11 Players Who Shouldn't Be on the FIFPro World XI Shortlist

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentDecember 1, 2011

11 Players Who Shouldn't Be on the FIFPro World XI Shortlist

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    Every year the FIFPro releases its World XI, and generally it's a pretty solid 11. 

    The problem with FIFPro is its shortlist, which this year has been filled with players that shouldn't be there.

    I wonder if FIFPro just selected most of the players according to FIFA 12 player ratings. 

    It's almost as if they think the large majority of football fans do not follow football. 

    If anything, this proves that professional footballers do not watch each other play because the combined results of their votes leaves you facepalming. 

    This is a must-read if you want to be inundated with the big-name players who haven't been performing. 

Gianluigi Buffon

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    Did FIFPro confuse Marco Storari with Gianluigi Buffon? 

    If my memory serves me correctly, Storari played 29 games last season, which in itself should set off alarm bells. Buffon spent a lengthy part of the season injured and thinking, "not again." He was more David de Gea-like than Buffon-like when he came back from injury. 

    Try his mistake against A.C. Milan. What about him losing his bearings against Lecce? 

    He's also developed a habit of punching the ball instead of catching it—an unhealthy habit where he practically punches the ball nearly every time. What if someone scores from the rebound? 

    It's a sign that he has lost his confidence. 


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    Two words: Gareth Bale. 


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    Pepe's best games for Real Madrid were as a defensive midfielder/Lionel Messi man marker. 

    Pepe has been OK as a centre back, but there is no way that anyone would select him over Mats Hummels.

Rio Ferdinand

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    Rio Ferdinand spent more time tweeting than he did playing in the last two seasons. 

    He isn't even a certain starter let alone an undisputed starter. 

    Hasn't it occurred to FIFPro that when a player faces questions surrounding his competency that maybe he isn't on top of his game?

    Try Sir Alex Ferguson telling the media that Ferdinand will be part of his plan. 

    If he was playing like a FIFPro XI centre back, there wouldn't even be questions regarding his status to play.

David Luiz

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    There's a reason why some Chelsea supporters want David Luiz to move into midfield, and it's not because he is a world-class defender. 

Carles Puyol

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    Javier Mascherano isn't on the shortlist, and I'm curious to hear FIFPro's explanation. 

    If it's because he has been playing at centre back, they should ask themselves why a 5'8" defensive midfielder is playing there. 

John Terry

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    John Terry is possibly having his worst season as a centre back.

    He has a led a shambolic defence. 

    He has been made to look amateurish in the high line André Villas-Boas insists on playing. 

    Have FIFPro not been following Villas-Boas' trainwreck of a first season? 

Éric Abidal

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    Including Éric Abidal on the list is a symbolic act due to his courageous recovery from what seemed like a career-ending health problem. 

    Put him against a quality attack, and tell me how he fares. 

    Hint: Kevin-Prince Boateng.


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    Kaká isn't even a regular starter for Real Madrid. 

    Yes, he's looked good when he has played, but that's because of the players around him.

    How can I prove this? 

    Real Madrid still win without Kaká.  

Didier Drogba

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    Didier Drogba had his worst goal-scoring return last season, though he did chip in with 17 assists. But it paled in comparison to his 2009-10 season. 

    This season, it's clear Drogba has been in woeful form and wants out. 

    Why wasn't someone like Hulk included?

Luis Suárez

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    Luis Suárez has the ability to become the world's best forward but hasn't translated his form in the Eredivisie to the Premier League. 

    Every game he is a threat, but he isn't producing world class performances. 


    He doesn't have enough support, and he constantly gets hacked about, yet referees are not protecting him (due to his reputation as a diver). 

    Where's Alexis Sánchez? What about Antonio Di Natale?

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