Seneca Wallace Shines As Seahawks Drop to 2-11

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Heading into the Seahawks-Patriots game, there seemed no doubt that it would be a blowout, but the Hawks showed up.

Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones were both out for the Seahawks, so Seneca Wallace got the start behind center. This seemed like a definite step back for the Seattle, because Hasselbeck was making progress after missing multiple games. But Wallace's performance was a big surprise. 

Throwing for three touchdowns, Wallace undoubtedly had his best game as a pro. Unfortunately, the defense couldn't come up with a big stop on a fourth and goal down the stretch, and when Seattle got the ball back, Wallace got sacked and fumbled the ball in the midst of a game-saving drive. 

Through the majority of the Seahawks' season, it has been the same story: get down early, get burned in the secondary, come up short. But for the last few weeks (let's exclude the Dallas game), Seattle has needed their last drive to be positive in order to win football games.

The Dolphins loss was a result of a dropped pass late in the game, while the Cardinals loss ended in a Hasselbeck interception, as did the Redskins loss. 

The way the Seahawks are losing games actually gives me hope for the 2009 season. Let's just say all of those "shoulda/coulda been" games were wins instead of losses. The Seahawks "shoulda/coulda" had seven wins thus far if everything went right, which would put them at 7-6. 

I'm not saying the Seahawks don't deserve to be sitting at 2-11, because injuries, lack of defense, and big plays have put them here. But I don't think another season like this will follow for an extremely underachieving team.

Wallace made a point in the Patriots game. If I were Mike Holmgren, Wallace would finish out this season as the starter. I say give Hasselbeck all the time he needs to get back to 100 percent, because he still probably has two good years left in the tank. After that, the torch should get passed to Wallace, who has proved this season that he can start in the NFL

Looking at the bright side of a terrible year, Seattle will be picking in the top five and could potentially get a playmaker like a Michael Crabtree. Who knows—if Seattle wants to commit to Wallace, maybe they try to move up to number one by dealing Hasselbeck.

I know it sounds a little out there, but Hasselbeck is damaged goods and may never put up numbers like he had in 2005 and 2007 again.

On the other hand, I believe Wallace is in a similar situation that Hasselbeck was in when he first came to Seattle from Green Bay with Holmgren. Wallace has been a backup for a solid QB, and after watching him for a couple seasons, I think he's ready to start.