WWE Summerslam Results: Del Rio Fulfills His Destiny and 10 Things We Learned

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IAugust 15, 2011

WWE Summerslam Results: Del Rio Fulfills His Destiny and 10 Things We Learned

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    Hello, Buzzer. Buzz is back.

    WWE's biggest party of the summer is now over. I'll have to say it was a great PPV that was full of surprises.

    I know many people didn't like it because their favorites didn't win, but that's not my way of judging PPVs. I think it had some good matches and I enjoyed watching the event.

    Many things occurred last night and we are left with several questions to be answered.

    As we get ready for the following events, let's take a look again at what happened last night.

    As usual, I'll try to break down several things we learned from last night's pay-per-view.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

    (All photos are courtesy of WWE.com)

1. Rey Mysterio Is Ready for Tonight

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    As we headed into Summerslam, we only had four announced matches for the event. The fifth match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barret was announced two days before the PPV.

    With five announced matches only, we still had many superstars missing the event. What did WWE decide to do? Announce a six-man tag-team match featuring Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth and the Miz vs Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston.

    Of course, this made up for the lack of many mid-card and top talents. We still had major guys like Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, Dolph Ziggler and Alex Riley missing (Ziggler and Riley wrestled in a dark match prior to the show).

    It was a good and entertaining opening match. In the end, the faces won after Mysterio pinned Truth.

    Well, it seems that the master of 619 is ready for RAW tonight. It was reported last week that he suffered an injury during a house show. Few days later, it was announced on RAW that he'll be facing the WWE Championship the night after Summerslam. He was attacked later by Miz and many people wondered if he'll be able to make it to the title match.

    However, he showed up last night and picked up the win for his team. So I guess this confirms him for tonight. Even WWE announced the match on their website.

    We still need to know how severe his injury is though. Wrestling sites reported that the original plans for Mysterio were to have him face Miz in a singles match. But the match was changed at the very last minute.

    We'll have to see how well Mysterio can perform tonight, but he's sure ready to wrestle the champion.

2. Mark Henry's Dominance Continues

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    So Mark Henry's dominance continues and even an enthusiastic Sheamus couldn't stop his path of destruction.

    Ever since Big Show attacked him on Smackdown, Henry has been on a dominant run. He was able to defeat Show at Money in the Bank and put him out. Kane suffered the same fate on his hands later.

    Henry's solid run reached a high level until Smackdown's General Manager, Theodre Long, informed the World's Strongest Man that no opponent could be found for him. Then Sheamus entered the ring and informed the WWE fans that he's not afraid of Henry and that he can beat him.

    As we headed into Summerslam, the Celtic Warrior proved that he can stand in Henry's face as he forced him to retreat more than once. It looked like Henry's run as a dominant force was coming to an end.

    However, he proved most of his detractors wrong last night and was able to come out victorious albeit via count-out.

    The match wasn't bad and both men were able to put a good performance. The fans were behind Sheamus as he tried to make it back to the ring before the 10 count after Henry pushed him into the ring post and through the fan barrier.

    Unfortunately, he couldn't make it and Henry was declared as the winner.

    So what's next for both men? Will they have another match? Or will Henry go after the World Heavyweight Champion?

    Sheamus spoke to WWE after the match and said their rivalry is far from over. Click here to see it. So I guess we might see another bout between both superstars soon.

3. Kelly Kelly Is a Hot Commodity for WWE

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    Surprisingly, Kelly Kelly was able to overcome the odds and defeat Beth Phoenix. All predictions were on the Glamazon's side as we headed into the event. Some people even expected a squash match.

    However, they forgot that Kelly is currently one of the most popular Divas in WWE and the loud cheers she receives every time she makes it to the ring can prove this. She won the title after years of hard working, so I did expect her to hold it for a long time.

    Now that she was able to win last night, the question is, can she keep it until after Night of Champions? I'm sure Beth Phoenix didn't just declare war on typical Divas to give up so quickly. So while Kelly can brag about winning last night, she needs to keep an eye on Beth and even Natalya.

