The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 3

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 24, 2011

The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Wrestler at WrestleMania, Part 3

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    It is now time for the third part of the ongoing series where I rank every male performer with at least more than one match that wasn't a battle royal. So far, the reception that I have received has been pretty warm with some readers getting interested in where the list is going.

    So with out further ado, let's get down to continuing the list.

    For those who missed the first two parts, here are the links for you:

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The Point System

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    In order to get the rankings I created a point system that would give a clear description of why the wrestler is ranked the way that they are. Also note that I considered main event matches and title matches separately, but if a wrestler was in a main event that was also a title match, they got points for both, the only case where a wrestler gets points in two categories at once.

    Fight in WM = 2 pts, this is the participation award since it is difficult for a wrestler to make it

    Wrestlemania, so by having a regular non title match, but not winning it, they get 2 pts.

    Win in WM = 5 pts, this is simple enough, you win your non title match, you get 5 pts.

    Fight in MITB = 5 pts, since there could be multiple wrestlers in the MITB match a wrestler gets 5 pts for participation.

    Win in MITB = 15 pts, with how difficult it is to win the MITB the wrestler who does win gets a nice bump in points by getting 15.

    Fight in european/tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 5 pts (title level 1)

    Win in tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 10 pts

    Fight in IC/US/ECW title match = 10 pts (title level 2)

    Win in IC/US/Diva/Women title match = 15 pts

    Fight in world title match =15 pts

    Win in world title match = 20 pts

    Fight in main event = 20 pts, the biggest honor a wrestler can have bestowed upon them is being able to wrestle in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

    Win in main event = 25pts, the biggest accomplishment a wrestler can have at Wrestlemania, only to be topped if it's also a title match, or the wrestler somehow finds a way to break the Undertaker's streak.

    Fights ending in a no contest or draw are counted as a win for both competitors.

    Fights ending in double DQ or countout count as a loss for both competitors.

Tie Breakers

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    If more than one wrestler has the same amount of points, I have ranked them according to the following tie breakers.

    1. Win/Loss record

    2. If that is the same then the wrestler with more high profile matches (title or main events) gets the bump up in ranking.

    3. If the wrestlers are still tied up to this point then they are just going to be ranked alphabetically.

#121 Dolph Ziggler

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: XXVI, XXVII

    Grade: C-

    Ziggler starts off this edition with two recent Wrestlemania appearances. His first appearance was as part of the last Money in the Bank Match that was held at a Wrestlemania before getting its own PPV. His next fight could be the most embarrassing of his career as he teamed with Laycool against John Morrison, Trish Stratus, and Snooki from Jersey Shore. The thing about Ziggler though is that as long as he stays on his current path his rank and grade will rise over time, especially since he has quite a few years left in his career.

#120 Mark Henry

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias: 22, XXV

    Grade: C-

    Mark Henry is next as he had some difficult opponents in his two Wrestlemania appearances. His first was a loss against the Undertaker in a casket match at Wrestlemania 22. His most recent appearance was a couple years ago as part of the Money in the Bank match that was eventually won by CM Punk. Henry may be able to move up in rank slightly as he only has a few years left unless his current push leads to a big title match at next years WM, though that seems highly unlikely.

#119 & #118 the Godwins

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    Record: 0-2 each

    Points: 7 each

    Wrestlemanias in: XII, 13

    Grade: D+

    The Godwins enter the list with two performances at Wrestlemania, the first a loss agianst the Bodydonnas for the vacant tag titles. Their final match the following year was a losing performance in a number one contender's match for the tag titles, losing to the Headbangers.

#117 the Warlord

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: V, VII

    Grade: D

    The Warlord had two appearances at Wrestlemanias, the first was his most embarrassing loss as he lost a handicap match for the tag titles, granted the defending champs was Demolition, but the numbers game should have been enough to capture the titles. The Warlord's final appearance was a loss in singles competition to the British Bulldog.

#116 X-Pac

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: XV, 2000

    Grade: C-

    X-Pac comes in at 116 with two back to back performances. The first was his title match for the European championship against then rival Shane McMahon, which he would lose. His next appearance was tag match with fellow DX member Jesse James in a loss against Rikishi and Kane.

#115 Paul Roma

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: VI, VII

    Grade: D+

    Roma enters the list at 115 with his only win coming against journeyman jobber the Brooklyn Brawler. His only other WM match was a tag match where he teamed with Hercules in a losing effort against the Legion of Doom.

#114 One Man Gang

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: IV

    Grade: C-

    One Man gang has a rare feat shared with only a few other wrestlers including Hulk Hogan, Brett Hart, and Yokozuna where he fought more than once in the same Wrestlemania on the main card, this is even more impressive that his other gimmick, Akeem, performed in two Wrestlemanias. His first fight was in the first round of the world title tournament where he beat Bam Bam Bigelow, unfortunately it was a countout victory. He would then lose by DQ to eventual tournament winner Randy Savage.

#113 Doink the Clown

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: IX, X

    Grade: C

    Doink earns his C grade for his two appearances, the first when he was using his evil, pranking gimmick and defeated Crush at Wrestlemania IX. His last appearance was a loss in one of the first mixed tag matches in WWE history when he and Dink, his midget counterpart, lost to Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna Vachon.

#112 Crush

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    Record: 0-4

    Points: 8

    Wrestlemanias in: VII, IX, X, 13

    Grade: F

    With a grade as low as Crush has he would have been at the bottom of the list if he had not been in four Wrestlemanias. He was a member of Demolition in the only time that team lost at Wrestlemania, he lost to Doink the Clown, followed by a loss to Randy Savage and a loss in a Street Fight against the Legion of Doom as part of the Nation of Domination. It's easy to say if you were a betting person you could get easy money by betting against Crush.