Super Bowl XLII: Randy Moss Teaches Bill Belichick Early Exit Technique

J. AlexanderCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2008

At the end of Super Bowl XLII, no one could have been more disappointed than Patriots WR Randy Moss

But it wasn't the outcome that made Moss so upset—it was the way that Coach Bill Belichick left the field before the final second ticked off the clock.

"Man, he didn't even flip off the crowd," Moss said. "He showed entirely too much class at even acknowledging people on the way to the locker room. That's not how it's done."

Moss, who has been known to leave the playing field before time expires in both Minnesota and Oakland, shook his head when he saw his coach walk into the tunnel. Belichick noted that this was the main reason for Moss' acquisition.

"We didn't bring him here to catch passes," said Belichick. "Sure, he can do that too, but I've been a jerk since day one when I got here, and I'm still a jerk today. If anyone could teach me to be more of a classless jerk than I already am, it's Randy. When I saw that we could trade for him in the offseason, I knew that this season would be filled with less class than ever before."

During his tenure in New England, Belichick has been known to submit questionable injury reports, evade questions from reporters, coldly shake hands with opposing coaches, and be outright dull in general. With the Spygate lawsuit heating up after the Super Bowl, Bill needed to leave the field in Glendale as soon as possible.

Even quarterback Tom Brady wasn't impressed. 

"Before the game, instead of working on our pass patterns, Randy was showing me the various ways coach could have walked off the field early if somehow we were losing in the closing seconds," Brady said. "Between looking down at the ground, taking off the helmet, and bearing a look of general disgust, I knew Randy knew what he was talking about. Then seeing Bill do such a poor job? It's really disappointing. The man knows how to coach, but who cares when you make such a bad exit?"

While Belichick may have had his standard one-word responses during his press conference following the game, Moss was a bit more vocal about the possible penalties that may result from the coach's actions.

"Maybe he'll get a suspension, and he'll definitely be hated by fans across the country.  I told him though, if he gets fined, there's only one way to pay....straight cash homie."