NFL Week Thirteen Picks: From a Patriots Perspective

Glenn CardSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2008

A few of the writers from the Patriot community have complied the Patriots Perspective picks. I saw a comment on the last article of the Patriots Perspective, the request was to see how we are doing with our picks. I thought I might follow that question up in my lead in to this weeks picks. Our contributors and their standings are listed below.

Chris Radez = CR

Ryan Burns = RB

Bing Wang = BW

Glenn Card = GC

C Douglas Baker = CDB

William Berry = WB

                 CR  /  RB   /   BW   /   GC   /  CDB / WB

Week 10       9      9                                               14 games played

Week 11              8          9          10                       16 games played

Week 12              9                     10        8       9    16 games played

Percentage: 64%  57%    56%     62%     50%   56%

The one thing that I’m finding out about this season is that everyone (or nearly everyone) is excited about their team's chances.

Before we start William Berry says Thanksgiving is about this; “Reasons to ignore the people you avoid all year but must see.”

Thursday November 27, 2008 12:30 pm

Tennessee @ Detroit:

C Douglas Baker: Tennessee. Not a hard pick here.  The Lions are staring 0-16 in the face.

William Berry: Lions  Well, they gotta win sometime, right?

Glenn Card: If Detroit even gets off the bus then I will give them credit for trying. Tennessee will be playing a lot of their back up players and resting the starters as the Titans win this one easily.

Thursday November 27, 2008 4:15 pm

Dallas @ Seattle:

Doug Baker: Dallas.  We have some real snoozers lined up for Thanksgiving.  Seattle played okay against the Redskins, but the Cowboys are fighting for their playoff lives.  Dallas should win.

William Berry: Cowboys

Glenn Card: The Dallas Cowboys are planning on enjoying their thanksgiving meal. They won’t lose this game.

Thursday November 27, 2008 8:15 pm

Arizona @ Philadelphia:

Doug Baker:  Arizona.  Philadelphia is an absolute mess right now and McNabb is playing the worst football of his career.  Arizona doesn't travel well, especially to the east coast, but I think they should win this road game.

William Berry: Cardinals

Glenn Card: It’s sad to say but I feel McNabb is just about done. Arizona is playing good ball, but they always seem to struggle to win those away games. This game is winnable for Arizona.

Sunday November 30, 2008

San Francisco @ Buffalo:

Doug Baker:  Buffalo.  I am not a believer in Buffalo anymore, but the 49'ers are not a good team this year and have a cross-country trip.  Buffalo should win this one at home.

William Berry: Bills because I want them to have hope when they play the Jets and Dolphins.

Glenn Card: Buffalo won’t fade away in the AFC east division. They are still trying to find a way to sneak into the playoffs. Buffalo wins at home.


Baltimore @ Cincinnati:

Doug Baker:  Baltimore.  No explanation needed.  Cincinnati is awful.

William Berry: Ravens

Glenn Card: Cincinnati is getting embarrassed by everyone. Baltimore continues their winning ways.

Indianapolis @ Cleveland:

Doug Baker:  Indianapolis.  Quinn is struggling like any young QB will, especially with a broken finger.  The Browns seem to have a lot of talent but aren't getting the job done this year.  Manning's on a roll and will roll over the Browns.

William Berry: Colts. Yes, I want Crennel to be fired and come back to NE

Glenn Card: I’m going to go with the big upset in this game. Ooops, just heard Brady Quinn is out for the rest of the year. I recant, Colts win.

Miami @ St. Louis:

Doug Baker:            Miami.  The only thing that might entice me to watch this game would be to see the hotheaded loudmouth guard Richie Incognito of St. Louis square off against the punk, no account loudmouth Joey Porter of the Dolphins.  Of course Porter isn't going to fight anybody without a gang at his back anyway.

William Berry: Dolphins because I want them to have hope when they play the Jets and Bills.

Glenn Card: Miami is smarting from the loss to NE last week. I think they rebound this week and win this away game.

New York Giants @ Washington:

Doug Baker:  New York.  The Giants are the best team in the league, the Redskins are about average, and so Giants should win.

William Berry: Redskins (Divisional at home)

Glenn Card: I actually think the Redskins are a better team than they are getting credit for. They should be sufficiently hungry for this win against the Giants. This is a divisional game at home and they win a close game by a field goal.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:

Doug Baker:  New Orleans.  Tampa Bay has a rather anemic slow paced offense, or I'm just overly influenced by the whooping the Saints laid on the Packers Monday night, but I am taking the Saints.

William Berry: Bucs (Divisional at home)

Glenn Card: What a great win they had over GB. I think the Saints will try to string a few W’s in a row as they win this away game.

Carolina @ Green Bay

Doug Baker:  Green Bay. I don't believe in the Panthers and I don't believe that Green Bay is as bad as they looked against the Saints.  I'm going with Green Bay to rebound Sunday.

William Berry: Packers

Glenn Card: I think Atlanta showed that the Panthers are not “all that." Besides I just don’t pick against the Packers at home.

Sunday November 30, 2008 4:05 pm

Atlanta @ San Diego

Doug Baker: San Diego. I just can't believe San Diego is going to lose two in a row while fighting for a playoff spot.  I find it hard to believe they are really 4-7.

William Berry: Falcons

Glenn Card: Man o’ man, Atlanta is really coming on strong. San Diego is not showing me any heart. They have all the players but they are not playing together. Atlanta wins this one convincingly.

Sunday November 30, 2008 4:15 pm

Denver @ New York Jets:

Doug Baker:  The Jets have one of the best offensive lines, while Denver can't stop the run.  If the Jets play like they did last week, Denver doesn't have a prayer.  I hope Denver wins, but they won't.

William Berry: Broncos

Glenn Card: The Jets win at home in this game.

Pittsburgh @ New England:

Doug Baker:  Pittsburgh.  This is going to be an extremely interesting game.  I hate to say it, but I think Pittsburgh pulls this one out.  The Patriots can't generate much of a pass rush and Big Ben with his big arm can exploit that.  Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has the nastiest defense in the league, if not the best.  I hope the Patriots can come out of this with a win, but I'm not hopeful.

William Berry: Patriots because I'm a homer.

Glenn Card: I’m picking the Patriots to win this one based on our home record alone. The Steelers will give them fits and this is liable to be a shoot out but have you seen the numbers Cassel has been posting. Could he make history and have a third 400-yard game in a row?

Kansas City @ Oakland:

Doug Baker: Kansas City. I feel an upset coming on here.  Both these teams are lousy this year, but feel the Chiefs are due for a good game.

William Berry: Raiders (because one must win, right McNabb?)

Glenn Card: Like I should even care about this game. Imagine with a win Oakland could vying for a second place position with a 4 – 8 in the AFC West. Oakland wins this one.

Sunday November 30, 2008 8:15 pm

Chicago @ Minnesota:

Doug Baker:  Minnesota.  This is a tough match-up, but Chicago has not been playing quite as well the past few weeks on offense or defense, which Minnesota has been reasonably consistent.  I'll take Minnesota at home.

William Berry: Vikings (Divisional at home)

Glenn Card: This is one of those black and blue match ups. Minnesota wins this at home.

Monday December 1, 2008 8:30 pm

Jacksonville @ Houston:

Doug Baker:  How long can Jacksonville keep stinking the place up.  I will go with Houston despite Sage Rosenfels.

William Berry: Texans (Divisional at home)

Glenn Card: Houston barely lost to them in their last match-up. Houston wins this home game.



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