New York Jets: Why New York Will Still Make the Playoffs

Antonio BonkalskiContributor IIINovember 18, 2011

New York Jets: Why New York Will Still Make the Playoffs

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    There are two ways to make the playoffs in football: either win your division or fight for one of two wild card spots.

    After losing to the Denver Broncos, the Jets' chances of either of these options happening have significantly decreased, but is all hope lost?

    Not at all.

    The season still has a lot to be played, and the Jets will be able to make the playoffs if they play solid football for the rest of their schedule.

    The question shouldn't be how they can make it into the playoffs, but more as to why they will still make the playoffs. Here are some reasons.


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    The New York Jets have undeniably played fantastically on the defensive end this season.

    The problem that everybody keeps bringing up is Mark Sanchez, and it makes sense that people would keep bringing that up but it doesn't make sense for them to forget what really drives the New York Jets.

    The defense will always come through for them and because of this, they will be able to win out or win as many games as they need coming up to get into the playoffs.

    The Jets defense is just plain stingy. They are ranked seventh in the NFL in total defense, according to, and they have shut down significantly more in the past couple weeks.

    When a defensive minded team has a strong defense, they must be doing something right.

Offensive Options

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    The Jets may be playing poorly on the offensive side of the ball, but when they put it together, if they put it together, they can be unstoppable.

    The Jets have so many explosive options on the offensive side of the football with Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, Shonn Green, Dustin Keller and Jeremy Kerley—plus the emergence of Joe McKnight playing well.

    The Jets have to let Sanchez take the reins, and he will do just enough to get these players involved in the offense.

    The skill set for the Jets is there; it is merely finding a way to get everyone involved and finding consistency on the offensive side of the ball.

The One Explosive Play

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    The Jets have Joe McKnight returning kicks now, and everyone who watches the games holds their breath every time he touches the ball.

    The reason is because he has emerged as one of the more explosive players in the game and is always a threat to return the ball for a touchdown.

    When the offense is stalling, McKnight is there to save the day and either take one back or give the Jets some good field position to move the ball offensively.

    McKnight has had some unfortunate fumbles this year, but the Jets have not lost faith in McKnight and for good reason; he will dominate special teams play.


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    If there's one thing that annoys every other team in the league about the Jets, it is Rex Ryan and his talk.

    This year is no different, but Rex gives something to the team in every rant or speech he gives.

    The Jets have been a confident bunch of players ever since Ryan has started coaching, and because of this, they will never believe they are out until they are told so.

    The Jets' confidence is there and with a few games remaining on the schedule, they will need every bit of it to find a way into the playoffs.

They Have Been Here Before

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    When it all boils down to it, the Jets have been in a situation similar to this before.

    Not only have they had everyone saying they were out last season, but the odds of them getting in were far less than they have this season.

    What did they do last season?

    Well they went back to the AFC Championship game. This season they can do it again.

    The Wild Card is wide open with the exception of Baltimore, who seems to have it locked up, but that second spot is up for grabs and the Jets are fully aware of that.

    They have some tough games ahead but they are the New York Jets—they have talent, they have poise, they have the power. They just need to use it.

    It is hard to say if they can turn it around after watching such a horrid game against the Broncos, but don't fret for a second because the Jets will not be haunted by Tim Tebow in their dreams. They will move on to the next game and worry about their next task. 

    Because of this, they will find their way into the playoffs for a third straight year.