Alberto Del Rio's Shocking Debut: A Main-Eventer in the Making?

Buzz M.Analyst IAugust 21, 2010

Hello Buzzers, Buzz is back.

After two months of weekly promos hyping the debut of Alberto Del Rio, the Mexican "aristocrat" finally made his impressive and shocking on-screen debut at Smackdown.

His debut match was against none other than master of 619, Rey Mysterio.

Ever since his first vignette aired on Smackdown, many people have been anticipating a bright future for this superstar, especially those who knew him before. He is well-known for his lucha libre and martial arts experience.

Del Rio made his first appearance interrupting an opening segment made by Rey Mysterio. After exchanging some words, Del Rio gaily accepted Mysterio's challenge for a match, before finding himself on the receiving end of a 619.

Later that night, after a unique entrance, where Del Rio drove to the Arena in a Rolls Royce while having his personal ring announcer introducing him, it was time for the main event to begin.

After a tough and hard-fought battle, during which momentum shifted several times between the two superstars, Del Rio locked Rey Mysterio in a cross arm-breaker and made him tap out, earning a stunning victory over the veteran.

I've always read reports saying that Mysterio has been hard to please in the past few months. Rumors said that he refused to drop the Intercontinental championship to Dolph Ziggler last year. It was also said that he demanded some respect this year, which was the reason behind his second title reign.

With all this said, it's fair to say that making the superstar with one of the highest selling merchandise in WWE lose to a debutante should be good news for Alberto.

Del Rio is currently singed onto a three-year contract with WWE, and all news and reports say that officials are very high on him. Those reports were confirmed after such an impressive win against the former World Heavywieght Champion, and it's obvious now that there are some big plans for him. I mean, Mysterio is the former World Champion, and he has been in the main-event scene for more than three months by now.

Rey Mysterio was supposed to take some time off after his feud with SES because of a knee injury, but he had to return due to Undertaker's orbital bone and nose injuries. 

Many rumors even say that Mysterio could be close to retirement soon. So Alberto Del Rio might be the perfect replacement for him.

If we take a look at the current WWE superstars, we could easily notice that Mysterio is not the only one who could be hanging his boots soon. Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and even Edge could be doing the same thing during different times in the foreseeable future. This will sure leave a huge gap that should be filled with young talents.

Alberto Del Rio is currently 33 years old, and I think he can easily wrestle for more than seven years. He's good looking with a snobby aristocratic character. He definitely has decent mic and ring skills. In other words, he has the full package of future top superstar.

Of course, I'm not saying that Del Rio's next match would be a world title match or a Wrestlemania main event. His debut match against Rey Mysterio was just to make him look impressive, and I'm sure he still has long way to go. I think his next few matches would be against jobbers and mid-cards where he would establish himself as a credible contender.

I'm one of the people who were impressed with Del Rio's debut, and I'm glad that WWE signed such a talented man to their roster.

So, what are your thoughts, IWC? Were you impressed with Alberto's debut? Are you already anticipating future WWE titles for him? Or was he overrated?

All thoughts and comments are welcome.