Giant Steps: How the New York Giants Move On with Plaxico Burress

Stove PipeCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

Well, you can't say you didn't see this coming. The Plaxico Burress Train has finally come off the rails and landed smack dab on top of the New York Giants' playoff run.

Like Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Chris and Travis Henry, and the rest of football's merry pranksters before him, Plax has finally and perhaps fatally shot his career in the foot, pun intended.

So what to do now? To listen to most talking heads it must be panic time for the Giants brain trust. What ever will they do, what with all the distractions and the loss of their top receiver? Surely this must be the end of any playoff chance.

Not so fast people.

Putting the facts of the current situation aside, every Giants fan knew in their heart this Burress thing wouldn't last. The Giants have always been a no-nonsense franchise, sending miscreants and malcontents packing well before their talent would have gotten them cut.

Burress was a large part of the offensive game plan, that's for sure. But since signing his big contract extension before the season, he was fairly nonexistent. Dominik Hixon and Sinorice Moss have both proven capable in his stead, Moss in stretching defenses and Hixon in making big plays down the field. The fall off from Plax has been almost imperceptible.

Now, consider the locker room. How well received do you think the guy really was, and how much with all his antics really be missed?

Listen, everyone in that locker room likes Plax, and I like Plax but team chemistry is a very volatile thing and shouldn't be trifled with, especially on this team.

Remember Tiki Barber? He was the unquestioned team leader on the field, but when he announced he was quitting on his teammates after the 2006 season, he destroyed the teams morale.

The team was much better off once the traveling circus of Tiki's farewell year was over. Same will hold true here, the Giants will move on.

This isn't the Cowboy's, who's owner thrives on big gambles and the potentially big payoffs that come with them. Nor is it the Redskins or the Raiders, teams constantly searching for the "missing piece" to their championship puzzle. This is a franchise with a long term, well-thought-out plan. There will be no panic or high profile risky moves, nor should there be.

Instead of fracturing, I think you'll see this team rally around each in a way that makes them all stronger. Players who have been waiting for a chance will be expected to step up and do the jobs they have been preparing themselves for, because that chance is here now.

This franchise's outlook and this team's resiliency are just a couple of the reasons I'm  a New York Giant football fan, I personally can't wait to see these guys rise to meet this challenge.

As Plax is so fond of saying, he is his own worst enemy, and unfortunately, he is right. I hope for all the best for Plax and his family, and I hope he can get his career back on track some day.

I also hope that the Giants will stand by him, providing him the help he needs to get himself together until the day come when they part ways. Unfortunately for Plax, that day is coming soon.

It was nice while it lasted, via con dios buddy.