    Anyway, the match wasn't bad. Beth dominated Kelly in the middle of the match, but the Barbie Diva was able to reverse the Glam Slam and roll Beth up for the pin and the win.

    Can Kelly keep her momentum or will she lose her title on the next PPV? How will Phoenix react to her loss? What will the Divas of Doom do next?

    Fellow writer, Eric Kanes, wrote a Summerslam preview slide show and I was part of it. Even though I wanted Beth to win, but I thought about it realistically and predicted a Kelly win. And it seems I was right.

    WWE consider Kelly a marketable Diva and they appreciate her work. I only hope they keep the booking a bit realistic.

    Let's keep our eyes on Beth and Natalya in the coming weeks. I would recommend that we keep our eyes on Eve too. She's been involved with Kelly a lot lately.

4. Daniel Bryan Will Be Having a Bumpy Ride on His Way to Wrestlemania

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    Since the day Daniel Bryan won Smackdown's Money in the Bank, many people have been questioning his capability of keeping the briefcase and successfully cashing it in. Their suspicions increased when he announced that he'll be waiting until Wrestlemania 28 (April 1, 2012) to cash it in.

    I guess we need to give Bryan a chance before bashing him this way. The guy has been putting some spectacular matches against most superstars since he returned at Summerslam 2010. He'll sure have a tough time, but I'm sure he'll make it.

    Anyway, I guess his hard times came ealry as he lost to his former teammate (they were mates for one day maybe) Wade Barret in his first PPV match after Money in the Bank. Don't forget his loss to Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown few days ago.

    Bryan's rivalry against Barret goes back to last year at Summerslam when the American Dragon returned and joined team WWE against team Nexus. Both superstars renewed this rivalry few weeks ago when Barret insulted Bryan.

    The match was great as expected. In the end, Barret was able to hit the Wasteland for the win.

    What will happen next? Will Barret try to get the briefcase? Will Bryan retaliate?

    With this loss, and with all the criticisms from some people, I guess Bryan's way to Wrestlemania will be a hard one. But it will be interesting to see if he'll make it. I'm a fan of him and I hope he gets his Wrestlemania moment next year.

5. Christian's Plans Failed

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    Poor, Christian. He thought he was going to get the help he needed in order to keep his title. Unfortunately, all his plans failed.

    Prior to his match, Captain Charisma said that he had an insurance policy and that Randy Orton won't leave as the champion.

    After making his way to the ring, Christian revealed his plans and out came none other than the Rated R Superstar, Edge, to a very loud pop.

    The World Heavyweight Champion said that Edge will be on his side in this match. However, his long-time friend shocked him and refused to help him.

    Edge talked about how he was happy when he left and passed the torch to Christian. However, he felt that after he lost to Orton, he became a whiny little b*tch who hides behind lawyers and clipboards to get what he wants.

    Now Edge did admit that he did bad things in the past and that's good. But come on. I'm a huge fan of Edge, but did he forget his heel run in the late 2000s? Did he forget his days with Vickie Guerrero when he abused her powers and hid behind them in order to get what he wanted?

    Anyway, maybe Edge wasn't wrong about what he said. Unfortunately for Christian though, his plans failed and he eventually lost the World Title.

6. Randy Orton Solidified Himself as Smackdown's Face

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    Once again, Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship. After dropping the title to Christian at Money in the Bank, Orton regained it last night.

    Honestly speaking, this has to be one of the best matches this year. We witnessed a great performance by both superstars. Did it surpass their match at Over the Limit? It’s up to the fans to judge this. Orton won after hitting Christian with an awesome mid-air RKO onto the steel steps.

    Anyway, back to our topic, I guess it was obvious that the Viper was coming to Smackdown to be their new face as soon as he got drafted to the blue brand. After Edge’s retirement, WWE were in need to another face to fill this void, and their answer was Randy Orton.

    WWE’s Apex Predator quickly made a huge impact and captured the World Heavyweight Championship on his first night on Smackdown. After keeping the belt for more than two months, he dropped it back to Christian who did all his best to make sure he wins it. However, Orton regained the title last night.

