Giants vs. Saints: 7 Things We Learned from New York's 49-24 Loss

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst INovember 29, 2011

Giants vs. Saints: 7 Things We Learned from New York's 49-24 Loss

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    The New York Giants just cannot seem to stop the New Orleans Saints when the two teams play at the Superdome. The Giants were reeling with several more players injured on top of the injuries they suffered in the preseason, but no one thought they would get blown out the way they did.

    The Saints hung 49 on Perry Fewell's defense; a defense that is supposed to stop big plays allowed way too many and Fewell couldn't figure out a way to adjust.

    Once it got bad, it got ugly as the defensive players seemed disinterested. At one point it looked like Jason Pierre-Paul was the only player that wanted to be on the field on defense.

    Enough out of me, let's take a look at what we learned from this game.

New Orleans Is a Bad Matchup for the Giants, Healthy or Not

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    I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Michael Boley wouldn't have made a difference, but he wouldn't have made that much of a difference.

    Plain and simple, Perry Fewell's defense is just a bad matchup against the Saints. This defense is supposed to protect against the big plays, but it did nothing to stop them in this game.

    The safeties play way too deep and the middle of the field is always open. The theory is the front four should get to the QB before a guy has time to run a big crossing route. However, the front four have been awful the past three weeks, getting only three sacks and none Monday night against Drew Brees. They have to be better if the defense wants to be successful.

The Refs Blew the Fumble Call on Da'Rel Scott

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    The game was getting out of hand at this point already, but with the Giants down 18 and the ball in their territory, the refs ruled Da'Rel Scott fumbled the ball on a 3rd-and-1 play.

    Upon further review, it looked as though Scott's left forearm was clearly on the ground before the ball moves, but since the refs called it a fumble on the field, they said the play stands, meaning they couldn't find video evidence to overturn the call.

    Two plays later, Jimmy Graham caught a 29-yard touchdown pass.

This Was Not the Fault of the Offense

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    Despite Eli Manning throwing a crucial interception in the end zone, this loss was obviously no fault of the offense's.

    It gained 465 yards, was 5-of-11 on third down, Manning had more than 400 yards, Victor Cruz had an incredible day, and Brandon Jacobs even looked good at times.

    The defense didn't do the offense any favors—that much is pretty obvious just by looking at the scoreboard.

Perry Fewell Still Cannot Figure out No-Huddle Offense

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    All game long the Giants struggled to get lined up, looked confused on almost every series at some point or another and were on their heels.

    The only way to take out the Saints offensively is to impose your will on them. The St. Louis Rams showed everyone how to beat them, but the Giants clearly didn't have the intensity.

    Fewell was supposedly going to give his players wristbands to help get the calls onto the field during no-huddle offense, but that didn't appear to happen.

Time to Stop Giving Da'Rel Scott the Ball

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    ESPN doesn't show this in his stats, but Da'Rel Scott has four carries in his last two games and has fumbled the ball twice. He definitely fumbled and fell on it against the Eagles last week.

    Fans have been wondering why Tom Coughlin has not trusted Scott more with Ahmad Bradshaw sidelined and D.J. Ware not being effective—as usual he knows what fans do not.

    Scott clearly struggles holding onto the football, so for now the Giants should just keep him on kickoff returns, which he was effective at Monday night.

The NFL Schedule-Makers Must Have Had It out for the Giants

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    I'm only half-kidding with the title of the slide, but seriously could the schedule-makers have given the Giants a break with this schedule?

    They travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints after a bye week, and then go home on a short week to play a Packers team that played its previous game on a Thursday.

    It is a perfect storm of tough games that also included two straight road games at New England and at San Francisco.

    This has happened for three straight seasons; maybe next year they will actually catch a break, having an easier schedule in the second half.

The Giants Will Need Help to Make the Playoffs

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    By the looks of how they played tonight, the Giants will be sitting at 6-6 next weekend after they play the dominant 11-0 Green Bay Packers.

    If they are going to make the playoffs, they will need some help from the Cowboys and the three teams in the wild-card hunt (Lions, Bears, Falcons).

    With Ndamukong Suh likely missing multiple games and the Bears looking bad with Caleb Hanie, that help could come.

    Do not fret yet, Giants fans, the playoffs could still be possible.