Top Five NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 22, 2008

With three coaches already fired this season, it seems almost impossible that there could be anyone left to get a pink slip.

Notice I said almost.


Herm Edwards

When you're losing more games than the Oakland Raiders, you know the guillotine is set to fall. The Chiefs have been through more quarterbacks than Gary Busey through rehabs. Even when they play well they find a way to lose.  

Tyler Thigpen might be the future of the franchise, but Herm Edwards will not be there to see it.


Marvin Lewis

Lewis has actually improved the Cincinnati Bengals. But that's like saying Barack Obama is going to do a better job than George W.

Before Lewis, Cincinnati was a wasteland of football. They went fifteen years without a playoff appearance until Lewis' arrival.  But this is another example where a coach might be better off. His predecessor Dick LeBeau now has a Super Bowl ring as defensive coordinator of the Steelers.

The year hasn't been kind to him with Carson Palmer out with an injury and Ocho Cinco being a big zero.  But the team seems lost and a new general might be needed.


Romeo Crennel

Big things were expected from the Cleveland Browns this year.  In the wake of a 10-6 near miss playoff season, the Browns were a lot of people's picks to not only make the postseason, but dethrone the Pittsburgh Steelers at the top of the division. That hasn't exactly happened this year.  

Multi-million dollar quarterback Derek Anderson has proven to be a flop, and Braylon Edwards can't even catch a cold. The less said about the defense the better. But all is not lost for Crennel.  One of the many failed coaches in Cleveland was Bill Belichick pre-high definition days.


Wade Phillips

Talk about a no win situation for Phillips. His first firing came after only two seasons in Denver, where he actually had a .500 record, and his second after three seasons in Buffalo that saw him leave with a winning record. That seems to be the case again, as the third time hasn't proven to be the charm.

If the Cowboys don't win at least ONE playoff game this year, say goodbye to another Dallas coach. It seems that Phillips was charged with simply being the head coach in name and letting owner Jerry Jones call the shots from the press box.  

Well, whoever was making the calls it looks like it'll be someone new on the sideline next season.


Rod Marinelli

Every four years a new President is elected into office. Even less than that is when a Detroit Lions head coach is fired.

Could this be the first year we have an 0-16 team?  

The Lions have been winless this long before. They have gotten so bad that the NFL. should make an exception on the stadium role of not selling alcohol after halftime. Granted, most of the Lions games are over by halftime anyway.  

Marinelli has had three seasons, and is actually longest tenured coach for the Lions since 2000. No matter what happens, it won't be four.


WILD CARD: Brad Childress

Another team with big expectations. With the emergence of running back Adrian Peterson and the signing of defensive end Jared Allen, the Vikes were the favorite to clinch their first division since 2000.  

It still could happen. But what if it doesn't?