Why Brett Favre and the Jets Will Dominate the Broncos

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

At 8-3 currently, and riding high off of huge wins against the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans away from the friendly confines of the Meadowlands, the New York Jets are currently the Cinderella story of the NFL

No matter what teams are throwing their way lately, the Jets are facing it head on, and they are playing incredible football. 

Next up for the Jets is the Denver Broncos at home on Sunday in a game that should go very well for the Jets. 

Will the Jets win this game though? 

Let’s look at the Broncos in detail first.  After a 31-10 trashing by the Oakland Raiders of all teams while at home (how this happened, many will never know), the Broncos are cold to say the least. 

Despite this though, if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs.  Yes, it is partly because they play in a putrid division, but they cannot be faulted that their three division foes have a combined eight wins in total.  This is the luck of the draw. 

In addition, the Broncos are a solid football team; yet, they are a very streaky one.  At the beginning of the season, it looked as if they were going to challenge the NFL record for points scored in a single season.  Then, in the blink of an eye, they came crashing back down to earth. 

Very average football has been the result over the past month or so.  The Broncos want to prove that they are not a fluke though riding high off of the many troubles within their division though, and this is always a dangerous factor in any given week of the NFL season. 

To go along with this as well, they want to show that the Raiders game was their throw away game of the season (every team has one).  They want to take out their anger on their next opponent, and this is obviously the Jets. 

Will they beat the Jets though? 

No, they will not. 

The Jets have beaten the best that the AFC has had to offer recently, and Brett Favre, the leader of this team, will not let them back down now, especially after getting all of New York excited about them. 

This man plays his best football in the clutch, even though he does make some bad plays in the biggest games (just ask Corey Webster of the Giants). 

In addition, he is going up against a secondary that is very weak to say the least.  The Broncos can be passed on currently, but with their corners, led by the incredible Champ Bailey (who is hurt, but still better than about 75 percent of the corners out there while at half strength), anything can happen in any one game. 

If the Jets do not play smart football, the Broncos could very well make the Jets pay dearly. 

They cannot stop the run though, and once again, this will be the difference for the Jets.  After running all over the Titans last week, which was supposed to be impossible, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington will think that this game is a walk in the park for them.  They will move the chains all day long, and the Broncos will be on their heels for most of the game as a result. 

Favre will also make the big plays when needed, and he will go to his latest crush, one Dustin Keller, in the crucial third down and short situations.  Ball control will once again be the story for the Jets, and the Broncos will be out of sync all game because of this.  

At the end of the day, the Jets will win a game that they dominate 31-20.  The defense will give up some points due to the amazing skills of Jay Cutler, but he will not be able to provide enough of firepower for the Broncos to come out of the Meadowlands with a victory.