The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 2

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 23, 2011

The Grandest Stage of All: Ranking Every Male Wrestler at Wrestlemania, Part 2

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    For every wrestling fan, Wrestlemania is the penultimate show each year. The same could be said about every wrestler to ever tie up their boots and squeeze into tights. Many pro wrestlers never get the chance to experience being part of WrestleMania, while for others they make their careers there with defining moments generally associated with the event.

    So with WrestleMania 28 being held in a little over six months, I decided to rank every male performer that wrestled in at least two WrestleManias. I decided that they needed at least two WrestleManias as it's hard enough to appear at one WrestleMania, let alone more than one. So I immediately removed all wrestlers who only had one appearance; this also included any guest performers like NFL players, boxers or sumo wrestlers. I also did not count any battle royal type matches as a performance since those were made up of wrestlers who only had one appearance. If a wrestler did perform in a battle royal but still had more than one appearance, the battle royal dis not help nor hinder their ranking.

    After going through the cards of each WrestleMania, I compiled a list consisting of 138 wrestlers that fit into my criteria. From there I established a point system that would allow me to properly rank each wrestler.

    Here now is part two of this series, so please read, enjoy and tell me what you think.

    And for those of you who may have missed part one, or want a refresher of the list so far, here is the link:

The Point System

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    In order to get the rankings I created a point system that would give a clear description of why the wrestler is ranked the way that they are. Also note that I considered main event matches and title matches separately, but if a wrestler was in a main event that was also a title match, they got points for both—the only case where a wrestler gets points in two categories at once.

    Fight in WM = 2 pts. This is the participation award since it is difficult for a wrestler to make it.

    Win in WM = 5 pts. This is simple enough—you win your non-title match, you get 5 pts.

    Fight in MITB = 5 pts. Since there could be multiple wrestlers in the MITB match, a wrestler gets 5 pts for participation.

    Win in MITB = 15 pts. With how difficult it is to win the MITB, the wrestler who does win gets a nice bump in points by getting 15.

    Fight in European/tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 5 pts (title level 1)

    Win in tag/cruiserweight/hardcore title match = 10 pts

    Fight in IC/US/ECW title match = 10 pts (title level 2)

    Win in IC/US/Diva/Women title match = 15 pts

    Fight in world title match =15 pts

    Win in world title match = 20 pts

    Fight in main event = 20 pts. The biggest honor a wrestler can have bestowed upon them is being able to wrestle in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

    Win in main event = 25pts. The biggest accomplishment a wrestler can have at WrestleMania—only to be topped if it's also a title match or the wrestler somehow finds a way to break the Undertaker's streak—is to win in the main event.

    Fights ending in a no contest or draw are counted as a win for both competitors.

    Fights ending in double DQ or count-out count as a loss for both competitors.

Tie Breakers

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    If more than one wrestler has the same amount of points, I have ranked them according to the following tie breakers:

    1. Win/Loss record.

    2. If that is the same, then the wrestler with more high profile matches (title or main events) gets the bump up in ranking.

    3. If the wrestlers are still tied up to this point, then they are just going to be ranked alphabetically.

131) Al Snow

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: XV, 2000

    Al Snow makes his way onto the list with two appearances. His first appearance was at WM XV in a Triple Threat match for the Hardcore title against Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly. His last appearance was the next year in a tag match against T&A as part of the Head Cheese team alongside Steve Blackman.

130) Barry Windham

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: I, 13

    Windham falls in the same category as Al Snow, having two losses in his appearances. His first was a losing effort alongside Mike Rotundo against Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik for the Tag titles. His only other appearance was at WM 13 in a Fatal-Four Way No. 1 Contender's match for the Tag titles alongside Bradshaw, this time losing to the Headbangers.

129) D'Lo Brown

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    Record: 0-2

    Points: 7

    Wrestlemanias in: XV, 2000

    D'Lo is No. 129 on the list with back-to-back performances, both being tag matches. The first was a match where D'Lo teamed with Test in a losing attempt to win the Tag titles from Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. The last appearance was where D'Lo and the Godfather lost to the Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan.

128) Adrian Adonis

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: 2, III

    Adonis receives his grade for the reason that his sole win at WrestleMania was against Uncle Elmer. His next and last appearance was in a Hair vs. Hair match against Roddy Piper, which Adonis lost.

127) Ahmed Johnson

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: XII, 13

    Ahmed earns his grade as both of his WrestleMania appearances were Six-Man Tag matches. The first was as part of a team with Yokozuna and Jake "The Snake" Roberts in a loss against Camp Cornette, which consisted of Owen Hart, Vader and the British Bulldog. His final appearance was alongside the Legion of Doom in a Chicago Street Fight against the Nation of Domination, giving his grade a slight bump.

126) Akeem

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: V, VI

    Akeem is another wrestler with back-to-back performances at WrestleMania. The first was as part of a team with the Big Boss Man in a winning effort against the Rockers. The next and final time Akeem would appear at WrestleMania would be to fight his former tag partner in a losing effort.

125) Albert/A-Train

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: 2000, XIX

    Albert comes in at No. 125 with his one win coming against lackluster team Head Cheese (Al Snow and Steve Blackman). His loss had more credence as it was a loss alongside the Big Show in a match against undefeated Undertaker.

124) Bull Buchanan

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: 2000, X-Seven

    Buchanan enters the list with back-to-back performances. His first was a tag-team win with Big Boss Man against the Godfather and D'Lo Brown. His last performance was a loss to Tazz and the APA as part of a team with fellow Right to Censor members the Goodfather and Val Venis. Booyah!

123) Butch Reed

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: III, IV

    Butch Reed is second to last in this edition with back-to-back performances. His first was a win over Koko B. Ware at WrestleMania III, followed by a loss to Randy Savage in the opening round of the world title tournament.

122) Cody Rhodes

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    Record: 1-1

    Points: 7

    WrestleManias in: XXVI, XXVII

    Now before people start screaming about Cody being so low on this list, just calm down. The only reason he is this low is that he has had only two real matches at WrestleMania; the first a loss to Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match along with Ted Dibiase Jr., the next was a surprising win over former world champ Rey Mysterio. If his most recent WM match is any indicator, Cody will be moving up this list steadily over the years, barring any injuries that Cody may suffer.