Patriots-Bills: NFL Game Of The Week

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 23, 2008

It may not be the first game you think of, but I picked this one as a mix of showing my Patriots I love them and the desperate win they both need.

The Buffalo Bills started the season off hot, looking like the team to beat when they got stopped at 5-1 and were slowed down to a 2-7 finish. The team is smug, their conference record poor and their collection of odd games (for instance, the no power game versus the Chargers).

Oh, and don't forget their abysmal 0-5 in their division. That hurts.

The New England Patriots do not control their fate. Sitting at 10-5, their season that looked lost when Matt Cassel was injured is now fully alive and sits on how the Dolphins and Ravens do in their respective games.

The Bills want to know that they landed at .500 this season and look OK for the next one. The Patriots want to show the world they don't need Tom Brady this season, and they can win this game!

OK, everybody ready? Let's get our gloves on and start getting down and dirty with the real stuff.

Tom Brady? Psh! The Patriots believe in Matt Cassel now. In the Pats own little Ice Bowl, Cassel threw for 345 yards and three touchdowns. That's what I call a day. Was it just a one week thing? Nope, the week before he threw four touchdowns and has had his fair share of 200+ yard games!

The Bills are on the lower side of decent secondaries, they will be struggling with Welker down low and might miss a long ball to Moss. I give Cassel 300 yards, and a pair of touchdowns.

On Sunday, everyone found out that the Pats have a running game. LaMont Jordan and Sammy Morris both ran for over 75 yards, and it brings everyone a smile to see this duo healthy once again. The question is if they can keep it up week to week, and will Kevin Faulk still be part of this?

The Bills defensive running game is a middle of the pact squad that averages 120 yards per game. Can this group light them up? Sammy Morris gets 70 yards, LaMont Jordan gets a smaller 40 yards and Faulk gets a little peice of the fun at 20 yards.

In Trent Edwards' first game back, he didn't do half bad! Trent got 193 yards and a touchdown on the day and most of his passes were caught. Not to mention he brought them back in the fourth quarter to win it in dramatic fashion.

The Patriot secondary had been ugly until they shut down the MVP hopeful Kurt Warner! He only got four passes out (Leinart also got four). Still, was it just due to the snowy conditions. Maybe not, but I am betting halfway. Trent gets a 200 yard game and a touchdown or two.

Jackson and Lynch both had quiet days on Sunday, hovering around 40 yards on the day each. Which is odd, because Lynch got 127 yards the week before. They bounce around, so its tough to guess this part.

On Sunday, the Pats gave less than 50 total rushing yards! That is impressive. They have a solid rushing game, so I see Marshall Lynch getting 70 yards but Jackson getting very little (maybe 20).

So, here comes the pick. Let's see... The stat's tell all.

Final Score:     New England: 31       Buffalo: 17

They need the win, they will fight for the win.


ATL: 35    STL: 14                      Falcons kick their butt.
KC:28      CIN: 17                      Thigpen leads them to a win.
GB:31      DET: 14                      Detroit goes for 0-16! YEAH!!!!
CHI: 28     HOU:24                    Closer than ya think!
TEN: 28     IND: 27                     Neither care though, they are both in.
NYG: 21    MIN: 28                     They are going to try really, really hard.
CAR: 21      NO: 17                     I don't know why I say its going to be low scoring.
PIT: 35       CLE: 21                    Steelers roll on.
TB: 31          OAK: 21                  BREAKING NEWS: Oakland disappears in midair.
BAL: 28         JAC: 24                 Baltimore goes on to playoffs.
MIA: 21           NYJ: 24               For once I'll say, GO JETS!!!!!!!!
DAL: 21          PHI: 20                Really, really, really close.
ARI: 31          SEA: 21                Duh.
WAS: 21            SF: 14              Washington wins.
DEN: 24             SD: 21              Denver wins the AFC West.


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