NBA Free Agent Rumors: Warriors Making Smart Move with Tyson Chandler Offer

John FrielAnalyst IDecember 8, 2011

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It looks like Mark Jackson's catch phrases caught up with him as the Golden State Warriors new coach.

"Hand down, man down" was thought to be a simple catch phrase that Jackson made up, but apparently he's actually utilizing it with this run-and-gun Warriors team by telling the team to go and pursue free agent Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler.

It's no coincidence that the Mavericks won a title in the lone year that Tyson was on the team, either. The team has been a solid defensive post presence away from winning a title for years and Erick Dampier just wasn't cutting it.

Dirk Nowitzki will tell you that Chandler was the main reason for helping the team make it to and win in the NBA Finals because of the defensive philosophy that he preached that ended up rubbing off on the team.

Nowitzki wants the Mavs to keep Tyson Chandler long-term, but the team apparently has had little contact with Chandler since assisting the squad in their quest for a title. The big man feels scorned by his team and feels that he may not be returning to Dallas, which has opened a long line for potential suitors that are courting the idea of having a stellar defensive mind in Chandler on their team in the paint.

The teams that have lined up include the Houston Rockets, New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks, as well as the Warriors.

The Warriors and Knicks have seemed to emerge as front runners, with Golden State going as far as reportedly offering a lucrative deal to Chandler that was worth $60 million over a four-year period. It just might be the deal of the offseason, as Chandler would be set to make $15 million a year for the next four seasons despite not having a lick of an offensive skill set when the ball is in his hands, as evidenced by his only having averaged 10 points or better twice in his career.

Maybe the team should reconsider that idea of not giving up Stephen Curry for Chris Paul. CP3 would be keen to the idea of re-signing with the team in 2012 when he becomes a free agent if he's on the same team as his former teammate. Chandler and Paul were an unstoppable alley-oop duo with Chandler even averaging a career high 12 points per to go along with 12 rebounds per.

Whether or not Stephen Curry would be able to pull off the same tricks that CP3 was able to do when he had Chandler, we'll just have to see if and when things go through.

While critics may protest the extent of this deal that's set to award $60 million to an inept offensive threat, they also have to realize that this Warriors team is going for a completely new philosophy. With a new coach running the show, this Warriors team needs a great deal of improvement on the defensive end.

Signing a player like Chandler could step up the emphasis on that side of the floor.

As you can clearly tell, it worked for the Dallas Mavericks as they ended up winning a title because of Chandler's influence on the defensive end. If you're wondering why such a skilled defensive player has only averaged a block per game for his career, then take note that most players who go against Chandler aren't willing to risk taking a shot in his area.

Tyson's too well-rounded of a defender to challenge. He has arms that scrape the top of the ceiling and drag against the court, a wingspan that could shake hands with each coach when he's at the scorers table, a vertical leap that can allow him to high five the shot clock and the lateral quickness that can rival the best perimeter defenders.

Aside from Dwight Howard, Chandler is the best defensive center in the league. And that's exactly why the Warriors need him.

They need someone who can influence the way this team has played into playing at a completely different end of the spectrum. Champions have proven time and time again that offense wins games and defense wins championships.

New coach Mark Jackson knows a thing or two about defenses. He played for two of the most feared defenses in the '90s for the Knicks and Pacers.

Bringing in Mark Jackson was a good step in the right direction for the Warriors, but signing Chandler is going to a tremendous step as the team looks to improve on defense and actually remain relevant for an extended period of time. There are too many talented players on this team to not consistently make the postseason.

Without accomplishing that, young talent may leave the team as soon as they get the chance.

Bring in Tyson Chandler if you have the chance, Warriors. It's either that or Andris Biedrins disappointing you some more.