    And now that he won, is this rivalry over? I’ve read numerous reports saying that this was their last match. But we also read before that Orton and Christian might meet again at Night of Champions for a fifth PPV match. But if this happens, we might see another match at Hell in a Cell too.

    This PPV is only two weeks away from Night of Champions, so they might not have time to build up a new rivalry. I think Mark Henry or Sheamus might be involved in future title bouts.

    Anyway, until we know what’s next, I guess it’s easy to say that Orton solidified himself as Smackdown’s face.

7. Kevin Nash "Diesel" Is Back

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    Kevin Nash is back! Diesel, Big Daddy Cool made his return to WWE! After his memorable return at the Royal Rumble, Nash made another shocking appearance and got involved in WWE’s hottest story of the year.

    When Diesel made his return to WWE earlier this year, many people wondered if he’d be an active superstar on the roster again especially after his confrontation with Big Show on the same night. However, as we moved on, it looked like it was a one-night deal only. Nash was signed to a legend contract with WWE, but that’s a different story.

    Anyway, just when we thought he will never make it to the ring again, he showed up last night and gave CM Punk a Jacknife Powerbomb.

    Few weeks ago, Nash did show interest in returning to full-time booking to be part of CM Punk’s storyline via his twitter account.

    Of course, nobody really read through this a lot, and even Nash himself said he wasn't begging for a return, but he just wanted to get the Royal Rumble feeling again. And I guess he got it last night.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see the role he'll be playing.

8. Somebody Screwed CM Punk

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    CM Punk was screwed. The superstar who defeated John Cena for the undisputed championship couldn't celebrate for long as he he had to deal with too much chaos, and once everything ended, he found himself without the title he just won.

    Of course, the first question that directly came to our minds was, who screwed Punk? Why was Kevin Nash here? And of I guess there could be many answers for this.

    Could it be Stephanie McMahon who did this as a revenge after Punk disrespected her in a backstage segment earlier during the show?

    Could it be Triple H? I don't know about that because he seemed confused.

    Maybe it was Vince McMahon himself?

    Some reports are saying that Nash might act as Alberto Del Rio's bodyguard but I doubt it. Why would he return for this role? I'm sure this has to do with Punk more than anything else but we'll wait and see.

    Anyway, we were left with too many questions and I'm really looking forward to this.

    Now before I move on, I really need to get something of my chest. Why are people claiming that Punk got buried? Are you really that negative about anything you watch?

    In my opinion, CM Punk's status just strengthened and his fan base became bigger. Punk's status is still strong. He stood toe to toe with Cena in two PPVs and he won. I know it wasn't clean, but who cares? He didn't lose and he didn't look weak. And he only lost after he got screwed.

    This screw job definitely strengthened his fan base and now he might have a more interesting rivalry coming and he's even hotter. I don't know why everybody is ruling him out now. Is WWE only about titles? What happened to wanting more focus on other feuds? So losing the title makes this story end?

    Personally, I think Punk's issue is bigger than a silly title that is now awarded via stupid briefcases. I mean the feud is still on and it's not only about the title. Punk has problems beyond this. He had problems with WWE as a whole. So it's not surprising to see him feud with the management. He bashed Vince before and now he's bashing HHH and Stephanie. So it's obvious that he was going to get in trouble as he confronted them.

    Let's just wait and see what will happen next. We are left with too many unanswered questions. So what do we want more than this?

    Why are some people limiting their thoughts to one thing and that is Punk's loss? It's bigger than this. The true face of the company isn't about title only. If you really want him to be the new face of WWE, this rivalry might be the beginning.

    Just give it time before ruling it out.

9. John Cena Was Screwed Too

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    Speaking of screw jobs, CM Punk wasn't the only one screwed last night. His opponent, John Cena, lost the title to him in a controversial ending.

    As we headed towards the end of the match, Punk hit the GTS on Cena and covered him for the win. However, Cena had his foot on the bottom rope during the count. Too bad for him, Triple H didn't see it and the match was officially over. Punk became the undisputed champion.

