New York Giants' Schedule Doesn't Guarantee Playoffs

James WilliamsonSenior Writer INovember 21, 2008

Many people are probably wondering if I am insane or if I have gotten into an illegal substance of some sort.

Well, I haven't. And just because I'm a Cowboys fan doesn't mean I can't have an unbiased opinion about the Giants. I honestly think that the Giants can miss the playoffs, and it is very possible because of what has happened this year.

This NFL year, as I have said many times, is probably the weirdest of all time.

Teams that were supposed to be dominating have gotten weak. Tom Brady was knocked out for the season. Brett Favre is not in a Packers uniform. The Lions look like they could go 0-16.

The list goes on and on.

I could bring up so many eccentricities about the season, but the point is that the NFL's unpredictability makes it reasonable to think the Giants could miss the playoffs. It is ridiculous to assume they are automatically in.

Yes, they are 9-1. Yes, they are number one in scoring and rushing yards. Yes, they are ranked second in total defense. And yes, Eli Manning has become the quarterback people thought he'd be out of the draft.

But as Murphy's Law states: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

Now, I'm not Murphy, but I think it is premature to think that New York has won the NFC East. Look at their schedule first

Week 12: at the Arizona Cardinals

I have said many times this year not to underestimate Kurt Warner. This guy is dangerous. The Cardinals might not need to run the football if he can throw it to Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Both receivers could easily go to the Pro Bowl

Plus, the pass rush might not be as effective, since Warner is an expert at getting rid of the ball. I can easily see the Giants losing to the Cardinals.

Week 13: at the Washington Redskins:

The Giants beat the Redskins in the first game of the season...barely. Eli Manning didn't even throw a touchdown pass, and the Redskins were just getting used to Jim Zorn.

The Giants may have a great run defense, but Clinton Portis is having an MVP type of year. The Redskins are never out until the bell rings, and this match is far from over.

Week 14: vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

The thing about the NFC East is that every game is a battle. People talk about how the big teams are battling it out to the end. An NFC East team can be 1-14, and they would still treat a rivalry game like a playoff game.

So, think about what might happen if a team is trying to save its season. The Eagles will hit the Giants with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

Week 15: at the Dallas Cowboys 

The Giants haven't played against Tony Romo this year, making him an X-factor. And when the Cowboys went after Manning, they really went after him. He did not have a good day at all.

The Cowboys recovered two fumbles, which ended the Giants 12 game streak without a fumble lost. Manning threw an interception to rookie cornerback Mike Jenkins, who took it in for six points. He was also sacked three times. Even though the Giants obliterated the Cowboys, they still struggled at points.

Week 16: vs. the Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are not the same team as last year; They are a solid and overlooked team. Everyone talks about the Giants, Titans, and Cardinals, but the Panthers still have a very good record of 8-2.

Jake Delhomme has been to a Super Bowl before and analysts say that the surgery on his arm is a success. He could lead the Panthers back to the Super Bowl this year.

Week 17: at the Minnesota Vikings:

The Vikings have struggled tremendously, but they have a great defensive line and a great running back in Adrian Peterson. Gus Ferotte may not be the best quarterback, but if the team steps up, he can lead them to a victory. I don't think Minnesota is better, but they could be fighting for a playoff spot too, so expect a fight in that one.

The Giants do not have an easy schedule ahead. I'm not saying they are incapable of succeeding, but to think this is a walk in the park is ridiculous.

Until they actually fill a playoff spot, they are not in the playoffs.

A 9-1 record is good, but so is a 6-2 record.

The Lions were 6-2 last year, and dropped seven of their last eight games to make their record 7-9. The Giants could drop their next five and go 9-7, a record that may or may not make playoffs.

Like Jim Mora said, "Playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game!" So, win the games first. Playoffs come after the season.