WWE Money in the Bank Results: CM Punk Wins the Title and 10 Things We Learned

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJuly 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank Results: CM Punk Wins the Title and 10 Things We Learned

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    Hello, Buzzers. Buzz is back.

    One of the most anticipated pay-per-views of this year, "Money in the Bank," is now over. I guess it was a great PPV with a lot of drama.

    We witnessed good "Money in the Bank" ladder matches, but the Match of the Night award definitely goes to CM Punk vs John Cena.

    Some people might say that the matches didn't deliver as we expected, and I might slightly agree here. But this doesn't take away from the PPV, especially with such interesting stories involved.

     As I always do after every WWE event, I'll break down several things we learned from the PPV.

    We have too many questions that need answers this week. Until then, let's take a look at what happened last night.

    (All photos are courtesy of WWE.com.)

1. This Was the Night of Injuries

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    Did you notice how many superstars were injured and helped by officials and trainers last night? Let's count them.

    Sin Cara was taken backstage on a stretcher after taking a sick power bomb by Sheamus on a ladder and breaking it in half.

    Big Show left on a stretcher, too, after his match against Mark Henry.

    Next was Miz, who suffered a knee injury following a nasty fall. He was helped by officials off to the back. He later returned to the match, limping on one leg, though.

    Finally, we had Christian, who also needed help after suffering a brutal beating by Randy Orton following their match.

    This might not be a major thing here, but it really caught my attention and I thought I would point it out, even if most of them are kayfabe.

    Even John Cena sold a knee injury during his match.

    P.S.—WWE stated earlier today that Sin Cara has been suspended for violating the company's policy.

2. The Chicago Crowd Doesn't Cheer Based on the Face/Heel Status

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    This was another interesting case. I noticed that most heels were cheered by the amazing crowd last night. I'm not saying they were amazing because they cheered for the heels, but because they were awesome in general.

    Of course, there were faces like Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne and Sin Cara who got cheered. But the crowd didn't just cheer for faces and boo the heels. They cheered for everyone they loved—and most were heels. In other words, they never differentiated superstars based on the good and bad guys.

    Sheamus received a good reaction from the fans during his ladder match. Miz received a loud pop when he made his way back to the ring after his injury. Even Alberto Del Rio was cheered when he dropped Rey Mysterio and grabbed the briefcase.

    However, the interesting case was during Christian's match against Randy Orton. Most fans seemed to be behind Captain Charisma; Orton was heavily booed.

    As for the main event, the reaction wasn't surprising given that Punk was in his hometown.

    The Chicago fans are always known for being active and exciting, and last night was no different.

3. Daniel Bryan Has Finally Paved His Way to a Spot in a Main Event Match

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    This victory seems as if it came out of nowhere. Internet fans and pundits nearly predicted a win for either Wade Barret, Cody Rhodes or Sheamus. Daniel Bryan seemed to be among those with a slight chance to win, according to most.

    However, they forgot that we have witnessed unlikely superstars win before. Jack Swagger and Kane, anybody?

    Therefore, I was certain that we would see an unexpected superstar win one of the two ladder matches, and this happened in SmackDown's match.

    The match was great, with some nice spots. Sin Cara took a sick bump and crashed into a ladder during the match. He was taken away by officials and trainers and never came back.

    In the end, Bryan was able to win after kicking Barret off the ladder and grabbing the briefcase. The fans popped loudly for the win.

    On a side note, I felt Sheamus received a solid reaction from the crowd.

    Anyway, Bryan has now guaranteed himself a World Heavyweight Championship match. The question is when he will cash in the contract. Some people expected him to appear after Christian's match, but he didn't. 

4. Kelly Kelly Retained Her Belt and Eve Seems To Have Her Eyes Set on It

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    Unfortunately, we had to watch yet another short and disappointing Divas match. I might be one of the few members here who always shows support for the WWE ladies. But in the end, I can't keep defending them with such horrible booking.

    The Bellas even had a heated exchange of words with angry fans via their Twitter account.

    Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella and retained the title. She was joined by Eve as she celebrated her win.

    Eve has been involved in most of Kelly's post-match attacks. Is it a sign of her being the next contender? I know both are faces, but in the end I'm sure that Eve has her eyes set on the title, just like any other Diva.

    I won't give many predictions, but I only hope we see some improved story lines with more Divas being used in a better way.

5. Mark Henry Destroyed Big Show

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    Mark Henry defeated Big Show in an average match. I guess we can expect similar types of matches whenever two powerhouses collide. The match wasn't really bad, but it was slow at times.

    Ever since his heel turn, Henry seemed to be on another path of destruction, similar to that one he had before.

    Show tried hard to put Henry down, but couldn't. In the end, Henry won after hitting two slams followed by two splashes.

    After the match, Henry added insult to injury by crushing Show's leg using a chair. The world's largest athlete was taken away on a cart.

6. The Countdown to Alberto Del Rio's Destiny Has Begun

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    Alberto Del Rio was the most likely superstar to win, but you already know that.

    Even though the Mexican Aristocrat won a No. 1 contender's match two weeks ago, he couldn't keep his spot due to the reinstatement of CM Punk. Therefore, he had to fight for it again.

    Proving all predictions right, Del Rio won the match after unmasking Rey Mysterio, who fell off the ladder.

