49ers-Jets: New York Awful In Crushing Defeat

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

Take a good look at the man in the picture, one Shaun Hill, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers

On one end, the 49ers have probably found their quarterback of the future. 

On the other hand, for all the Jets fans out there, they know who tore them up in a 24-14 loss today. 

In a game that the Jets had to have to quiet the critics, they fell flat on their faces yet again in California to a team that should not have beaten them as soundly as they did. 

That now makes them 0-3 in the state of California this season.  They have lost to the Chargers, the Raiders, and now, the 49ers, and nobody is discussing the Super Bowl for this bunch anymore. 

Instead, many are wondering, will the Jets come around in time to make the playoffs?  Or will they self-destruct down the stretch yet again? 

After a listless effort today, many believe that the Jets are finished. 

In a game where Hill did what he wanted throughout, he chewed up the clock on the Jets, beating them at their own game. 

The Jets could not stop him all day, and as a result, Frank Gore played well, and the rest of the team was hard to stop as well. 

It might have been the ageless Isaac Bruce looking as if he was 25 again, or Jason Hill crucially picking up first downs from crisp passes from Shaun Hill. Maybe it was Deshaun Foster playing just well enough to move the chains for the 49ers after Frank Gore left with an injured ankle in the second half. One thing is certain: the Jets were on their heels all day, and they never recovered. 

The defense could not make the stops when needed yet again, and, as a result, another loss occurred. 

This loss was not all on the defense though. The offense failed to show up yet again as well. 

Brett Favre, normally unbeatable in San Francisco, threw for around only 130 total yards. 

Thomas Jones, on an unexplainable lack of carries, did not have a huge impact either.  Yet, he still did score a touchdown in the third quarter to tie the game at 14 in one of the only highlights of the day for the Jets. 

The receiving core.  Yet again, they practically stayed in the locker room, or somewhere else that was not the actual game field. This is the only way to explain their terrible play today. 

Supposedly some of the most talented receivers that the NFL has to offer could not muster up anything at all mostly, let alone anything that was actually helpful to the efforts of the Jets today. 

As a result, the Jets could barely move the ball all day long against a defense that, while solid, still has a lot of overall work to do. 

In addition, the coaching took yet another step back again.  Refusing to adjust to the flow of the game, they allowed themselves to be out coached badly by a man, one Mike Singletary, who was coaching in only his sixth career game. 

They insisted on dinking and dumping the ball off yet again, even when everyone in the stadium knew that they were going to do it. 

Since this was the case, the offense was flat, and they were never on the field for long enough to make a difference in the game. This, in turn, gassed the defense, which made stopping the 49ers down the stretch almost impossible. Lost now are the Jets who beat the Patriots and Titans in their buildings over a span of ten magical days.

In clear focus now is a team in disarray. Now 8-5, they are in a three-way tie for first place in the AFC East with the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. They are only in first now because they are lucky enough to own all of the tiebreakers. 

If they did not have these valuable tiebreakers, they would be out of the playoffs if the season ended today. Not many teams have had as many chances as the Jets to seal their own fate. In addition, not many teams have failed as much as the Jets when having chances to cement their status in the playoffs. 

If the Jets keep on blowing winnable games like this, they may very well miss the playoffs. Three very winnable games against the Bills at home, away against the Seahawks, and home against the Dolphins remain. 

The stats say that the Jets should run the table, going 11-5, and winning the AFC East title, which would probably lock up a three seed for them in the playoffs, and one home game at the very least during the playoffs as well. 

Momentum, though, says otherwise. What will happen?

It all depends on which Jets team decides to show up. 

If the team that shows up today plays out the rest of the season, an 8-8 train wreck may very well be the end result.