Giants Avoid Shooting THEMSELVES in The Foot With Big Win in Washington

Phil KohenCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

Emotions were high at the start of the game because of the honor to Sean Taylor of the Redskins. It's been one year since the defensive back was shot and killed during a home invasion, Taylor was placed into the Redskins' Ring of Honor during pre-game ceremonies.

Then the questions started. How would they respond once the game starts? Who the Skins? No...The Giants! Having to deal with the aftermath of WHATEVER transpired with Burress on Saturday, the Giants with yet another distraction from their highly paid star.

Is this how Plaxico Burress thanks the Giants? Funny thing is The Giants seems to play better when there are no distractions on the field. Burress should have realized this earlier in the season when he was suspended for one game, which was against the Seattle Seahawks, and we got to see Domenick Hixon emerge again since the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning distributes the ball better to ALL of his options. He threw to six different receivers against the Redskins, accumulating over 300 yards including a 40 yard touchdown to veteran Amani Toomer on the opening drive.  This was critical in order to take the crowd out of the game early after the pre-game ceremonies.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved Jeremy Shockey but when he got hurt last year something positive happened, his name is Kevin Boss.  Then there is Tiki Barber. I loved Barber's heart and soul when he played but the last year on the field he seemed to be more of a distraction than anything else. He retires and now we have the best three-headed running attack with Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw.

Then there is the defense. Not that Michael Strahan was a distraction, but with him retiring and the injury to Osi Umenyiora, it would appear the guys up front haven't missed a step. The defensive unit led by Justin Tuck and Antonio Pierce haven't really missed too much. When Umenyiora returns next year the defense will even be better.

Could the current Giants squad be a team of "destiny"? First let's see what happens in February 2009 in Tampa. But I like the Giant foundation as long as the distractions are kept to a minimum.