Indianapolis Colts: Why Bill Polian and Company Are Not to Blame

Luke ShabroContributor ISeptember 16, 2011

Colts former General Manager and current President, Bill Polian
Colts former General Manager and current President, Bill PolianStephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts management is drawing a lot of ire after an ugly Week 1 loss to the rising Houston Texans.

In years past, Bill Polian has been called a genius and an incredibly gifted personnel manager.

This year, he's being called a fool, short-sighted and everything but a Christian.

Owner Jim Irsay, Polian, his son Chris Polian (who is actually the general manager now) and the rest of the Colts' front office isn't dumb or poor, they were just short-sighted and not proactive enough.

Anyone who says they have poor management does not see the big picture.

Teams with bad management rarely go to the playoffs, let alone play in and win Super Bowls. Look at the Oakland Raiders with senile Al Davis at the helm or the Cincinnati Bengals who have no personnel help.

Bill Polian has successfully found tons of talent in the later rounds of the draft and in undrafted free agents.

Polian picked Robert Mathis, who is an extremely talented defensive end in the fifth round. Cato June, who years ago was a Pro Bowler for the Colts, was selected in the sixth round. Bob Sanders, who was one of the best safeties in the NFL until his injuries stacked up, was nabbed by Polian in the second round.

Even without those picks, you can make the case for Polian being a good GM just by looking at the undrafted free agents he's signed. The list includes Jeff Saturday, Dominic Rhodes, Raheem Brock, Gary Brackett, Ryan Lilja and Melvin Bullitt.

The biggest mistake Polian has made, which is what he's taking so much heat for, is not finding a talented successor to Peyton Manning.

The Colts lived for years with Jim Sorgi as their only backup. After Sorgi left to back up Peyton's brother, they lined up Curtis Painter as Manning's backup, but everyone could see he would not be the quarterback of the future.

If Polian and the Colts had brought in Collins earlier in the preseason and he had got acclimated and even played decently, Polian would be called a genius.

While I don't think the Colts will do better than 7-9 this year, management is not the main culprit. I think this should be an indictment of Jim Caldwell. It is his job as head coach to rally the team around Kerry Collins and get some Ws.

Let's take it easy on the Polians.