Washington's Performance Against Giants-Everything But Inspired

Dusty FloydCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2017

The Washington Redskins were unable to win the game honouring former player Sean Taylor for the second year in a row as the Skins fell to the New York Giants this Sunday, 23-7.

The NFL's leading rusher, Clinton Portis, only had 22 yards rushing on 11 carries and was out-rushed by quarterback Jason Campbell.

The Redskins game plan coming into the game was pretty obvious: Shut down Brandon Jacobs. They did that pretty well, holding him to 3.4 yards per carry, but they must've forgotten about the previous year's Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.

Manning had over 300 passing yards, and did a great job managing the game, despite one interception.

After the Giants' defense forced a three-and-out to begin the game, their offense took the ball 71 yards on just seven plays for a touchdown. The touchdown was a 40-yard pass from Manning to Amani Toomer.

Following New York's touchdown, their defense was able to force yet another three-and-out. The Giants' offense performed well once again, taking the ball deep into Redskins territory, but only managed to come away with a field goal.

The first quarter ended not so brightly for Washington, as they found themselves on the losing end by a score of 10-0.

After another Washington drive stalled, New York started out their drive with a 48-yard pass with most of the yards picked up after the catch by Derrick Ward.

The Giants didn't gain much more after that, and were forced to another red zone field goal by John Carney.

Trailing to New York 13-0, the Redskins were in dire need for a touchdown, and they got just that after driving down the field and ending the drive on Devin Thomas' 29-yard reverse for a touchdown.

Nothing too interesting happened on offense until less than 30 seconds to go in the half, as the Giants opted to go for it on Washington's 38 yard-line.  The quarterback sneak was shut down by the powerful defensive line that Washington has.

With 26 seconds to go in the half and two timeouts on their 38 yard-line, the Redskins had a chance to get a field goal before the half.

Their first play was a 20-yard completion down the middle to Chris Cooley, and they quickly called a timeout. The next two plays set up a 42-yard field goal attempt from Shaun Suisham.

If Suisham made the field goal, Washington would go into halftime with some much-needed momentum, but Suisham missed the field goal wide to the right.

The second half was a lot of the same from the Giants' offense, as Brandon Jacobs marched into the end zone on New York's third possession.

There wasn't another Washington possession exceeding five plays until the game was out of reach, down 16 points late in the fourth quarter.

The key stat in this football game was in the time of possession category. New York had the ball for over 11 minutes more than the Redskins.

The New York Giants can count themselves into the playoffs with this win, advancing to 11-1, and I don't know of a better team in the NFL than the defending Super Bowl champions.

Washington, however will do their best to make the playoffs with their record now at 7-5. They find themselves just behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC wild card standings, and every win is essential to their playoff chances.

Sean Taylor was inducted into the Redskins' ring of fame just before the game, but Washington didn't seem to play too inspired for their former teammate.