NFL: 4 Coaches Who Won't Last the Second Half of the Season

Jon BanksContributor IIOctober 30, 2011

NFL: 4 Coaches Who Won't Last the Second Half of the Season

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    NFL head coaches have one of the hardest jobs in the world in terms of pleasing your bosses. Unlike most people, head coaches don't just have to deal with the person who signs their check, they also have to deal with fans all over who are upset with what the coaches do.

    With that, fans can get very vocal and can make it clear that the coach no longer has public support.

    Sometimes this seems fair, in a case where a head coach has been with the franchise for years and has been in near complete control of what has been happening. Sometimes it isn't, like when the coaches' teams suffer from injuries to key players, loss of coaching staff or circumstances beyond their control.

    These are a few coaches that, for whatever reason, may get fired as the season goes on.

Steve Spagnuolo

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    Spagnuolo is one of those coaches that just inexplicably can't put things together a season after nearly going to the playoffs in the weak NFC West. With Sam Bradford having another season under his belt, Steven Jackson still being a good running back and a slightly improved receiving corps, the offense was bound to improve.

    Instead, the O-line regressed, giving fewer holes for Jackson and worse protection for Bradford. Bradford got injured and will miss his second game of the season with an ankle injury.

    Though the Rams have suffered from injuries, the team was filled with expectations heading into the 2011 season, and none of them are likely to come true. Although, they are still in the NFC West and have a chance for a playoff berth if they start winning a lot of games.

    The San Francisco 49ers, however, are putting together a nice season.

    A coach that hasn't put together a winning season in three years, has only won eight games in the past three years and has suffered a bit of bad luck is a dark horse candidate for being let go.

Jim Caldwell

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    There is a legitimate chance the Indianapolis Colts go 0-16 this year. A week after giving up 62 points to the New Orleans Saints—one of the worst defensive performances since the NFL-AFL merger—the Colts best possible record is 9-7 IF they win out.

    The problems that the Colts are suffering would have still been there if Peyton Manning was healthy. Would the Colts be giving up 62 points? No. Manning would have maintained the ball better and had fewer turnovers, which allowed New Orleans to drive up the lead so much.

    However, that defense is still bad, which is something Manning can't fix.

    Their O-line is bad after suffering injuries to most of their key additions from the offseason, their core receivers are starting to get on the wrong side of 30.

    Someone has to be held accountable for this season for the Colts, and Jim Caldwell is the man overseeing this team. It may not be during the season, but Caldwell has a good chance of not making it to next season.

Jack Del Rio

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    He may have won against the Baltimore Ravens last Monday night, but he made some very questionable calls that even the MNF crew railed him for. Poor play calling, bad challenges and poor time management are problems that a coach of nearly 10 years should not be having.

    On top of that, he has been in control of this franchise since 2003. He has little excuses left as to why the Jaguars are unable to field a successful team under his tenure.

    The Jaguars may be in a rebuilding phase, but they seem to have been in this phase every year since they last appeared in the playoffs in 2007. They had a little surprise last year, but were unable to continue that success this year, due in part to the release of the (injured) David Garrard.

    The very minute this team loses nine games, Jack Del Rio will likely be given his pink slip, while this franchise will try to move on from the Del Rio era.

Tony Sparano

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    Where to start with Sparano...

    The Dolphins have been a team on the cusp with him at the helm; a good defensive team that can't seem to find it's identity on offense, and they are at least competitive.

    Sparano has seemingly been living off of his appearance in the playoffs back in 2008 to justify his continued stay in Miami. Now three years removed, the Dolphins have started 0-6 and have a chance to grab Andrew Luck.

    What has been true about the Dolphins is untrue this year. They no longer have any identity on offense, their defense has taken a step back and while they're competitive, they can't win games when they have a 15-point lead.

    Looking at this team, they seem desperate for a win. They also seem demoralized and know that Sparano is on the hot seat. People in the franchise are scared about this and won't perform up to par while this is happening. It's a death spiral for the Dolphins and it's only going to get worse for them, and their coach.