John Beck and the Washington Redskins: Never Assume

Daniel CarrollCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

John Beck the Rookie?
John Beck the Rookie?Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

John Beck is universally regarded as not good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL.

Why this should be so is rather perplexing. He has exactly six games at the professional level, and while all six were loses, they were all the result of poor team play.

Five of his loses came at Miami where as a rookie, John Beck was thrown to the wolves and asked to make a miserable team a winner.

His one loss in Washington came as the defense gave up 33 points to the Panthers. Not many games are won when a team does that.

I think the biggest knock against Beck is not his losses, but rather the time he spent as an invisible back up. Beck was poised to be the starter for Miami after his rookie season, but Miami decided to rebuild from the top down. After Miami drafted Chad Henne and brought in Chad Pennington, Beck was benched and eventually let go.

Though he was quickly picked up by the Ravens, he never saw another snap until the Redskins brought him on board. Even then, it was not until he stepped in for the poorly performing Grossman in the fourth quarter two weeks ago.

Most people just assume that if the coaching staff of Miami and Baltimore did not see anything in him, he must be a poor player, right?


Here's a few stories for you.

A high draft pick starts his Rookie year throwing a league high 28 interceptions and compiles a 3-13 record.

His name is Peyton Manning.

A second round draft pick is so bad, his coach declares it would take a plane crash for him to start. That year he throws only four times for two interceptions and zero completions.

He is traded to another team where in his first game he throws for only 106 yards and loses 31-3. His second game results in 4 quarterback fumbles.

His name is Brett Favre.

And do not even get me started on Steve Young. Look up his career arc sometime. It will blow your mind.

Now I am not saying John Beck is another Peyton Manning or Brett Favre. However, I am saying that you and I have no idea what he is. The pundits have no idea who Beck is either.

Simple fact is John Beck was an excellent college quarterback, but in the NFL he has never had the chance to develop within a team good enough to be competitive.

Watch the video below to see his college highlights.

In other words, you do not know John Beck at all.

It is for this reason more than any other, that John Beck deserves to start for the Washington Redskins for the rest of the season. He has proven he can run the offense and that he has more skills than Rex Grossman. He is only going to improve as the season progresses, gets more time in under center and builds more rapport with his team mates.

Do yourself a favor and ignore anything anyone says about John Beck for the rest of the season. Instead watch him play and develop. Think of him as an old rookie. He has started six games in his career. The Redskins are 3-3. Weird fact, but true.

Do not listen when "they" call him a back up. Do not listen when "they" say he is not a long term solution. "They" do not know what they are talking about. They are guessing and assuming.

At this point in John Becks career, he could literally be anything. He could be a bust, or he could be the next franchise quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Nobody knows; Not you, not me, not the guys sitting behinds the sports desk on ESPN.

The Redskins are 3-3 through no fault of Beck, but every game from now on is on his shoulders. Lets see how he handles it.

Assume nothing. Assumptions are why Tom Brady was not drafted until the supplemental picks. Just watch, and we will all learn together who John Beck really is.