Green Bay Packers: 7 Players That Made the Biggest Contributions in Sunday's Win

Brooke McGeeCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2011

Green Bay Packers: 7 Players That Made the Biggest Contributions in Sunday's Win

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    The week 12 Green Bay game went down to the last few moments of the play clock. With three seconds remaining and overtime hovering like a certainty, the Packers stole what almost became their first loss of the season.

    New York Giants' Eli Manning played comparatively to Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, with both finishing up a passing game with 300-plus yards and one thrown interception.

    Though there were numerous missed opportunities in this game, the ones that were played out were what brought about their win. Here are a few players who made the most noticeable differences.

Jermichael Finley

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    On his third reception of the game, Jermichael Finley caught short right for a 12-yard touchdown, opening up the board and putting up Green Bay's first points of the game.

    By the end of the final two-minute warning, Finley had the third-highest receiving yards for the team. Along with his contributing 87 yards, he received six times with the longest a 23 yarder in the final third of the second quarter.

    Despite the drops, Finley caught 6 of the 10 passes intended for him. Considering only 46 were thrown during the game, Rodgers dedicated 22 percent of his passing game to Finley.

Clay Matthews

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    Clay Matthew's performance earned him perfect aces across the board—one tackle, one assist, one interception, one touchdown and one forced fumble.

    Not too bad of a game.

    The opening play of the second quarter presented the opportunity for the interception and touchdown. Picking off a pass by Eli Manning intended for RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Matthews ran it back 38 yards for Green Bay's second score of the game and six of the final 38 points.

Donald Driver

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    Quantity and quality can't compare. Despite having half the total yards that Finley had, Driver doubled his teammate's amount of touchdowns with his efficiency.

    In the fourth quarter while the Pack was struggling to establish dominance, Driver took in the final Green Bay touchdown of the game.

    The play was challenged upstairs but the ruling on the field stood and the 7-yard touchdown went in to Driver's record-breaking season stats. 

Greg Jennings

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    You can rarely write about Green Bay contributing players without including Greg Jennings. Despite the unusually high amount of incomplete passes thrown in Jenning's direction, his contributions were high.

    Topping out his teammates with completed reception yards, Jennings walked off the field more with 94 yards and one more touchdown. All of this was completed in seven receptions.

    One can only speculate how high that could have gone if he hadn't missed those other five. Yea, that's right, five incompletions to Jennings. I'm going to chalk this up to the fact that 12 of Rodger's 46 passes were intended for Jennings. You're bound to miss when that many throws are coming your way.

    Out of the 28 completed passes, seven were Jennings, and that's 25 percent of the throwing game. Having utilized 15 different receivers throughout the 2011 NFL season, this isn't typical of our recent Rodgers.

B.J. Raji

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    B.J. Raji has been putting himself more in the spot light the last few weeks. After getting his first season touchdown against Tampa Bay in Week 11, Raji has been dabbling with more play time.

    Following a forced fumble by Green Bay's Clay Matthews, Raji was right there to recover and secure possession along with a gain of one yard. Despite the challenge by the Replay Assistant, the ruling was upheld and Green Bay took over on the 50-yard line.

Jordy Nelson

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    After a discouraging start to the fourth quarter, Jordy Nelson was able to put a little bit of motivation back into the fading Packers.

    With only a one point lead and 11 minutes left of play time, passes started coming up incomplete for the receiving side of Rodgers' attempts to drive the ball.

    A discouraged Rodgers stood on the field with his head shaking, unsure of how to react after Finley and Jennings repeatedly dropped catchable balls. Add a double-whammy sack into that and this team was beginning to question their streak.

    Fortunately, Rodgers was able to remind the rest of the team how it was done by demonstrating with Jordy Nelson a perfectly executed deep pass and catch. Despite the attempted challenge by New York, his feet were in and the call stood.

    The Pack was revitalized.

Mason Crosby

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    Right after New York battled back from behind and secured not only one touchdown, but a two-point conversion as well, Mason Crosby was brought out to try for the winning kick.

    Three seconds remained on the board, and the memory of an earlier missed field goal was still looming above the field. After the hike, the kick was good, 30 yards of ease and another win for the undefeated Green Bay Packers.

    I guess Gary must have worn his camo Wisconsin hat...

    Returning home for the holidays, Green Bay moves on undefeated to week 14 to face off against the Oakland Raiders.