The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 4

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The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 4

Now it's time for Part 4 of the ongoing series where I am rating every male wrestler at Wrestlemania.

By performer I went by the following criteria:

1. He had to have had more than one match at Wrestlemania, so this eliminated all special appearances from Boxers, Sumo Wrestlers, and football players.

2. I did not include battle royals as those matches were made up mostly of either special appearance fighters or one-off wrestlers.

3. Wrestlers with more than one gimmick could fall into one of two categories.

   a. If he had multiple performances as different characters but not more than one each, I totaled them up as one man, i.e. Papa Shango/The Godfather/The Goodfather. Owen hart falls into this category as well as he had multiple matches as himself as well as a match as the Blue Blazer so the records were combined.

   b. If the wrestler wrestled under more than one character but the characters had more than one each then they were separate i.e. One Man Gang and Akeem, while the same man each had multiple matches so they were separated.

Hopefully this clears up any issues that you guys had with the previous editions, but if you see any other problems let me know and I will fix and address them in upcoming editions.

Please read, enjoy, and thanks again.

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