    This was another great match. The fans were into it and the action was crazy. Again, it's up to you to judge if it surpassed their Money in the Bank match. And it's also up to you to determine whether this was the match of the night or the Orton vs Christian match.

    Anyway, Cena didn't look happy and he argues with HHH who said that he didn't see his foot on the ropes. This made the former Champ leave in disappointment.

    He'll sure be vocal about it on RAW tonight, and he'll sure ask for his rematch later. But it seems he'll have to deal with more than one superstar this time.

10. And He Finally Fulfilled His Destiny

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    His name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already know that.

    Since winning the Royal Rumble match, he's been reminding us that winning the World Title is his destiny. We believed it at first. But then, as he kept losing, his destiny rambling became useless until he reached the point of being boring when talking about it. However, he was still able to put some good matches to make up for this.

    His destiny was revived again after winning RAW's Money in the Bank match, and the count down to it officially began. One month later, he cashed in the briefcase and officially fulfilled his delayed destiny.

    Right after Kevin Nash attacked CM Punk, the Mexican Aristocrat wasted no time to seize this rare opportunity. One kick to Punk's head was enough for Del Rio to win and make history.

    We all know the story of Del Rio and his delayed destiny that started at Wrestlemania and even before. Whether it was due to unwarranted events or not, he definitely suffered from having his title win delayed more than once, and almost faded away as we moved on. It became hard to watch him thrown in random promos and matches (even though most of them were good).

    However, everything is over now. Del Rio has finally won the World Title and now we can judge him better. It should make him relevant again since he'll have some legit and solid feuds.

    We can also judge his heel status. Last night wasn't the perfect time to judge it though. I mean he received some loud cheers and the crowd was hot for him. The best thing to do now is wait and see how this will go.

    Alberto can now brag about being one of the fastest rising superstars in WWE. In one year, he won the Royal Rumble, the Money in the Bank and the WWE Championship.

    You can click here and read the article I wrote following his debut on Smackdown.

    But Del Rio will have a lot of things waiting for him. Rey Mysterio will challenge him for the title tonight on RAW. And not only this, but Punk and John Cena will definitely invoke their rematch clause soon. It will be interesting to see what will happen next.

Other Notes from the PPV

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    I tried to limit my slides to the most important things that occurred last night. But as I went through them, I felt that few things were missing, so I decided to add this slide and mention them.

    Jim Ross was missing

    JR wasn't on the Summerslam broadcast team last night. JR explained why he was absent later via Twitter. He said that WWE decided to bring Booker T so that he can represent Smackdown.

    R-Truth and "Lil'" Jimmy Hart together?

    After losing in the six-man tag-team match, R-Truth appeared in another funny segment backstage. But this time, he was joined the legendary Jimmy Hart. Hart told him he needed a manager. What was Truth's response? He accused him of being little Jimmy! L.A. Lakers player, Ron Artest appeared in the segment with his daughter. They just stared at each others.

    Stephanie McMahon back?

    Earlier during the show, we saw Stephanie McMahon in backstage segment with CM Punk. The Million Dollar Princess wished Punk luck in his match and extended her hand to him. However, Punk insulted her and refused to shake her hand. We saw her in another two segments backstage later. Is she finally back? Was she behind Kevin Nash?

    What impact was Miz talking about?

    Last week on RAW, Miz said that he'll make impact at Summerslam. WWE even promoted this on their website. Many people wondered about this as he still wasn't booked for the PPV. So they expected a surprise interference in a certain match.

    But nothing happened, and he just opened the show and had a brief time on the mic where he thanked the fans. He was later involved in a six-man tag-team match and ended up losing.

    Triple H seemed lost

    As soon as Kevin Nash attacked Punk and Del Rio cashed in his contract, HHH seemed lost. He was wondering where the referee came from and he was wondering about Nash I guess. Was he really unaware of all this?

    Cee Lo Green performed the Summerslam theme song

    I don't know what to say about this. Cee sang and danced with the Divas. I just wanted to give it a mention.

The End

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    So what do you think? Did you like the PPV? Take a look at the photo again. Don't tell me this one is over. I'm sure it's just the beginning.

    All thoughts and comments are welcome