Patriots Fly Over Seahawks In 4th Quarter Comeback

Alex PotterCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

I am in no way commending the Patriots for their first half performance yesterday in Seattle. Allowing 14 points in the first half to one of the worst teams in the NFL is inexcusable, but the defense found a way to redeem themselves yet again.

Brandon Meriweather's forced fumble and Richard Seimore recovery allowed them to be 8-5 through Week 14. So, that said, the defense was okay, given yet another injury to Teddy Bruschi.

Matt Cassel's performance was mediocre and was nothing to toot his horn to and over-thrown bombs to Randy Moss might have cost us a halftime lead.

Wes Welker continues to impress with another 100+ yard performance. I am a little surprised that he isn't on the IR as well for a broken back from carrying this team up until this  point. Let's get real New England fans: If it wasn't for Wes Welker we are looking at a 7-6 or 6-7 record right now.

The running game was what we needed with Lamont Jordan gaining four yards on a crucial third down play. Other than that it was nothing special at all, and at this point I think it shows.

Let's break down the real problem here: New England still isn't in the playoffs despite a New York loss! The Miami Dolphins are technically ahead of us, How is this happening?

The tie-breaker system in the NFL needs revision. The Patriots have outplayed the Miami Dolphins thus far in the season and yet they have the tie-breaker despite splitting the season series? The New York Jets lose two straight and they still own the AFC East lead, is this possible?

Finally, we enter next week looking at an Oakland team that has already beat an AFC East team this season, the New York Jets in overtime earlier this year. They have the positive third down run stopping defense, whether their stats prove it or not. We are overlooking this and you will hear that from Bill Belichick sometime throughout the week.

Patriots fans must remember we have played this same scenario staying two weeks out on the west coast and winning game number one and dropping the second like it was nothing to San Diego. Remember the margin of error is very slim now especially now that the winner of the NYJ-MIA game in week 17 just might decide the fate of the season for us.