Philadelphia Eagles' Heartbreak Loss Leaves Wild-Card Spot to Chance

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 21, 2008

Everyone in Philadelphia was doing one thing: hoping. In my past articles, I've written a lot about hope. Sometimes you just need more to get the things you want.

The Eagles lost a heart breaker to the Washington Redskins this afternoon (I'm not sure if I can finish this in 14 minutes to call it this afternoon). The score was 10-3 in favor of the Redskins. 

What lost the game? Lack of defense? Lack of offense? The answer is yes. Lack of all-around play. But really, lack of hope. We got too excited over the Dallas and Tampa losses. But what did we do? The exact same thing. 

Now, with one game left to play, the Eagles are 8-6-1, a half game back from the final wild card spot. Behind Dallas and Tampa Bay, both 9-6. 

We are going to need lot's of things to prepare for our final game against Dallas. What are we going to need?

  • A win... self explanatory
  • A loss from Tampa Bay
  • To pass and run the football
  • To play defense like the rankings show us, third-best

We have a chance to get in. A very good chance. But, will chance be with us, or will it be with Dallas/Tampa Bay? (Dallas has the tiebreaker)

What Tampa Bay needs to get into the playoffs:

  • A win... again, self explanatory
  • A win from the Eagles
  • To play like they did the beginning of the season
  • To not give in to pressure

Tampa Bay plays Oakland (4-11) next week to finish off the season. Maybe, the Raiders will be with us through our time of need and answer us with a win. Let's hope they do.

What Dallas needs to get into the playoffs:

  • A win.

That's it. Simple as that. Chance is either playing a joke on us Eagles fans, or is really with us. 

Now, Chicago is still alive in the wild-card hunt. Or possibly Minnesota. But, being an NFC North hater, I firmly believe they will not make it :). But, to get in, they must:

  • Win
  • Hope Tampa Bay and Dallas lose

If the Bears win Monday night, they have a very good shot at the wild card, or the NFC North title. So, let's hope Green Bay and Houston get it done ;).

Let's work on what the Eagles can do. Hhmmm. Oh! I got it. One very simple thing to do. 

  • Play like you did before this loss

That's it. Can they do it? I sure hope so.