NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul Is Destined to Dawn Orange and Blue for the Knicks

Anthony PrestanoContributor IIIDecember 3, 2011

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul could wind up future teammates
Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul could wind up future teammatesCharley Gallay/Getty Images

Chris Paul fakes out Rondo, dishes to Melo, and drains a three over Paul Pierce. A fantasy for Knicks fans could very well become a reality sometime in the near future. It is unlikely that Chris Paul will end up in a Knicks uniform by Christmas, but don't let it take you by surprise when he's feeding the ball left and right to Melo and Amar'e next season.

ESPN's Ric Bucher reports that Chris Paul doesn't want to leave New Orleans with nothing if a trade sending CP3 to the big apple went down, and that Paul's heart will always be in New Orleans.

Blah blah blah blah blah...

What Chris Paul says and actually feels are two different things, and If I were him, I know I would want to be on a contending team in a big time city with a great supporting cast. Reporters say that a trade is unlikely to happen because the Knicks lack trade assets, but here's why I think that, trade or no trade, Chris Paul will be a New York Knick by this time next season.

There is almost a 100 percent chance that Chris Paul would walk in free agency come the end of this season, and the poor, league owned New Orleans Hornets recognize that. The Hornets would rather get something in return for Chris Paul, even if it's veteran Chauncey Billups, sophomore Landry Fields, and future draft picks.

However, the ball is in Pauls court, not New Orleans'. Chris Paul can decide he officially wants to be a Knick, and the Hornets can be smart and trade him for a package deal, trade him to a different team—the only scenario I see Paul not going to New York—let him walk in free agency, or try and get a third team involved in the trade much like the Carmelo Anthony saga last year.  

New Orleans most likely would prefer the third scenario. Out of those four options, there is a 75 percent chance Chris Paul ends up a New York Knick, forming a big three to go toe to toe against LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

Chris Paul brought this upon himself.  Why would he make a speech about it, knowing reporters would be all over it if he didn't think he would end up being a Knick? It just doesn't add up. It's clear that Chris Paul wants to be a Knick on the inside, he is just not going public about it because he knows the media would be all over it, and he doesn't want to disrespect his team.

So for right now, I think Paul is making the right moves by staying quiet about his requests. He doesn't need any distractions that could affect his play. However, if the Hornets struggle this season, Chris Paul could get aggravated and want out of New Orleans.  

In that case, New Orleans knows where he would like to be shipped to, and if the Hornets have any hopes of building for the future, they will send him to New York. I think it's almost guaranteed that Chris Paul will be traded this season, and right now New York looks like the top destination.

So the choice is yours Chris Paul. You can sit around and be unsatisfied with a losing team, or you can be public about your wish and hope the Hornets fulfill it.