Why Sooner Is Better Than Later To Sign DeAngelo Hall

Sean WilsonCorrespondent INovember 28, 2008

Do you want to deal with DeAngelo Hall? Neither do I! But should the Redskins invest is this talented and troubled corner?

No doubt about it...D. Hall has elite cover skills, but is he worth an elite investment?  With all his question marks: gets burnt, can't play within a team, insubordinate, huge A-hole in the locker room, etc, etc...he still is tied for second in the league in interceptions with four.

This includes one in his first game where he was stood up against one T.O. (without the Romo). 

He has special cover skills with blinding speed and a great sense for the ball. He also has great hands, can be physical at the line of scrimmage, and corrects on the ball in the air like a wideout. He also looks to be the No. 1 receiver guy when Shawn is on the shelf (which never happens...right?).

However, he shies away from tackles, overcommits when he guesses, and worst of all...looked incredibly lazy on the field (with the Raiders, with the 'Skins, he has appeared fired up for the most part).  

To answer my own question...sooner is better than later to offer a contract extension to avoid a forgetful NFL ballooning his value out of the Redskin's price range. I would like to keep a healthy Shawn Springs for as long as he can play...the problem is...such a player doesn't exist. 

Springs has allowed for the development of Carlos as a No. 1 corner while he consistently shut down all the best receivers in the league. But he is old and fragile.  He has missed somewhere in the ballpark of 50 percent of games over the last three years...and he's old...er.

He plays at such a high level when he's on the field, that he is still value-added if they can keep him, but how much will he play if the 'Skins re-sign him?

Now, look at Dallas (Owens, Williams), Arizona (Fitz and Boldin), the Giants (Plexiglass and Toomer), and Indy and the Pats and Green Bay and Cincinnati and Denver and New Orleans and...you get the point. 

All these teams have AT LEAST TWO really strong receivers who can break open a game.  So we need strength on both sides and at the nickle to maintain our man-to-man scheme to allow for Greg B's dynamic blitz packages. 

If the 'Skins act now, they could possibly save a bundle by offering an incentive laden contract before possible postseason action could stoke up interest with teams like the Pats, G-Men, and Cowgirls, who all need DB help. He is assuredly going to be more pricey in the offseason after he's been significantly more well-behaved. 

If the 'Skins can get this guy locked up for the next five years under the direct supervision of people like London, Fred, Clinton, Jon, Chris, and Shawn...then he could be a Randy Moss kind of steal, and avoid having the 'Skins having to spend a top draft pick or free-agent money to replace the void Springs will leave behind.