Minnesota Timberwolves 2012 Schedule: 10 Must-Watch Games for Fans This Season

Nick HansenCorrespondent IIDecember 8, 2011

Minnesota Timberwolves 2012 Schedule: 10 Must-Watch Games for Fans This Season

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    Minnesota Timberwolves fans, rejoice. The season of hope, love and joy is upon us. That's right, it's almost basketball season.

    The presents are arriving at the Target Center daily. Fans are eager to find out if Santa (or David Kahn) fulfilled the team's wish list.

    There's the tall, hyped-up one from Arizona.

    There's also the one from Spain (which got lost in the mail for the last three years).

    And there's also that one from Houston that was on the top of our list. Even though the presents may take a while to start working properly, there is newfound hope in Minny.

    The Timberwolves Redemption Tour 2012 starts on December 26.

    Here's a list of dates to circle on your calender.

Cleveland Cavaliers (Jan. 6)

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    The Wolves start the season with the following slate: OKC, Milwaukee, Miami, Dallas, San Antonio and Memphis.


    The game against Cleveland will provide some much needed respite. It will not be a battle of titans, but a glimpse in to the NBA's future.

    There will be four rookies playing with a lot to prove (Derrick Williams, Ricky Rubio, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson).

Washington Wizards (Jan 8th)

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    A few days later, the Wolves head to the Verizon Center to face the Wizards. This game will feature some great matchups.

    If you blink, you might miss the action between John Wall and Ricky Rubio. The two point guards will be running a lightning quick game.

    An even better matchup will be between Derrick Williams and fellow rookie Jan Veseley. Both of them are thunderous, athletic finishers. 

    Also, it's going to be a bullfight in the paint between Chris Singleton and Kevin Love

    (Plus, I always love seeing Flip on the sidelines. It's like seeing that old college friend that you get together with once a year.)

LA Clippers (Jan 20th)

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    Is anybody else as excited as I am to see the Wolves finally back on national TV?

    The year's inaugural matchup between the "Lockout Professionals" will be another great chapter in the fledgling Griffin-Love rivalry.

    Since Minnesota's 2012 pick is owned by the Clips (thanks Marco Jaric!), the Wolves should make it a point to win this one.

    Tune in to ESPN2 for this Friday night battle.

Houston Rockets (Jan 23)

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    What will Adelman's reception be in Houston? I'm guessing he's more well liked in Houston than Kevin McHale is in Minnesota.

    Wolves fans will get to bask in the schadenfreude of seeing Jonny Flynn in a different uniform.

    It is also the first of four games between the two teams. Look for some bad blood to bubble up.

New York (Feb 11)

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    Can Kevin Love repeat his 30/30 performance against the Knicks?

    Expect a high scoring game between two teams that were as placid defensively as Ely, Minnesota in January.

Phoenix (March 1)

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    Even though this game is not likely to have playoff implications, Steve Nash and Ricky Rubio might make this the YouTube game of the year. 

    It's also Derrick Williams' return to Arizona. 

Oklahoma City (March 23)

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    This game comes at the end of an 11-day, seven-game road trip out west. It's a chance for the young team to show some mettle, have Serge Ibaka and D-Will exchange dunks, and for Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook to exchange notes on the classes that they are missing.

LA Lakers (March 16th)

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    Playing the Lakers always irked me as a fan. My dad has never seemed to have gotten over the Lakers leaving for LA.

    If either Dwight Howard or Chris Paul (or both!) say that they'll be "taking their talents to Venice Beach," it will be the Showtime 2.0. Everyone will want to see the Laker train then, this fan included. 

Boston (March 30th)

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    Minnesotans' love for KG may have softened a little bit, but I'll always welcome the Big Ticket back to Target Center.

    It's likely that some of the Celtics' geriatric club will be on the DL at this time. 

    If the Wolves' have gelled by this point in the season, there is a good shot that they can finally win one in front of their former superstar.

Memphis (Apr. 17)

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    The young Memphis team has a good shot at competing for a top four seed in the playoffs.

    Due to the fact that the Clippers own the Wolves' pick in the 2012 draft Rick Adelman's squad will most likely only be playing for pride at this point in the season.

    Here's hoping the Wolves can play spoiler.