Westbrook "fumbles" around the Dallas 30, given the Cowboys the ball. I wish Reid had challenged, as I thought he clearly bobbled the ball, but it's OK since Dallas did nothing anyway.

4:30-The Eagles were driving, yet Donovan's habit of throwing the ball into the ground got the best of him, as he threw another pass at the feet of Brian Westbrook on second down, followed by short run by himself on third, resulting in fourth down. David Akers comes onto the field for a 40 yard field goal and nails it. 3-0 Eagles, just under nine minutes left.

4:35-BOOOOO! T.O. Just caught the ball...

4:40-BOOOOO! T.O. just ran a reverse...

4:44-Dallas driving, now down to the Eagles 24. Come on defense!

4:45-Third and one for Dallas and they're stopped on a horrible screen pass to Roy Williams, resulting in fourth down. Nick Folk comes on for the field goal and hits it, tying this game up at three with :35 left in the first.

4:54-Donovan McNabb connects with Correll Buckhalter for a 59 yard pass, moving the ball to the Dallas six. Then, for some odd reason, a time-out is taken by the Eagles. What a surprise. Vintage Andy Reid.

4:58-TOUCHDOWN! McNabb sneaks it again, and clearly gets into the end-zone (although it took a while for the refs to realize it...). 10-3 Eagles with 12:16 left in the second.

5:02-Asante Samuel just misses his 103rd opportunity for another interception, but a very nice tackle is made by Akeem Jordan (I think it was Jordan).

5:09-More great play-calling from Andy Reid as the Eagles fail to get a first down out of 2nd and one. At least they ran it on second, but on third down they passed--out of shotgun--and failed. Well at least they didn't make it obvious that they were passing...

5:14-Eagles defense stands tall again as the Cowboys punt it away. As FOX goes to their 69th commercial break of the game, they show a clip of T.O. mouthing off on the sideline. Been there, dealed with that. Nice to see it on the other side.

5:19-Eagles driving, but their success is mainly coming on third down. They really need to get more consistency going.

5:21-McNabb throws a beautiful pass to DeSean Jackson to the four yard line. It truly was a beautiful pass.

5:24-TOUCHDOWN! Pass from McNabb goes to Buckhalter for the score! It's now 17-3 Eagles with 1:54 left in the half. Everything is looking great!

5:27-Yum, that Taco Bell commercial looks good. Wish I had some...

5:30-BOOOOO! T.O. just caught the ball...

5:31-SHELDON BROWN INTERCEPTION! Finally, Sheldon Brown with his first INT in 20 games. Roy Williams didn't know the pass was coming, which made it easy for Brown to snag it out of the air and take it to the Dallas 42.

5:33-Jeez, think about it...that trade for Roy Williams was terrible. A first and third round pick all for just 17 receptions and 194 yards? Ouch. Detroit's gotta be happy that.

5:39-After a pass-interference call in the end-zone on Dallas, the Eagles have the ball on the goal-line with :18 left on the clock. Come on Andy, just use a simple fade route or go to Celek.

5:40-TOUCHDOWN! There we go, pass to Brent Celek for a TD! Can you believe it? 24-3! Fly, Eagles, Fly!

5:41-FUMBLE! Pacman fumbles the kick-off! Quintin Demps forced it, and the Eagles recover! We, yes we, are in field goal range with :05 left.

5:42-Field goal by David Akers is...goooooooood! 27-3! Can you believe it?!

5:43-At the end of the first half, the Eagles lead the Cowboys 27-3. Everything is going the Eagles' way. Break time!

5:57-Second half about to begin. Let's not blow this Eagles! Keep 'em playing hard Andy!

5:59-Watching the last play, I noticed something I had never noticed before: Mike Patterson is HUGE!

6:02-BOOOOO! Romo almost sacked, runs out of it, throws it back to Witten who throws it down-field to T.O., who then takes it to the Eagles 14. If that isn't enough, Andy Reid takes another useless time-out, trying to see if it was a forward pass, when it obviously wasn't. My God, he really doesn't know how to use these stupid time-outs!

6:06-TOUCHDOWN! CHRIS CLEMONS! 34-3! Tony Romo fumbles and Clemons takes it all the way. Can you believe it! Right before that play, I thought they to myself that they needed a turnover to keep the momentum in their advantage. Well they got it, all right! Looks like we're going to Minnesota for the Wildcard game.

6:09-Is this a team that makes up for bad coaching, or what? I think this might be one of Reid's worst play-calling/decision making games so far this season, yet they're up by 31. It's crazy.

6:10-Pacman continues his kick-return woes as he fumbles it himself, picks it up, and is planted down at the ten. Everything is GREAT for the Eagles right now.

6:11-BOOOOO! T.O. just caught the ball...

6:13-Back in November, we decided to sell our tickets to this game, thinking it was meaning-less. Haha, that worked out well. Even so, I still would rather be here on my couch than there right now. I mean, I wouldn't be sitting here giving you readers some high intelligence work.

6:14-BOOOOO! T.O. just caught the ball...

6:15-OH MY GOD! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marion Barber caught a pass from Tony Romo, and appeared to be heading down to the Eagles three, when Brian Dawkins stripped the ball from him. Joselio Hanson picked it up and took it all the way for a 96 yard touchdown. WOW! This is incredible! 41-3! What a clubbing of the Cowboys!

6:21-Roy Williams drops another one...

6:22-FUMMMMMMMMMMBLE! Chris Clemons forces another fumble from Tony Romo, and it is picked up by Trevor Laws! This is NUTS!

6:24-Akers hits a 41-yard field goal, putting the Eagles on top 44-3 with about six minutes left in the third. I would say this game is over...

6:29-Uh-oh! Looks like T.O. got into the peanut-butter jar and didn't wash at hands! (I know, my jokes aren't funny. Let me translate that: T.O. dropped the pass again!)

6:33-Buckhalter does it again! Big run, just making it worse and worse for the Cowgirls tonight.

6:34-Why is Westbrook running the ball? Plant him on the pine, Andy!

6:36-End of the third, Eagles lead 44-3. Dallas is just wishing this game was over.

6:38-Akers misses a field goal. What a shame...

6:41-The T.O. chants rain down from the Philly Phaithful as he takes a seat for good. I love it! Expect to hear a little sumthin-sumthin from him after the game.

6:44-There's that Taco Bell commercial again...

6:51-Game getting slow. Eagles starters slowly starting to get pulled, and the Cowboys are driving with nine minutes left. Maybe they'll come back...hahahaha.

6:55-Hey, the Cowboys can score! Field goal by Nick Folk gives them six points! Woo! But all is now well, as my fantasy team is losing in the championship game. Come on Cutler, help me out tonight!

6:59-Trash time. Here comes Kolb. At least I think this is the first time he's in...I'm barely watching it anymore.

7:09-Two minute warning. Up next, victory formation. Nice to see Lurie on the sideline. Even better to see Jerry Jones still in his box.

7:11-Kneel down, and the game is over! Andy Reid, sporting the grizzly beard, walks onto the field and shakes hands with "Coach of the Year" Wade Phillips. The final score is 44-6. What an amazing game! They just killed them. Killed them! Can't wait for next week! Go Birds!


Thanks for tuning in folks. This sure was fun. I couldn't have picked a better day to do this. It's amazing.

Oh and by the way, Bryn Swartz, can I say I told you so? I told you not to lose hope. I told you!


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