WWE Rumors: Possible Plans for R-Truth After His Suspension

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIINovember 24, 2011


On Monday, during the end segment on Raw, The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on R-Truth and ended their partnership. Many folks figured that R-Truth would serve a 30-day suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy. 

The Miz is expected to head into a title feud with CM Punk around the time of the Royal Rumble. What hasn't been covered is the plan for Truth after he returns.

In the usual course of booking in the WWE, R-Truth committed a babyface turn after taking The Miz's finisher on the ramp. Truth sold the move like he was in a coma. This may lead to a few questions as to why WWE broke up Awesome Truth.

When Evan Bourne was suspended, he and Kofi were not split up. As far as the TV audience was concerned, Bourne took a 30-day vacation, and his name has not been dropped on TV since his suspension was announced.

According to WrestleNewz.com, via Wrestling Observer, both the Raw Creative team and R-Truth found out about the suspension the same day it was announced. However, it seems that once his suspension is done, Truth might be in line for his own push.

The article notes that the WWE is worried about the lack of top drawing talent on Raw. There are currently two massively over faces: CM Punk and John Cena. If one were to get hurt, WWE feels it would be "catastrophic" to the product. Apparently, Vince also sees dollar signs in the "Little Jimmy" gimmick.

It's natural to immediately think of Zack Ryder if that's the case, but look at it like this: There is no reason to "Del Rio" Ryder at this point in time. Shoving him immediately into the main-event scene before the audience fully buys into him could cause a backlash that would destroy all the work that he and the WWE Creative team have put into building him up.

R-Truth was arguably Raw's top heel over the likes of two-time WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Truth has a fun in-ring style that has led to some very good matches, but his biggest draw is his mouth.

After turning heel earlier this year, R-Truth went from happy-go-lucky rapper to an off-kilter conspiracy theorist. This was arguably the turning point for his WWE career, as began to receive the ideal fan responses you want from a big-time heel. His unique promo style and ability to interact with the crowd are unique in the WWE.

The question is, could R-Truth's "Little Jimmy" gimmick work if he were a babyface? If Truth were treated more like an anti-hero, it's possible. As Punk aptly demonstrated over the past few months, you don't need to be a clean-cut superhero to get over with the fans.

Taking matters into your own hands to accomplish what is needed can be enduring. Choking out the heel WWE champion to secure your title shot and using the ropes as leverage (as seen in his match with Ziggler this past Monday) can work well with the audience, provided the character doesn't do the "dishonorable" transgression first.

All is fair in love and wrestling, so long as the heel tries to screw over the face first.

What the future holds for him and all the "Little Jimmys" is tough to say. But as these things go, the future does look good after R-Truth gets back from his suspension. A feud with The Miz seems likely in any circumstance. After that, it's tough to tell.