The Best Reasons To Bet on a Jets-Giants Super Bowl

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Over the last month or so, the two hottest teams in the NFL for the most part have been the New York Giants, and, surprisingly, the New York Jets

The Giants, at 10-1, have looked twice as good as they were while winning the Super Bowl last year, and the Jets, at 8-3, are riding high during a current five game winning streak. 

 Since these two teams are playing quite possibly the best football throughout the league, they are currently in the top two power sports in many experts’ power rankings, and nobody seems to be able to even give these two teams a close game recently. 

 As a result, many are thinking that the Super Bowl may be a Giants and Jets showdown later this season.  The talk is everywhere, nobody can escape it, and this has the whole New York area practically doing cartwheels over their respective teams. 

 Even though it is hard to repeat, many think that the Giants are the team to beat, and because of the Giants amazing ride through the postseason last year, when they caught fire at the right time, many think that the Jets this year are the new Giants. 

 The real question is this: Will the Giants be playing the Jets in Super Bowl XLIII, with Bruce Springsteen performing at halftime (for better or worse), which will truly make the Super Bowl a sporting spectacle for the New York and New Jersey area? 

The answer is an astounding yes. 

First, let us look at the Giants.  At 10-1 currently, they are playing the best football throughout the entire league.  They have been opponents’ worse nightmares, and, as simple as it can be put, nobody can match up with them. 

With Eli Manning continuing his rapid development into one of the best Quarterbacks’ in the league, with the three-headed rushing monster that is Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw, and with an amazing defense, nobody wants to play the Giants at this point. 

In addition, the team is playing their best football against the best opponents.  Currently entrenched in a schedule that is simple murder week in and week out, they are stepping up to the plate, and are knocking opponents out of the park to say the least.  They do not play a team not in contention the rest of the way either, but this is not fazing this team currently. 

They are beating the best the NFL has to throw at them currently, and as long as they get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which will probably be the case, they will be very hard to beat come playoff time. 

Nobody will be able to go into New York in the middle of the winter and beat the Giants without a perfect game. 

The issue here is that it is almost impossible to play a perfect game.  Every bounce has to go the other team’s way, and if it does not, the Giants will probably be heading back to the Super Bowl for the second straight season. 

Meanwhile, the Jets are the talk of the league right now.  In the past two weeks, they have beaten both the Patriots and the Titans in their buildings, and, the rest of the way, their schedule is one that is rather easy. 

The Jets could very well run the table and go into the playoffs at 13-3, and quite possibly, they could get home field advantage throughout the playoffs as well. 

Even if they do not though, who can beat them?  At this point, they have beaten the best that the AFC has to offer, and as long as the hold the fort down and play smart football, they will probably be very hard to beat as well. 

There is one factor going against the Jets though, and this is their history of blowing games that they should win.  Early in the season, this did happen, as games against the Raiders and the Chargers demonstrated (although they probably should not have had a chance in that game anyway, the Chargers are a mediocre team at best). 

Brett Favre is playing smart football now though, and he has taken the Jets on his back. In addition, the man did not come back for anything less than another Super Bowl ring. 

In all likelihood, he will continue to carry this talented team, and he will carry them all the way to Tampa Bay

This will set up a match up for the ages against the Giants. 

For fear of jinxing this any further though, a score will not be given here.  Let it happen first, then we can start the talk about this game more.