    I guess that Del Rio's case is a curious one here. On one hand, he still seems to be having a good overall run, even if he slightly slipped in the past few months. I'm still a huge fan of him, but the guy needs a legit rivalry. His feud against Big Show was horrible and it was more of a repetitive promo until Show returned from the knee injury that was caused by Ricardo Rodriguez (I miss that guy).

    On the other hand, bad luck always stands in his way before he can fulfill his destiny—I won't go through this again because it has become an old argument.

    Anyway, Del Rio won in a good match. It wasn't on the level of SmackDown's match, but it wasn't horrible either.

    Evan Bourne and his shooting-star press off the ladder were the highlights of the match.

    As I said, Del Rio has failed to fulfill his destiny in the past after being close. However, based on the history of "Money in the Bank," nobody has ever cashed in his contract and failed. So, Del Rio's chances of finally winning a world title seem to be very high.

    Will he fail to cash it in? I doubt it. Until then, all we have to say is that the countdown to Del Rio's destiny has officially begun. It will go on until he cashes in the contract.

7. Christian Screwed Randy Orton and Payed for It

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    Christian has finally regained the World Heavyweight Championship. After three months since their infamous match at SmackDown, which led to tons of bashing on WWE, and after few failing attempts to regain the title, Christian has finally won. However, the victory was a bit expensive.

    In the past few weeks on SmackDown, and after receiving another chance to face Randy Orton for the title, Christian did everything possible to avoid being screwed again after "Capitol Punishment."

    With the help of his attorney, he included several terms in his contract—one of them being that if he wins via disqualification, he automatically wins the belt.

    With the help of this term, Christian was able to win. He even drove Orton to do so after spitting in his face, which made Orton snap and hit a low blow, leading the referee to disqualify him and announce Christian as the winner.

    His celebration, however, didn't last long, as Orton snapped and unloaded a brutal beating on Captain Charisma. He even hit the RKO on the announcing table twice (it didn't break).

    Some people expected Daniel Bryan to come and cash in his contract, but he never showed up.

    What will happen next? Will Orton get another chance? I guess he will. Will Christian keep his title for more than one week this time?

8. John Cena Is in Trouble

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    John Cena has lost. The champ couldn't prevent CM Punk from leaving with the WWE Championship. So, according to the stipulation of the match, Cena will be fired.

    We didn't see Vince McMahon utter the words "You're fired!" last night, but I guess he'll do it tonight on RAW. And I'm sure he's upset with Cena, and why shouldn't he be?

    A few weeks ago, Cena threatened to leave WWE if McMahon didn't reinstate Punk after suspending him for to his infamous promo on RAW. This forced the chairman of WWE to reluctantly accept under one condition: If Punk left with the WWE title, Cena would be fired.

    Additionally, during the match McMahon came in and was joined by the VP of talent relations, John Laurinaitis. As soon as Cena locked the STF, Vince called for the belt and Laurinaitis ran to make sure it happened. However, Cena punched him and prevented him from doing so. In the end, he lost.

    Now that the match is over, Cena is likely to be fired tonight.

    So what will Vince do tonight? How frustrated is he with Cena? Will he fire him? Or will there be a swerve? I'm definitely looking forward to RAW tonight.

    Cena was heavily booed last night, but it wasn't on the same level of ECW "One Night Stand" (2006). Moreover, there were still some Cenations cheering for him.

9. CM Punk Won and Left with the WWE Championship

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    This was definitely the Match of the Night and I guess it can be a candidate for the Match of the Year award. Both CM Punk and John Cena put on an amazing match.

    There was great back-and-forth action with too many close pins. It was more than 30 minutes of pure excitement.

    In the end, CM Punk was able to catch Cena (who came in after punching John Laurinaitis) and hit the GTS for the win.

    However, Vince McMahon took Jerry Lawler's headset and ordered employees backstage to send in RAW's "Money in the Bank" winner, Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio quickly ran into the ring, but he was met with a kick to the head by Punk.

    Next, the new WWE champion ran through the crowd—who were totally behind him—and escaped with the belt.

    So, unlike what our pundits predicted, Punk didn't drop the belt to the "Money in the Bank" winner, and he was able to take away the WWE title. Will he make an appearance tonight and drop it? Or will this lead to a new great rivalry?

    I wrote a preview article for this match prior to the event. In the 11th slide, I said that I just couldn't imagine that everything would go back to normal after the great buildup to this feud. And, until now, it seems that my wishes came true. Will this go on? We'll see tonight.

10. This Event Left Us with Too Many Unanswered Questions

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    We all wanted something exciting and we got it. Now all we have to do is watch how things go from here. This event left us with many questions that need to be answered.

    What's next for Sin Cara? Was Miz really injured? What's next for Mark Henry after dominating Big Show? Will Eve challenge Kelly Kelly to a Divas title match?

    What will Randy Orton do? Will he get another re-match? What about Daniel Bryan and his contract?

    Will CM Punk show up tonight, or will he stay away? What will happen to the WWE title?

    What about Alberto Del Rio? What title will he get a shot at if the WWE title isn't available?

    Will John Cena get fired? Will he leave for a while? How will Vince react to everything that occurred last night?

    This week should be interesting for sure.

The End

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    I guess Vince McMahon was heavily screwed last night.

    What will happen this week on RAW and SmackDown? This will definitely be an interesting week for WWE.

    All thoughts and comments are welcome.