NY Giants: No Plaxico, No Problem

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2008

Embattled WR Will Be Left At The Curb By Champs

I know that Giant players are saying that their hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to their beleaguered teammate, Plaxico Burress, during his time of need.  Sure, I believe that some of these wishes are meant in earnest, but the reality will soon be "out of sight, out of mind".

For several seasons now, the New York Football Giants have been coddling their 6-foot-6 manchild of a wide receiver, which is uncharacteristic for this storied franchise.  Last season, they put him in a glass case between games to assure that he would be ready each Sunday. He rewarded them with spectacular performances all the way through the Super Bowl. The world was his oyster.

Before this season, the Giants weathered his half-hearted holdout before dropping a truckload of cash in his lap that should have made him a very happy camper.

But that, apparently, was not to be. Plaxico Burress refused more than ever to be a team player. This has perplexed even the most revered minds in the fields of sociology and psychology.

The Giants have gone above and beyond the call to reel this guy in and now they must part ways with him at the risk of losing the respect of the rest of the team - and the fans.

This latest incident seals his fate, and it won't even be at the hands of Giant ownership.

Burress has higher authorities to answer to now: the NYPD, the District Attorney of NY County and the Commissioner of the National Football League.

His possession of an unlicensed handgun is the root of the problem. NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg is calling for the book to be thrown at Burress. Leniency may be sought, but it is beginning to look like he could conceivably be charged and convicted of a class C felony, which means he could go to prison from anywhere from 3 1/2 to 15 years. 

That means he's the new Michael Vick—suspended indefinitely from football by Roger Goodell.

The Giants were scheduled to play without Burress in Washington yesterday due to a hamstring injury. They did not seem to miss him. Eli Manning made good use of his other receivers, throwing for 300 yards for the first time in 22 games.

The team seems to be melancholy about the fate of their teammate, but that is only in public.  In private, this team is trained to concentrate on and execute the task at hand. If one or two guys aren't there is dosen't seem to matter. 

Pretty soon, they will forget about Plaxico, too.