1. Report: Jack Del Rio told USC he's not leaving Raiders @timkawakami https://t.co/7FgJ1TLgaR

  2. Along with Chip Kelly, #USC reached out to Jack Del Rio to gauge his interest. He said he was staying with #Raiders (as @timkawakami said)

  3. Jack Del Rio told his alma mater no thanks when they called about coaching vacancy https://t.co/KbMdoWIVGv

  4. Jack Del Rio met with the media following today's win in Nashville. Watch: https://t.co/YCyW9SeVTy https://t.co/0Vi3wp0ubg

  5. Jack Del Rio high on a win https://t.co/j9AeIOPhcL

  6. Jack Del Rio gave #Raiders game ball to WR Seth Roberts who had 6 catches for 113 yards and 2 TD's including game winner.

  7. When Derek Carr and Jack Del Rio met in the locker room post game. https://t.co/86um789W9n

  8. Jack Del Rio may regret not trying to score for the last 25 minutes.

  9. Can see why Raiders coach Jack Del Rio shot down my questions Friday about the need for offensive balance. Right now, his team can't run.

  10. Jack Del Rio on way off field at halftime told CBS there's nothing he wants to share "with the country." Or more accurately 2 percent of it.

  11. Jack Del Rio said a few weeks ago he regretted not being aggressive at end of first half. He doesn't kneel it down this time.

  12. If you are Jack Del Rio you have to win this game. Just no way around it

  13. Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said after consultation with strength coach Joe Gomes, and with back-to-back roadies, practices were lighter.

  14. Raiders blog: Balance isn't necessarily the answer to Raiders offensive woes, says coach Jack Del Rio . . . https://t.co/bll32Yq0GR

  15. Jack Del Rio met with the media following this morning's practice. Watch: https://t.co/q9krNsknOb https://t.co/euMnhxlaEH

  16. Practice complete. Jack Del Rio will speak to the media shortly. Watch LIVE: https://t.co/b1zkC3JEaN https://t.co/OqaKn2IPjd

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  18. Del Rio: Amari Cooper will work through whatever needs correcting https://t.co/a57I3Nyn9I

  19. Jack Del Rio met with the media this afternoon to discuss the Tennessee Titans. Watch: https://t.co/gsYavofjDg https://t.co/uEblSbJpCG

  20. Del Rio: For Raiders, Smith's suspension 'yesterday's news' Team must 'adjust, move on' https://t.co/2C4FOkR9Zv #NFL https://t.co/5raFuywsHd

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  22. Lions’ big plays leave Raiders’ Del Rio unhappy with defense https://t.co/ioLemSvEFX via @sfchronicle

  23. Big plays leave Del Rio unhappy with defense #Raiders https://t.co/Mra6KmKjZG via @sfchronicle

  24. 2) Del Rio said this based on what officials were saying on sideline, and his understanding of the Calvin Johnson rule . . .

  25. 4) Del Rio said it was a great set up for ex-ref Mike Carey to be up with no pressure in the booth and call it a catch . . .

  26. 3) Del Rio said 100 people in a bar, 99 would think it's a catch, but the way NFL rules it, it was not . . .

  27. Del Rio traced offensive woes vs. Detroit to third-down failures and getting only 47 plays, which greatly restricts opportunities.

  28. #Raiders Del Rio on Crabtree (non)catch "we could do the 100 people in the bar test and there’d be 99 if not 100% would say that’s a catch.”

  29. #Raiders Del Rio on Crabtree (non)catch "we could do the 100 people in the bar test and there’d be 99 if not 100% would say that’s a catch.”

  30. Five Takeaways From Head Coach Jack Del Rio's Monday Press Conference Read: https://t.co/Tjmv2lC4ON https://t.co/9EM0MIL2Zh

  31. Del Rio's concerns go beyond his non-challenge for Raiders https://t.co/7gQryIl09t

  32. #Raiders’ Jack Del Rio can’t explain why offense lacked punch https://t.co/FbMHJMOIjm via @sfchronicle