Gobble Gobble! Stories of a Black and Blue Thanksgiving

David GellerAnalyst INovember 24, 2008

Do you look forward to Thanksgiving? Do you think you are a die-hard Giants fan? Pick one, because there is no all of the above in this question.


Forget the turducken or sweet pie; Thanksgiving weekend has been a host of horrors to Giants fans for the entire 21st century. Want to know how bad? Check out this list.


Nov. 24, 2002: New York Giants at Houston TexansLosing to The Replacements


I’m not sure if the Giants knew which team was which heading into the game. The Giants were the confident bunch at 6-4 facing the first-year Houston Texans.


The details aren’t too fresh in my head, but I think most Giants fans can recall the inexplicable snap that went over punter Matt Allen’s head before the end of the first half for a safety. That twisted the momentum of that game, which the Giants stunningly lost 16-14.


What was the difference in the game? You do the math.



Nov. 30, 2003: Buffalo Bills at New York GiantsHopping off the wagon


In the midst of a streak in which the players clearly gave up on Jim Fassel, the Giants played a miserable game against the mediocre Bills. Aside from a long touchdown catch by Amani Toomer, the Giants couldn’t do anything offensively or defensively and lost 24-7.



Nov. 28, 2004: Philadelphia Eagles at New York GiantsEli’s coming?


Eli Manning’s first start against the Falcons was iffy, but he showed signs of promise in the second half. Most Giants fans hoped/prayed that his second half against Atlanta would carry over into the game against Philadelphia, who clearly established themselves as the NFC’s elite team.


Manning and the Giants struck a sense of false hope into these desperate fans in the first half, with a pair of long passes to folk-legend Jamaar Taylor. The Giants got a total of three points off the two long passes and lost miserably 27-6.



Nov. 27, 2005: New York Giants at Seattle SeahawksMissing you


I actually don’t recall much about this game…only certain pieces. I remember a missed field goal here and there, some false starts, some shattered glass, a missed opportunity for the Giants to establish themselves as an elite team…but that’s really it. Anyone care to remind me?*



Nov. 26, 2006: New York Giants at Tennessee TitansDid that just happen?


After a disastrous Monday night showing in Jacksonville, the Giants figured to have a gimme against a lowly team with a rookie quarterback.


21-0 with 10 minutes to go, it was deemed appropriate to throw a jump ball to the side of one of the league’s most explosive defensive backs. By whom, I don’t know. Regardless, Pac-Man Jones had the first of his two fourth quarter interceptions and sparked a rally.


After the Titans completed the comeback and tied the game at 21, most Giants fans would have been fine with overtime. Hell, they would be okay with a tie.


Unfortunately, Tom Coughlin thought otherwise and gave an erratic Eli the green light to make something happen. He did…for Tennessee. Pac-Man got his second pick and Rod Bironas hit a 47 yarder to take the sails out of the Giants ship. 24-21 Titans.



Nov. 25 2007: Minnesota Vikings at New York GiantsEnd of the Eli experiment

That’s what some people were saying after this one. Matched up against the 32nd ranked defense on a nice late-November day, Eli hit rock bottom for the 100th time in his young career.


With big brother Peyton in the house (with some snazzy sunglasses I might add) Eli had the disaster of all disasters. Four interceptions leading to 28 points in a terrible loss to a .500 team. Ugh.


Does this feel like Halloween instead of Thanksgiving? This weekend is a house of horrors. Hopefully the Giants end this trend at Washington this Sunday.


*I’m kidding, do NOT give me any details about that game. It’s wiped from my memory bank, per my psychiatrist’s request.