The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 4

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 25, 2011

The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 4

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    Now it's time for Part 4 of the ongoing series where I am rating every male wrestler at Wrestlemania.

    By performer I went by the following criteria:

    1. He had to have had more than one match at Wrestlemania, so this eliminated all special appearances from Boxers, Sumo Wrestlers, and football players.

    2. I did not include battle royals as those matches were made up mostly of either special appearance fighters or one-off wrestlers.

    3. Wrestlers with more than one gimmick could fall into one of two categories.

       a. If he had multiple performances as different characters but not more than one each, I totaled them up as one man, i.e. Papa Shango/The Godfather/The Goodfather. Owen hart falls into this category as well as he had multiple matches as himself as well as a match as the Blue Blazer so the records were combined.

       b. If the wrestler wrestled under more than one character but the characters had more than one each then they were separate i.e. One Man Gang and Akeem, while the same man each had multiple matches so they were separated.

    Hopefully this clears up any issues that you guys had with the previous editions, but if you see any other problems let me know and I will fix and address them in upcoming editions.

    Please read, enjoy, and thanks again.

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The Point System

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    In order to get the rankings I created a point system that would give a clear description of why the wrestler is ranked the way that they are.

    Also note that I considered main event matches and title matches separately, but if a wrestler was in a main event that was also a title match, they got points for both, the only case where a wrestler gets points in two categories at once.

    Fight in WM = 2 pts, this is the participation award since it is difficult for a wrestler to make it to Wrestlemania, so by having a regular non title match, but not winning it, they get 2 pts.

    Win in WM = 5 pts, this is simple enough, you win your non title match, you get 5 pts.

    Fight in MITB = 5 pts, since there are multiple wrestlers in the MITB match, a wrestler gets 5 pts for participation.

    Win in MITB = 15 pts, with how difficult it is to win the MITB, the wrestler who does win gets a nice bump in points by getting 15.

    Fight in European/tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 5 pts (title level 1)

    Win in tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 10 pts

    Fight in IC/US/ECW title match = 10 pts (title level 2)

    Win in IC/US/ECW title match = 15 pts

    Fight in world title match = 15 pts

    Win in world title match = 20 pts

    Fight in main event = 20 pts, the biggest honor a wrestler can have bestowed upon them is being able to wrestle in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

    Win in main event = 25 pts, the biggest accomplishment a wrestler can have at Wrestlemania, only to be topped if it's also a title match, or the wrestler somehow finds a way to break the Undertaker's streak.

    Fights ending in a no contest or draw are counted as a win for both competitors.

    Fights ending in double DQ or countout count as a loss for both competitors.

Tie Breakers

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    If more than one wrestler has the same amount of points, I have ranked them according to the following tie breakers.

    1. Win/Loss record

    2. If that is the same, then the wrestler with more high-profile matches (title or main events) gets the bump up in ranking.

    3. If the wrestlers are still tied up to this point, then they are just going to be ranked alphabetically.

#111 Vince McMahon

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    Record: 0-4

    Points: 8

    Wrestlemanias in: X-Seven, XIX, 22, XXVI

    Grade: C-

    Arguably one of the greatest heels in wrestling history, Vince McMahon starts off the fourth part of this series.

    And while McMahon has put himself over at the expense of other WWE workers, notable Jim Ross and Bobby Lashley, or making himself WWE Champion on the premiere episode of Smackdown, one thing he never did was put himself over on the biggest show of all.

    In all four of his Wrestlemania matches, he lost each one, some in spectacular fashion.

    His first match was against son Shane in what was to be a preamble to the Invasion angle. His next appearance was a grudge match of sorts as he lost to Hulk Hogan, followed by a loss to Shawn Michaels.

    His last appearance was the match fans has wanted to see years before it actually took place as Vince McMahon allowed himself to be beaten down in front of millions of WWE fans by the Hart family, namely Bret Hart and the steel chair he was wielding.

#110 Marty Jannetty

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    Record: 1-2

    Points: 9

    Wrestlemanias in: V, VI, VII

    Grade: D+

    The lesser Rocker enters the list at 110 with three performances at Wrestlemania in a row. His first was as part of the Rockers in a loss against Akeem and the Big Boss Man. This was followed by another tag team loss, this time to the Orient Express.

    His final performance would be his only win at Wrestlemania, as the Rockers would defeat The Barbarian and Haku.

#109 Bobby Lashley

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 10

    Wrestlemanias in: 22, 23

    Grade: C

    Wrestler turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley is up next with two high profile matches. The first was in a Money in the Bank match, which was eventually won by Rob Van Dam.

    His final Wrestlemania appearance was in the hair vs. hair match against Umaga which he won leading to ECW rival Vince McMahon getting his head shaved.

#108 Vader

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 10

    Wrestlemanias in: XII, 13

    Grade: C+

    The big mastodon himself his next with two performances at Wrestlemania. His first was as part of Camp Cornette along with Owen Hart and the British Bulldog as they beat Yokozuna, Jake Roberts, and Ahmed Johnson.

    His next match was for the tag titles alongside Mankind taking on Owen Hart and the British Bulldog, which would end in double countout.

#107 Virgil

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 10

    Wrestlemanias in: VII, VIII

    Grade: C+

    Know for being a jobber for the majority of his career Virgil (Vincent in WCW) is actually undefeated in both of his Wrestlemania appearances. His first WM match was against his former boss, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, which he won by countout.

    His next and last match was as part of an 8 man tag match where he worked with Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan and the Big Boss Man where they beat the Nasty Boys, the Repo Man and the Mountie.

#106 & #105 the Legion of Doom

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    Record: 2-0

    Points: 10

    Wrestlemanias in: VII, 13

    Grade: B-

    Arguably the greatest tag team of all time, the Legion of Doom is undefeated in their Wrestlemania performances. The first was a win over the team of Paul Roma and Hercules at Wrestlemania VII.

    Their next was a strong win over the Nation of Domination in a Chicago Street Fight at Wrestlemania 13.

#104 Dino Bravo

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    Record: 1-3

    Points: 11

    Wrestlemanias in: IV, V, VI, VII

    Grade: D+

    Dino Bravo is next with two back to back performances at Wrestlemania. The first was a loss in the first round of the world title tournament at Wrestlemania IV to Don Muraco.

    His next appearance was a win over Ronnie Garvin. His third appearance would be a loss to Hacksaw Jim Duggan the following year which was followed by a loss to the Texas Tornado in his last Wrestlemania.

#103 Don Muraco

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    Record: 1-3

    Points: 11

    Wrestlemanias in: II, III, IV

    Grade: D

    Muraco is next with four Wrestlemania appearances. His first was against Paul Orndorff which ended in double countout. This was followed by a tag match loss with Bob Orton losing to the team of Rick Martel and Tom Zenk.

    Muraco then was part of the world title tournament where he won in the first round by beating Dino Bravo but lost in the next round to Ted DiBiase that same night.

#102 Koko B. Ware

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    Record: 1-3

    Points: 11

    Wrestlemanias in: III, IV, VI, VII

    Grade: D+

    The Birdman closes out this edition with 11 points. He has two separate back to back performances with his first appearance being a loss to Butch Reed followed by a loss to the Islanders and Bobby Heenan as he teamed with the British Bulldogs.

    He would then lose to Rick Martel but pick up his one and only win against lifetime jobber the Brooklyn Brawler.